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Season 6

13 Mar. 2017
To Elle and Back
Ben is still desperately searching for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Riley hunt for a good doctor to help with the pregnancy and Bonnie desperately wants to be involved.
20 Mar. 2017
Pro and Con
Ben suspects that Tucker went on a date with a hooker, so he and Danny set out to prove it.
27 Mar. 2017
Ben Rides a Unicorn
Now that Danny has moved in with Riley, Emma gets her own room and Ben realizes that he can finally have sex in his room again.
3 Apr. 2017
A Mother of a Day
Tucker learns the Mother's Day special he produced was nominated for a New York Entertainment Award. Tucker's mom surprises him by showing up to be his plus one to the ceremony, which throws a wrench in Tucker's plans to have Bonnie pose as his mom. Riley begins to show in her pregnancy and worries if this will hold her back from being promoted.
10 Apr. 2017
When Elle Freezes Over
Sam comes back into the picture wanting to give her and Ben's relationship another chance, but Ben hesitates on whether or not that's a good idea as he's still searching for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Tucker volunteer for a charity ice skating show featuring Emma's favorite princess, while Riley practices parenting.
17 Apr. 2017
The Third Wheeler
Danny is being overprotective of pregnant Riley, so Ben surprises Riley with a day off and a hike in the woods.
24 Apr. 2017
The Sonny-Moon
Ben gets jealous when he learns that Bonnie is sending Danny on a cruise to celebrate becoming a dad, so he and Danny hold a Wheeler War to see who deserves the trip more.
1 May 2017
You Cruise, You Lose
Danny and Riley go on their babymoon cruise, but Bonnie decides to tag along after Danny reveals that he hopes he and Riley will elope.
8 May 2017
The Rebound
Riley wants to move because of apartment size so Danny tries to make it better with disastrous results. Tucker wants his old girlfriend Sondra back who's newly single but sends Ben in to be her rebound guy.
15 May 2017
What's in the Box?!
Danny and Ben are eager to find out the sex of the baby, even though Riley would prefer it to be a surprise.
22 May 2017
Daddy's Girl
Ben begins to feel like an insufficient parent when Emma's upcoming Mother-Daughter Talent Show leads Emma to ask questions about why she doesn't have a mother.

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