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  • The team treats a fellow doctor wary of their skills.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Open with a doctor attempting to restart the heart of a patient. He fails, and calls the time of death - 08:32. The patient is transferred to the morgue, where we see another doctor examining the deceased patient. He is clearly in charge with evaluating doctor performance. He takes a scalpel and cuts his own head rather than performing an autopsy on the patient's brain just as another person walks into the room.

    Wilson pulls up in a brand new sports car. He wants to spend a few days being selfish and shallow. House points out that he is three days before the scan that will tell him whether the treatment worked and he will live. Wilson wants to drive to Cleveland to meet his childhood crush, actress Julie Christie.

    The doctor from the opening is a Dr. Treiber, and Foreman says he only wants House to work on his case. Treiber is considered a "rat" by other doctors because he checks their mistakes. The plan is to look ultrasound for clots and toxic exposure.

    Treiber bickers with Chase and Adams during his ultrasound.

    Park and Taub look for toxicity while she mentions how many good things Treiber has gone. They find a bunch of cans.

    Wilson wants House to join him for a roadtrip the next moring. When House says no, Wilson threatens to drug him.

    Traub mentions the caffeine they found. House isn't interested.

    While Park works on Treiber his stomach begins to painfully distend.

    The team thinks they were wrong about he stimulants being an issue. They can't get in touch with House and aren't sure what to do. They call House and find both his and Wilson's cell phones in Wilson's desk. They are MIA.

    Wilson and House are on the road. House mentions that Wilson isn't talking about what is happening in three days.

    Chase wants to look at Treiber's abdomen, but the bring up the fact Trieber only wants to be treated by House.

    At a dive diner Wilson orders "The Big One," an 89-ounce steak that is free if you can finish it an hour.

    Treiber tells Taub and Chase he wants them to run his bowel and he wants Chase to do the surgery.

    Wilson finishes his steak with one second left on the clock. After having his picture taken he pukes on the floor.

    Before surgery Treiber admits to Chase that he's still pissed he grabbed a spot on House's team nine years earlier. Treiber would have done big things with the opportunity, but thinks Chase has wasted it.

    During surgery Chase talks to Taub about being worried he's wasted some of his life.

    The team still can't reach House. They debate giving Treiber treatment without telling him House isn't on the case.

    Wilson tells House he want a threesome.

    Chase tells Treiber House believes they should give him the drug. He agrees.

    House works to arrange Wilson's sex.

    Treiber starts having complications and demands to see House. Chase has to admit they don't know where he is.

    The next morning Wilson tells House the threesome was exactly what he needed.

    Foreman takes over the case. Chase thinks they should biopsy his brain, Foreman decides they should look at his heart.

    After having his wallet stolen by the hooker, Wilson is down to just enough gas money to get them to Julie.

    We Chase grab a sample of a brain.

    Wilson and House are stopped behind a funeral procession. Wilson goes crazy and cuts off the group of cards at a high rate of speed, then crashes though a fence into a field. They start walking.

    Chase is still searching through Treiber's lab but can't find anything. He tells Park he's quitting after this case.

    Foreman isn't worried when the team tells him Chase might be leaving. Taub thinks of something while arguing with Foreman.

    Wilson decides instead of grabbing a cab to stay with an demented older women who thinks she's waiting for the bus.

    Foreman talks to Chase about his thinking about leaving.

    Treiber slips into a coma.

    Chase thinks Treiber's problem is related to his soap.

    On the bus Wilson tells House "I blew it." He eventually starts talking about "my fate" and gets emotional. House talks about being happy Wilson is who he is.

    Treiber wakes up and Chase tells him that the industrial strength anti-bacterial soap screwed up his thyroid. He compliments Chase on a great catch.

    Chase tries to quit. Foreman offers him his own team. He says it's time to step out of the shadow and they hug.

    Chase thanks House while he waits for Wilson's scan to finish. House glances at the scan result, then looks ominously at Wilson before the episode ends.

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