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  • A teenage girl is brought to the hospital with severely swollen appendages after a wild night out.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Open with teenage girls in line to get into a kick-off party for a popular band. Two of them move to the front and try to lie their way past security. One of the actual band members helps them in and the two head upstairs. The next day the ringleader, Jordan, regales her friends with a story of booze, video games and skinny dipping. As she tells the story her ankles and hands begin to swell grotesquely and she drops to the floor unconscious.

    Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is going to a pharmacology conference. He is trying to get a reluctant House (Hugh Laurie) to come with him.

    House thinks Jordan has Rhabdomyolysis, but no one else in the department is sure. They decide to run a full battery of tests. House makes a comment in Cameron's direction about how annoying it is when everyone knows something and you don't. (Obviously a veiled reference to what has been troubling Chase....)

    Chase (Jesse Spencer) tells Foreman (Omar Epps) he is struggling with telling Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) about killing Dibala.

    House goes into Cuddy's (Lisa Edelstein) office to try and discharge the patient. He enjoys giving her breasts names (Patty and Selma {part of the Simpson's treasure hunt promo this week on Fox}) and teasing her. When House finds Cuddy is also going to the conference he quickly changes his mind about attending.

    House drops in on Wilson as he attends to a dying patient to tell him he's coming. We see Wilson hand the old man the morphine button.

    Chase tells House a test showed Jordan could not have Rhabdomyolysis. House has Jordan play air drums in a similar fashion to the video game she claimed to have played the night before. After a few seconds Jordan cannot move her arms and House determines she lied about her evening.

    Jordan and her friend Phoebe fess up. Instead of spending the night with the band, they left the party and followed around a famous comic book author who had been there. Since Jordan is a "credit card kid," the two ended up staying in a room at the hotel.

    The doctors discuss food as an option.

    House discovers that Wilson is presenting a speech about end-stage treatment. Uncommonly, he hasn't mentioned this to House.

    For his part, House is all fired-up about making a move on Cuddy.

    Cameron asks Foreman whether Chase is having an affair. Jordan's parents finally show up just as Jordan's vitals plummet. Blood filled Jordan's chest and is constricting her heart. House tells the doctors via phone they must get an accurate history of Jordan's night.

    At the conference House grabs the nametag of a different doctor.

    Jordan begins to tell wildly imaginative lies about what the two girls did the night before, despite Phoebe's pleading for her to stop fooling around.

    Cameron meets with the comic book author. He remembers the girls following him.

    Foreman asks Phoebe for the real story of what transpired. Phoebe says Jordan left briefly in the middle of the night to get ice, but other than that they were never apart.

    At the conference's '80s party, an anachronistically costumed (1780s!) House and Cuddy talk about fooling around one night back when they were in medical school. House apologizes for not calling her afterwards and Cuddy leaves in a huff.

    Wilson gets a call early in the morning that his patient died. House thinks its weird Wilson sounded guilty and grabs Wilson's laptop. Wilson is planning to give a speech about assisted suicide.

    Using hotel surveillance the docs learn Jordan took the comic book guy's journal up to his room.

    Wilson is adamant someone needs to talk about what doctors go through regarding end-stage decisions. House thinks essentially admitting to murder is a huge mistake.

    Cameron and Chase go the comic book author's room. He denies Jordan ever came to his room and won't let them in. Cameron is sure the man "roofied" Jordan and took advantage of her.

    Cuddy tells Wilson that, as a mother, she needs a guy she can count on. House does not qualify.

    In an attempt to find out exactly what happened, Cameron suggests they give Jordan Amobarbital to get her to tell the truth.

    Wilson tells House he needs to be more reliable to make Cuddy happy. During the conversation Wilson realizes House has drugged him, and he drops unconscious to the table.

    Jordan tells a story about the comic book author giving her a pill and raping her. Based on the blood flow in her face however, Foreman knows she is still lying.

    House goes to Cuddy's room to offer his babysitting services. While there he discovers (gasp!) that Lucas is in the room playing with the baby.

    Wilson wakes up and realizes House has taken his pants. House is downstairs giving Wilson's speech, the text of which admits to allowing a patient to take a fatal dose of morphine. The speech goes over well. Afterwards, House tells Wilson he wanted to help his friend get the story out without losing his job.

    During the conversation with Wilson, House realizes Jordan's problem was eating oysters that night. Jordan has hemochromatosis and the natural properties of the oysters started down a path of her getting more and more iron and damaging her liver.

    Cuddy's and Lucas' relationship began when she was investigating someone in accounting. They were worried about what the news might do to House.

    Jordan is finally out of the woods. Her parents look like they are ready to head out of town again. Jordan admits to Cameron she never even knocked on the comic book author's door.

    House seems cool with Lucas being in Cuddy's life. Wilson thanks House for making him feel better about what he did with his patient.

    As the episode ends, Chase finally tells Cameron he killed Dibala.

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