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I don't understand the hate
arod_855 September 2022
I mean this movie isn't going to become an iconic romcom of the decade. Of course it's cheesy but it's no different than most movies in its genre. It's far better than anything on Hallmark. Kat and Tom make a great looking tv couple and the Italian setting is beautiful. My only complaint is Kat's outfits! She is an extremely beautiful woman and why in the world she got stuck in the clothes she did was beyond me! They had so many opportunities to put her in a beautiful cocktail dress or evening gown and instead they dressed her like an adult toddler. I did feel like the two had chemistry despite other reviews.
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Never have I ever......
skpn1231 September 2022
Never have I ever watched such an inane and stupid film with middle aged people behaving like the 12 year olds at Summer camp reminiscent of the 'Parent Trap'.

From beginning to end it is irritating and ridiculous. I will take note of the leads and all associated with the film and aim to avoid them in the future.

It is by far the worst movie I have watched in a long time. Romcom is surely not meant to signify juvenile and inane. I was attempting to consider what might improve it and I could think of nothing. I am not sure what genre this is or what audience it would attract. As if you could build a real relationship out of that behaviour.
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Wanted to love this
cmalek982 September 2022
I'm a huge fan of these Hallmark type romantic, feel good, always set in a beautiful location, happy ending movies. The scenery was stunning, wish I was there! The main issue though, was that the leads had absolutely zero chemistry. I never really cared about either one of them, which is a shame, because I like them both individually as actors. I never believed either was ever interested in the other, and didn't care if they would end up together or not. I ended up skipping through most of the second half. I was so bummed because I really needed a good rom-com today. Unfortunately, this wasn't it.
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Two unlovable people improbably find love
rogerstoryteller1 September 2022
Note to scriptwriters: don't waste the first half of your film making your two leads unattractive, petty self absorbed characters. Whether they sort it out or continue to vindictively spoil each other's stay in Verona one couldn't care less. Having taken so long to make them so thoroughly unlikable, the writer then has to desperately race against time to make them suddenly realise that they can't live without each other in order to share the obligatory kiss conclusion. This is all as fake and stomach churning as the fake horsemeat pasta prank in the show!

There are some lovely scenic shots of the historic city, especially the amphitheatre, which might be of interest if you're thinking of going there.

I assume the film had a wine company as a sponsor judging by the frequent shots of wine being uncorked and poured.
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mediocre is being kind
brainwerx-13 September 2022
I like Tom Hooper, and frankly it would have been better if there was a different female lead actor. She was the typical American tourist, fish out of water. It was a purely predictable movie and you can feel your brain cells dying as you watch it.

If you need to kill time, with some time with something in the background, maybe. But, I would not recommend this for anything else.

The cats were the best part of it, and some of the scenery. Aside from that... I would have rated it lower.

Summary: childish pranks that aren't funny. Kat Graham's character is horrible (as the typical American Tourist). Cats were great. Scenery great. Tom Hooper was ok (he is underrated and I can't believe he took this role).
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Nice movie to a 2h chillout
brunoamserra5 September 2022
I dont understand the 1 and 2 reviews. Maybe people from competition just to talk **** about netflix? Or maybe that kind of people who needs to watch 10 movies to like 1..

Its easy to watch. Entertaining, the viewer can laugh sometimes. It has a good ending, and the performances are good. Nice scenarios.

Not every movie needs to be a blockbuster.

Sometimes a person just need a 2h chillout movie to relax. Thats wath this one offers.

Netflix already made some bad movies, no doubt. But this isn't one of them.

** imdb: not every review should/must contain at least 600 characters.. sometimes 100 or 200 its enough.
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Light hearted rom com
Kingslaay10 September 2022
This is an easy watch and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Seeing the trailer and synopsis you should kind of know what to expect. This is not a Oscar contender. You know it's a light romantic comedy which should follow a certain path. The Romeo and Juliet symbolism is driven strongly, I wish they lightened up on this a bit, a mention now and then would have been fine. The comedy is hit and miss, sometimes it lands and sometimes it falls flat. The two leads are likeable enough and do their bit to carry the film.

To those hating the film, what did you expect? You can't expect a Picasso. People need to manage their expectations. Mine weren't very high and I didn't expect a story to rival Romeo and Juliet but a very light and passable film so I wasn't very disappointed. I think the simplicity and the funny introduction of the two main leads worked reasonably well. I have a tolerance for these sort of rom coms instead of the over the top painful rom coms that have been released.
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You already know how bad this is
wertpolos1 September 2022
OK, so this truly is awful, but you already knew this when you decided to watch a no-budget Netflix romcom.

