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  • The films flying sequences came to life through not only visual effects wizardry but the magic of innovative rigs designed by Simon Hansen, a visual effects supervisor. Hansen designed a circular rig that would simulate the freedom of skydiving and allow for all sorts of interactive lighting and elaborate flying moves, like corkscrews and somersaults. The actors underwent extensive training to prepare them for the rig. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is unclear what they find in the ground, though the government is shown moving in to cover it up. It may be alien technology. It also perhaps could be government technology. Since the boys don't know, we don't know for sure. It helps us relate to the characters because we feel some of the mystery and have the same questions they do. In a video of Max Landis at Comikaze 2013, he explains what was in the hole, which would have been explained in the sequel had Fox gone with his draft. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Ready to Roll" by Philadelphia Grand Jury. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Director's Cut is 5 minutes and 36 seconds longer than the theatrical version. Most additions were minor, only a few seconds longer. The overall plot remains unchanged. Major additions include Steve opening up more to Andrew about his home life, a longer scene at the diner, and a quick topless shot of Casey. Edit (Coming Soon)


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