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Colorful, amusing and a bit silly
dameon_green6 June 2020
Most teenage boy's dream, an all-female school that specializes in Mechsuit piloting introduces a single male student.

These Mechsuits (called "IS's") were originally designed for space and the military are only used for sports and competitions. Adding to that they could previously only be controlled by women (no explanation why) and the protagonist is the only known exception.

The show is a pretty typical "clueless male protagonist" harem and overall is fairly amusing if you overlook "a few" holes in its story, science and rationality, like removing the torso armor and helmet from them, or how they reduce in size to a bracelet.

2nd season becomes more of a Ecchi and has less plot, but over its still watchable.

  • Unusually weak male protagonist, nice to start with a non-OP main character.
  • Diverse group/archetypes of "characters".
  • Good humor / mocking of protagonist.
  • Two seasons.
  • Multiple OVA's.
  • Consistent animation.
  • Good English Dubbing.

  • Typical harem character archetypes.
  • High cheese factor.
  • Very Predictable.
  • Unexplained plot mechanics.
  • "Upgraded" modes on the IS can look goofy.
  • No apparent deeper plot, just the episodes at face value.
  • OVA's tough to find.
  • 2nd season is weaker overall
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Infinite stratos
sardarkoushik7 July 2020
One of the best animes i have ever seen in my life..l love tis anime very much..waiting for the next season..hope this anime will hold a long telivision series
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A fun Anime. Provided you don't mind major loopholes in logic.
GrimReaper11218 December 2015
Overall it is a pretty decent Anime. I did enjoy the first season and for now that is all I have seen. There are some points which are a bit obvious and some other points which don't make sense at all. But considering the anime overall it is funny, has a good story, And feels pretty much an original piece. However lacking the originality in terms of the situation (it is always one guy with many girls after him) but yeah. It is worth watching. Personally speaking, not many may agree. But this serious has a major issue of loop holes. Starting with Houki Shinonono who is known for her skills in melee combat. And at the start, she was shown using a IS to train Ichika, however a few episodes later she needs help to learn the basics and get inside the IS from Ichika. When Ichika falls on his teacher who crashes from the sky.. he is below her and after crash he is above her and of course you guessed it where exactly. Although I am ready to ignore the fact here that he did not get crushed by a suit weighing a ton crashing at such a velocity. The suits are designed for versitality and of course there was a requirement for a bit of skin for some people.. But still it did not make sense not covering any body part as such which makes the volley of bullets when fired upon almost impossible to dodge when you are showing more than 50% of your body without armour.

Again i'd ignore the fact that all the transfers learnt perfect Japanese without any problem..

Lingyin Huang the 2nd best friend of Ichika had a special weapon which was powerful enough to fire compressed air so it is literally not visible to see the same. However whenever she battled including the battle with Laura.. All her bullets were clearly visible.

Coming to Laura, she was ultra powerful. Specially her threads to hold on to someone. However once she became.. well.. Tamed. She barely used her powers like she had been. And not to mention, the suit she wore was completely destroyed when the suit tried to take over her. However the suit was suddenly all OK and unrestricted by others which gives a high chance of the suit doing something like that again.. Suit ie IS.

Coming to Charlotte Dunois or Charl. It was a bit weird to make someone have a good body as a girl but when she was acting as being a guy.. Including while wearing the suit (BEFORE exposing her cover) she was completely flat ( No offence to anyone who may get offended)

There are a lot more.. But the worst I felt was the 11th episode of Season 1 ( Considering I have just seen season 1 till now) Mr Ichika and Ms Houki both have pretty impressive suits. Fight the Second phase bot before he went to that phase ( Sorry I simply can't remember that unmanned machine's name) The machine travels and let me quote "at supersonic speed" for hours. Fires volley of bullets and blocks damage from both their IS's. And not to mention where Houki's IS called AKA ( I think) is supposed to be a 4th gen TOP noch specs. Both their energy shield finishes where she flies for 2km and fires the sword twice and he literally just uses sword without contact ( she flew her) And the bot doesn't get depleted of the energy.

So yeah. It's a good show but the dev need's to consider facts to avoid such mistakes.. There are a few more but I guess this overall makes my point.
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Good anime we want ss3 Only people want part three.
pop-272413 August 2021
Warning: Spoilers
We want ss3 to ss10. It's possible to want part 3. Can you do this? If you continue, there may be a good income for production and development. If you continue, there may be a good income for producing and developing the studios that produce them.
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Turns out alright in the end
viscoun30420 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Animation: 8/10. Smooth scenes, good quality art, moderate fan-service. Everything the male audience which it is directed towards would want in an anime. I had some issues with the characters' faces, as they were a tad angular for my tastes. But it's only my personal opinion. Transitions from art to CGI and back works well most of the time. OP and ED animations match well, with the OP serving as an introduction and the ED being a typical, "show all characters" sort of ending.

Sound: 9/10. Explosions, bangs, and whatnot are relatively well synced. Voice actors well- suited to their roles. The music is fairly generic (not that it's a problem... rather, generic music suites it well), and the OP (opening piece) is a dynamic, morale-boosting tune that fits well with the "hyped-up" and active feel of the whole series. The ED (ending) theme is also quite fast-paced and matches the theme well.

Plot + Execution: 7/10. An admittedly good plot for a generic series with such "mainstream" genres. The plot itself is unoriginal, but the execution of the whole thing makes it hard to point out any supposed weaknesses. Not too cheesy, romance appears when it needs to and remains relatively moderate, something which fits a series with such a not-so-happy back-story.

Overall Rating: 8/10. Would definitely watch it again, especially considering a second season is coming out. A good "entry" anime for all those interested in the harem romance genre. Also a good break for any mecha fans around.
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i just love it
landensiegel19 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
10 out 10. I love this anime because I'm down sad I watch this anime and make them feel whole lot better I've watched it 4 or five times I really hope this anime keep continuing I love it so much.
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I love this series.
rainbowk-4500631 August 2021
Please sir, we need the ending of the series.please blessed us with a new season with happy ending.
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My opinion
tatosat4 October 2021
I like the anime series but I think if there is no plan to complete the series then there was no point of making this anime from the first place.

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