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  • Barney has found a DVD of Robin's Canadian television show, "Space Teens", which featured "Robin Sparkles" and Robin's BFF on and off the show, Jessica Glitter. Robin considers it a children's educational show about two teen-aged girls solving crimes in space using math. As the others watch the show, they feel that it more closely resembles porn wannabe. Despite stating that she and Jessica were BFF's, Robin hasn't been friends with Jessica for about five years. Ted deduces that Robin's friendship ended when Jessica had a child, which makes Lily believe the same thing will happen to her when she and Marshall have a baby. Since Robin won't talk about it, the only other person who could tell the gang the full story is Jessica Glitter herself. Meanwhile, Ted wants to prove that unlike Robin and Jessica, he and his old friend Punchy truly are BFFs. But when Punchy unexpectedly takes Ted up on an offhanded offer, Ted's assertion is tested.

  • While Barney finds a new video from Robin's Canadian teen star past, Lily fears that a baby could come between her friendship with Robin. Meanwhile, Ted's obnoxious old friend, "Punchy," comes from Cleveland for a visit.


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  • Lily is all about the babies, which hasn't been a problem until Barney's boutonniere. He says there's an 83 percent correlation between the times men wear boutonniere and the times they get laid." Proms, weddings, grandmom's funerals, he explains, adding, "Thanks for the red-head, Nana." He's devised the "every day boutonniere."

    Robin tells Barney suits are pretty boring without boutonnieres and Barney feigns outrage, calling her statement an insult that cannot be borne and that he demands satisfaction. He pulls out a disc he calls "Robin Sparkles 3, y'all!"

    Old Ted reminds us we've never seen the TV show from which her character Robin Sparkles originated, "Space Teens." We see it's Robin and Jessica Glitter, Robin's "BFF on the show and in real life." The show is about two Canadian teenagers who solve crimes using math. Barney's theory that it's porn seems to become reality when we see slow-motion shots of Robin and Jessica (and their assets) bouncing up and down.

    Robin is outraged that her American friends see something dirty in what should be seen an an educational show. She asks them to watch it with the innocence of a child. Things get even more interesting when a "joystick" on their spaceship gets involved. Barney pulls the disc out, saying it has to be rationed.

    The gang asks Robin why they've never met Jessica if they were such good friends. This gets us into a discussion about whether anyone still hangs out with their high school friends and Ted says he and his buddy Punchy are close. To prove the point, he calls Punchy and they catch up by shouting each other's names and Ted says, "If you're ever in New York..."

    Robin abruptly says she hasn't talked to Jessica in five years and asks them to drop it. Like the space teens, Ted uses math to figure it out. He finds a Christmas card Jessica sent Robin in which Jessica's kid is roughly "four years, three months" old, according to Lily's crack kid age guessing skills. Ted realizes Robin dumped Jessica as a friend when she got pregnant. Lily sobs, thinking Robin will dump her, too, when she gets pregnant.

    Robin agrees to watch more of "Space Teens" with Barney and Ted as long as they promise not to make any cracks about it being dirty. The first scene shows Robin and Jessica talking about their pet beavers. Robin reminds us all that the beaver is the national mascot of Canada, while Ted and Barney giggle uncontrollably.

    Just ask Robin and Jessica are about to sing the beaver song, Robin stops the disc, saying they're not allowed to hear it. She says it is a sweet song about friendship and they're disgusting and "beavers are adorable."

    "No arguments here," Barney says.

    Just then, Ted's old high school friend Punchy shows up. Ted is surprised to see him, and Punchy says he can sleep on the couch. He punches Ted in the arm and reminds him about the time he dookied in his pants.

    Robin gets up to leave and get a Korean massage. Lily is upset that Robin is doing their "thing" together. Marshall suggests Lily hang out with Robin and try not talking about babies. Later, Lily have a fight about how much Lily talks about babies. Robin says it's all Lily ever talks about and Lily tells Robin she never has to hear about it again. They break up. This upsets Marshall.

    Barney is sick of Ted's friend Punchy and recites about 20 reality TV send-off phrases to explain that Punch has to go.

    Marshall takes Robin to see Jessica, who we learn is the organist for the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Lily explains the situation to Jessica. Jessica says that she actually stopped being friends with Robin because she had a baby because she didn't have time to do all those things best friends do. Jessica says she's thought about getting back in touch with Robin, but hasn't had the courage.

    Punchy tells Ted he's worried about him. He explains that he thought Ted sounded depressed when he called. Then he tells Ted he's getting married and asks Ted to be his best man. Ted accepts. They punch each other.

    Lily finds Robin at The Hoser Hut and Robin explains that she's been pulling away from Lily and it was because of the last time her best friend had a baby. Lily says she'll try not to talk about babies so much, but Robin says she's going to love LIly's baby, adding, "I'll pick it up and everything."

    Next thing we hear is The Beaver Song and Robin looks up to see that Jessica is standing on the stage holding a microphone. The "Space Teens" reunion is complete when Robin joins her in singing, "Two beavers are better than one!"

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