I also know why you decided to watch it, so let me clear this up for you: there is only one scene where Tom Hopper is shirtless. It starts at 13:40 and it only lasts for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

He looks pretty good, lean, nice chest, great back and fantastic posture, but come on, it's only 100 seconds. If you want us to watch the whole film, give us something more. (I fast forwarded through the rest - he does not take that shirt off again).

I should also point out (in response to the only other review on here) that Tom is actually English, but yeah, his English accent here is very odd. Like he's trying to do a different English accent to what he naturally has? I don't know.

My rating is 1/10. One star for every full minute that Tom appeared shirtless.
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There are better ways to spend your time on
Catocala1 September 2022
This movie replicates every other romcom cliché there is. An awefully timed break-up between a guy who is obviously not appreciative of a girl, girl goes to find herself, meets guy nr 2 who seems annoying at first, but obviously will become the perfect match before the end of the movie, with one crisis happening that threatens the happy end, but of course love will conquer.

There is nothing original or surprising, and nothing to make up for that flaw. There are weird inconsistensies (e.g. A tourist hot spot being overcrowded one shot and completely empty the next), which makes it sloppy to boot. Also, for some reason, the makers of this film felt it necessary to have Hopper put on an awefully fake British accent. Combined with mediocre-at-best acting, I recommend you find another romcom to watch.
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I loved it!
mariannelindbeck-038174 September 2022
With so many serious movies and shows coming out, this was lightharted, real and unrealistic at the same time, and I loved it. Why can't we hav a little fun with these movies?

I don't agree with all the bad reviews here!

I laughed, reared up and had fun on my own with this movie, while my boyfriend was away for a long time! We have fun too. What's the deal with some reviews saying that adults can't have fun and be silly?

I think the characters are sweet, realistic and weird, the plot is sweet and I'm that kind of dreamer, living my own destiny fairytale.

I love this type of sweet, corky romans movies!

Have fun with it. Not all romance has to be 100% realistic.

I recommend this movie!
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Didn't feel the chemistry
Mabkid4 September 2022
Romcoms can be cute. Usually, it starts off light and humorous, then hits you with the magic, and leaves you in sad-happy tears in the back end.

Didn't happen this time.

Both characters were not "lovable" characters to begin with. The back and forth bordered on attempted suicide... just in bad taste in my opinion... what I mean is that there wasn't much wit in the tit for tat foreplay. Then suddenly, things take a quick turn as if they are both almost different characters basked in kindness and restraint longing for each other.

Considering the location, I'm not even sure we got to see the charms of this Italian city so much either. And that's a shame. Don't just tell us you're in Italy, show us you're in Italy. That's part if the charm and why we want to see the movie... love in Italy!

All in all, the magic didn't happen for me.
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Looking for the right kind of weird...sweet Verona, romantic comedy.
cgvsluis27 September 2022
There was a lot of comedy in this romantic comedy about a grade school teacher who has planned and waited her whole life to visit Verona...home to her beloved Juliet, for which she finally has the tickets. She has a laminated trip planned and scheduled for her and her boyfriend Brandon when he freaks out and breaks up with her. Julie ends up going on her trip alone...which starts as one disaster after another. She has a screaming kid kicking her seat on the flight, they loose her luggage, her Uber driver is Uberto...and the Villa she booked for the week is double booked to an unrelenting Brit named Charlie!

It's a rough start to her vacation. As there are no other accommodations due to an annual conference the two reluctant roommates agree to share their accommodations...then Julie with the help of one of her fellow teachers comes up with the idea to drive Charlie out of the Villa. This sets up a fun mutually agreed upon war of the roses like contest between the two. This was some of the best scenes in the film. I appreciated Charlie's hand shake and toast.

Beautiful Verona scenery, funny quips, and a slow build romance, definitely worth a watch if you are a romantic.

I really enjoyed both of the romantic leads...but particularly Tom Hopper who played Charlie. His dry wit was delivered flawlessly.

My one complaint is Julie's could be better, although I loved the gift shop t-shirt and sweatshirt.

