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  • Finn is the human boy and Jake is the dog. In every episode there is an intro that will remind you of this. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Finn is a human boy who was found by Jake's dad, Joshua, in the forest. His duty is to protect the Land of Ooo from evil such as the Lich. Jake is a magical dog who can stretch to any length, shape, or size. He got his stretching power by rolling in a magic puddle as a puppy. Jake's blood relatives consist of Joshua, his dad, Margaret, his mom, and Jermaine, his brother. All of his blood relatives are dogs as well, but none of them have stretching powers like Jake. Finn is also Jake's adopted brother. Jake's quest is the same as Finn's, being righteous and such, but Jake is more laid back and like's to goof around and mess with Finn. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In several episodes, there has been talk of a "Mushroom War", meaning the mushroom cloud of a nuclear missile has been seen by people living in the Land of Ooo. Marceline is a vampire that is 1,000+ years old, yet she was shown as a child in the ruins of a city when the Mushroom War had stopped. Ice King is also 1,000+ years old, as it has been shown that he was a human before the Mushroom War. If you pause at the beginning of the introduction, you can see a cassette and an old tv - both from the 80's. As well as this, there are nuclear bombs which haven't yet exploded. This probably means that the Great Mushroom War took place in the 80's. Therefore, Adventure time is probably around 1000+ years into the future Edit (Coming Soon)


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  • In 'Escape from the Citadel' we see the Sap used when Finn's dad gets the flesh on his leg burnt off so he is left with bone connected to his foot. When the Sap is put on the bone it creates new muscle and skin tissue over the existing bone. This also happens when The Lich gets covered with the Sap, he begins rapidly growing muscle and skin over his skeleton. In both examples we can assume the Sap only works if there is at least a bone.

    When Finn's grass sword merges with his right arm (which then gets torn off) his arm becomes grass. This is why the Sap grows a flower because it was growing based on what the arm previously was. As there was no bone after Finn's arm is torn off it was the only thing the Sap could do.

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