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  • Dexter and Lumen take the opportunity to track a vicious murderer while attending a self-help seminar from Jordan Chase.

  • Having identified one of Lumen's attackers, Cole Harmon, Dexter set out to do what he does best. He attends one of Jordan Chase's seminars and the plan is to rent a hotel room next to Cole Harmon, who is Chase's head of security, and eliminate him there. He shows Lumen how to prepare a killing room but events don't quite unfold as planned. In the end, Dexter gets a vital clue that identifies another of the men who attacked her. Lumen also has to deal with her ex-fiancé who suddenly shows up in Miami. At the station, the fallout from the shootings at the night club begins to take its toll. It's pretty obvious that Lt. Laguerta isn't going to take the rap for the botched operation. Debra sees the writing on the wall when Angel Batista tells her he hasn't written his report yet and is still going over what happened. She feels betrayed by an unexpected source but also gets support where she least expects it.

  • Dexter participates of Jordan's Chase's seminar and is invited to visit him in his suite. LaGuerta does not assume her mistake and Debra becomes her scape goat. Lumen receives an unexpected phone call and meets her ex-fiancé in a restaurant in Miami. Dexter plans a scheme with Lumen to catch Cole in the hotel and he asks Lumen to buy plastic and other stuff. Liddy forces a car crash at the parking area of a supermarket to get Lumen's personal data. Dexter is forced to go to Jordan's stage to tell what he felt when he found Rita dead. Meanwhile, Cole sees Lumen and she flees to her room. However Dexter saves Lumen and their room becomes Cole's kill room. While leaving the hotel, Dexter meets Jordan and makes an important discovery. Later, Liddy takes photos of Dexter and Lumen in the boat dumping Cole's remains in the water.

  • Looking to avenge Lumen's abduction and torture as well as numerous other murders of innocent young women, Dexter puts the mysterious self-help guru Jordan Chase along with his devious head of security, Cole Harmon in his cross-hairs. But like many of Dexter's prime suspects, disposing of Chase and Harmon proves to be a more complex and labor intensive task than previously thought. Will Dexter's interest in Jordan's unique program of self-realization help him cope with the death of Rita? Or will it cause him to make a fatal mistake leading to his own demise?


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  • Dexter is in the audience at one of Chase's motivational seminars.

    We see Maria handling questions of the press. Apparently the mayor has said the department put the public at risk and there may be a lawsuit filed from the two innocents that were killed. Inside Angel tells her ballistics revealed the innocents were not killed by police weapons, but by the Fuentes brothers. Maria is convinced there will be serious consequences. After she leaves Angel tells Debra he hasn't yet figured out what he's going to put in his report. Debra tells Quinn she's worried that she's not more upset about killing Carlos Fuentes. Angel takes Jasmine's mother to identify her daughter's body.

    After one section of Chase's speech Dexter gets a call from Lumen. She hasn't found any connection between the men in the picture at Cole's house. She has found out that Cole is a former Marine. He hangs up and is taken aside by Cole, who wants to bring Dexter up to see Chase.

    In Chase's hotel room he tells Dexter he recalls reading about Rita's murder. He asks about how Dexter has dealt with the tragedy and asks if he'd mind speaking with him later about helping him cope with the loss.

    Maria calls Debra into her office and hints at letting Manzon take the fall since her career is in its infancy. Debra is pissed, thinking they all stick together.

    Lumen gets a call from Owen, her ex-fiance. He is in Miami to see her and wants them to meet the next day around noon. After she hangs up Dexter arrives with food. He's gotten the hotel room next to Cole's and wants to kill him the next day. Dexter wants her to pick up the necessary supplies for taking care of him.

    At home Debra talks to Dexter about being surprised she doesn't have more emotion about killing a person.

    The next day after the seminar Dexter figures out his gameplan for getting Cole. He's going to grab him that night while Cole sleeps.

    Lumen meets with Owen. Owen has purchased plane tickets for a trip around the world and wants her to come with him. He ask her to think about it and tell him the next night.

    Quinn watches a televised news conference where Maria completely tosses Debra under the bus. She points out Debra was in charge of the mission and says she will be placed on suspension.

    Liddy stages a fender-bender with Lumen to learn more about her as they exchange information for insurance purposes.

    Lumen comes to the hotel and tells Dexter about the accident. To avoid her running into Cole he suggests she stay and help him prepare the room.

    Debra goes to see Maria. Maria hints that "some people" are backing her version of events and Debra thinks Angel must have stuck up for his wife.

    Lumen learns more about Dexter's process and guesses that he's been doing this kind of thing for a long time. They hear Cole come back to his room. Unfortunately he's brought a seminar groupie back and the sound of their sex reminds Lumen of her rape in captivity. Dexter holds his hands over hers as she covers her ears and she falls asleep.

    Since the woman spent the night Dexter will have to grab Cole during one of his security rounds.

    Debra and Quinn wake up together. Quinn thinks the best way to get back at Maria is to play it by the book. There is a knock at a door. It is Liddy, coming to tell Quinn (after Debra leaves) that he now knows Lumen's name and a little of her bio. Quinn balks at giving him more money and Liddy hints that if he doesn't he might tell Debra's he's been investigating her brother.

    Before Dexter is able to grab Cole, Chase calls him on stage during a seminar and begins to ask him questions about the night he found Rita's body. During this exchange we see Cole spot Lumen in the lobby. She sends Dexter a text and runs back to the room, but Cole breaks through the connecting door and gets on top of her. He has his hands around her neck when Dexter shows up from behind and puts Cole in a choke hold, rendering him unconscious.

    Cole is now prepared on the table. He refuses to tell them the names of any of the other men. After Dexter kills Cole he tells Lumen about his history. He tells her "this is who I am" and tells her about seeing his mother murdered. He says after Rita's death "none of this made any sense until now." He hands her the blood slide "trophy" he took from Cole.

    Manzon arrives with her belongings and Debra realizes she is the one turning on her. Outside Angel tells Debra that he has finally decided he will tell the truth and back Debra's version of events.

    Dexter leaves the hotel and runs into Chase, who is clearly trying to find Cole. Chase makes a comment about time ("tick tick tick") that reveals he was the masked member of Boyd's abduction-rape-murder team Lumen had previously referenced.

    We see that Lumen did not meet Owen.

    Dexter takes her on his boat to dispose of the segments of Cole's body. He tells her about Chase being part of the group as they drop the bags into the water.

    Afterwards we see that Liddy was photographing the entire thing from shore with a telephoto lens.

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