"A lot of flaws but still kind of awesome, flawsome."-Julie "Next time your phone doesn't ring, that's me!"-Julie "I really miss eating fake horse with you."-Charlie.
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The movie that shouldnt have seen light.
rfbjryfx3 September 2022
Terrible and Unlikeable characters, bad costumes -even the supposedly bad ones were better than the actual ones. Epic fail - Mediocre acting, predictable storyline, forced ending, cliché stereotypes, interesting locations and the 1 star is for the brilliant cinematography.

Need to add 600 characters to publish this review but there isn't much to say about this movie. If you're somehow in a position to watch this movie, the 2x button is your friend. You can also play a game - count the number of times someone is sipping a glass of wine throughout the movie.. this might get you to the end. I really do not have anything else to say about this movie. Don't watch it at all maybe? Ok bye!
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Familiar with its own cute quirks
koolhandkarl1 September 2022
After seeing Letters to Juliet and a few Hallmark movies revolving around the famous balcony, I wasn't expecting anything new.

The leading lady is adorable, the leading man tall and imposing and they follow the classic trope set down by Darcy and Elizabeth with the hate to love story line.

The location scouts did a wonderful job finding shots of Verona I haven't seen before and the two leads made it a little bit special with their own unique personalities. Their war over the flat was entertaining, their loathing funny and engaging.

( Shout out to "Blake" the waiter, who made me lol )

If you don't want to be surprised and need something sweet and soft, look no further.

Grab a blankie, a glass of wine/cup of tea and settle in.
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Worse than Bad
anamariamicheli3 September 2022
Whoever cast that woman for a lead? From the opening scene the acting is so bad she makes her character a 13 year old caricature. Shakespeare's Juliet was 13 years old but behaved more maturely than this middle aged entitled brat.

I decided to watch a little longer only because the action would take us to Italy. I should not have. As an Italian, I was offended by the gross stereotypical portrayal of Italians and Italian life. There exists good satire in the movie-making world and then there is this...

The British character had some potential but not enough to make me endure the female lead. When she body shamed him because of his height I knew I could not watch further.

What a waste of money flying the cast to Verona!
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Funny and romantic
angeliquedecock4 September 2022
I really laughed a lot. Their dislike and pranks really were very funny.

I do not get the bad reviews.

This movie deserves a better rating.

Yes it is cheesy but the fun factor in this one was ten out of ten. I laughed so hard.

The actors really did a good job. Even the selfish egocentric partners of both.

I know it is predictable but its a romcom. So if you do not like this type of movie. Then do not watch it. Many times I see people commenting on a movie theme they hate and then trash the movie.

A little point of critic some characters just went away and disappeared ( like the funny gay teacher for example. ) and you do not see how this plays out. How it ends.
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Dumb, dumber, no -- Dumbest!
deesestone4 September 2022
This movie reminded me of Emily in Paris, except of course it is set in Italy. However like Emily in Paris, it manages to hit every cliche about Italy and Italians so in that sense they are equal - wait, I think the fashion in the Emily movie was slightly better not by much, but still better than Love in the Villa. The main actress wears the same very unflattering style of dress throughout the movie but really that is the least of the problems with this movie. The whole premise is unbelievably stupid; the two protagonists have zero chemistry, the guy looks like a Ken doll and acts like him; there is just nothing appealing about either of them. I kind of preferred the dumped boyfriend and girlfriend to tell the truth. A real waste of time even if you have nothing to do.
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I laughed so hard, the movie was very fun and enjoyable. It is pretty nice to watch together with family, when you can laugh together, with some snacks and drinks.
nautuul2 September 2022
I watched with my cousins and we loved it. The acting was pretty good. Super good looking male and female characters. It was very relaxing to watch, like if you want to enjoy something, relax your mind, feel good. This is perfect for an chill evening after a long day at work.

