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The title of Terms and Conditions May Apply is unlikely to excite, but the content of this quietly blistering documentary should rile even the most passive viewer.
Deftly balancing twin goals of informing and entertaining, the pic matter-of-factly details the various ways that marketers, multinational corporations, police departments and government-run intelligence-gathering organizations obtain and exploit info.
In inverse proportion to typically long-winded, inscrutable terms of service, the film is concise, direct and thoroughly engaging.
A quietly appalled we-really-oughta-do something documentary in the mode of "Food, Inc." or "An Inconvenient Truth."
Though it mostly summarizes available arguments instead of uncovering new facts, it's an accessible primer.
Village Voice
A wide-ranging, if shallow, exploration of intrusive government surveillance practices.
Terms And Conditions may not be a particularly well-made documentary, but it provides a much-needed wake-up call.
Slant Magazine
If The Social Network didn't make you want to quit Facebook in 2010, the brave new world outlined here should, despite the fact that your data won't actually be erased.
The Playlist
Even given the shapelessness of the picture, Hoback does the best he can in providing an imperfect timeline to a possibly worsening issue.
The Dissolve
Apart from its shallow analysis, Terms And Conditions is, if anything, not alarmist enough: Its worst-case scenario has already come true.

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