I was surprised to see some very critical comments. If you are looking for a movie that could win an oscar, those types of movies would rarely make it. Of course it is not a masterpiece, like a dish that deserves Michelin star, but it is like chicken soup, food for soul, to give hope in love and positive time for viewers. Easy to watch, beautiful screenshots. I even learnt some new Italian words.
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This isn't a review it's a cautionary warning
darthsteele-393385 September 2022
*DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE* The only reason I sat through this entire train wreck was to procrastinate cleaning my house. That, and I remained hopeful that they would actually show parts of Italy. Spoiler, scenic Italian backdrops are minimal! Just another no budget Netflix throw-away. Uninteresting, excruciatingly predictable, cookie cutter, drab, horribly acted. The only positive take away is the music. Just watch "Letters to Juliet" instead.***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
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Cringe worthy
auntieajr3 September 2022
I like a good rom com and was drawn to this movie mostly because it was set in Italy, so how bad could it be? Ha, ha, turns out, it could be really, really bad! Sadly, even the promise of "Bella Italia" couldn't save this terrible movie. There is no chemistry between the two leads and their ridiculous, childish behavior borders on just plain mean. I love a good "enemies to lovers" trope but there is nothing romantic about trying to one up each other with childish pranks that are simply mean and just not funny.

The only reason I didn't give it one star was because it was set in Italy and the cats were cute!
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A little slice of lovely
lafchef13 September 2022
If you are a hopeless romantic, this is the sweetest little movie! Miss Graham is the Ying to Tom Hopper's Yang. The Tom Hopper I live to watch takes on a completely different role. And Kat is adorable! Very fifties kind of innocent film. Think Cary Grant. Grace Kelly. No spoiler alert here, just a promise that this is a fun and frivolous little film. Interspersed with the richness of Italy and wine and the language of love, it lives up to the genre romantic comedy. Peaks and valleys- hoping the girl gets the boy. And twists and turns along the way! For me, watching these two actors was a joy! Lovely!
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Horrid and plain stupid - and almost no scenery
tjfp3 September 2022
Unrealistic at an absurd level. Grown people dont trigger allergic reactions or behave this bad towards each other. Dear this movie is soxbad it actually hurts.

I did not have the energy to watch it until the end. Forty five minutes was enough. Horrible.

Dont watch it. Also there is no chemistry between the characters. At. All. Sorry. Furthermore the movie mostly takes place in doors for the first fifty minutes. Therefore you're not even able to enjoy the lovley views of Verona. Verona is a beautiful little city and its sad that most of the movie is showing just a made up home. Sad.

This review is supposed to be at least six hundred characters long but i really cant write anything more down.
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I really like it. A lovely movie !
chloegalley4 December 2022
Love in the villa is a 2022 Romantic comedy based in the beautiful city Italy. A young women Kat Graham takes a trip to romantic Verona after a break up, only to find that the Villa she reserved was double booked and she would have to share. OMG this was such a good film i could actually watch this again. Why such a low rating. The storyline was done nicely had comedy, romance and was uplifting, a little predictable in places but a good watch. The acting was not bad Kat Graham and Tom Hopper played the parts really well and certainly had the chemistry there, a little cheesy but very good actors. What I loved most about this film was further into the movie you see the lovely views of Verona Italy. Would love to go there one day after seeing this film. All I can say is I really enjoy this movie a feel-good light heart romantic comedy and it will certainly entertain you from beginning to end. Sit back get comfy get the snacks out and enjoy the film. Currently streaming on Netflix now.
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Green Olive Allergy Scene
charlesglowacz8 September 2022
I turned the movie off after the green olive allergy scene. Is causing someone to have a serious allergic reaction funny?

I don't know what other movies all of the writers, directors, producers etc... have done, but they really made a terrible mistake.

It just said my review was too short as it does not have 600 words. The problem is that there is not anything else to say about this idiotic movie.

It started off cute and I thought it would be one of those cool American goes to Italy and falls in love movies - and it was. But the allergy scene.

As I said, I turned off the movie after this scene. But I wonder what might have followed.

Maybe someone buying another person who they know is allergic to nuts some Nutella? They could tell them it is regular chocolate and watch them stop breathing - and maybe hiding their Epipen?

Maybe another scene at a hospital where the medical staff uses latex gloves even though they know the patient is allergic to latex.
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Watchable romcom
mmartic-2193711 October 2022
I dont watch romcoms very often, and when I do, they are usually bad. This one is a bit better than average though. Tom Hooper is super hot and hope I'll see him in more movies, with more suitable match and better chemistry between them.

Overall, this is an easy going, "enemies to lovers" movie, with happy ending. It is a bit over the top though and quite unbelievable, but still works if you are into romcoms. Overall, I am not disapointed and it ended up being better than expected. You could see some effort, especially when compared to lack of decent, light movies on Netflix.

That said.. a steamy scene with Tom Hooper would make it much, much better! Another male character was also good looking.
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