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  • Sun Taam [English: Mad Deteactive] is based on a screenplay written by Chinese scriptwriters Au Kin-Yee and Wa Ka-Fai, who also directed the movie.

  • 1. Ko Chi Wai (portrayed by Lam Ka Tung) shares similarities with Tsui Po Ko (May 17, 1970 - March 17, 2006), a Hong Kong policeman who had been a prime suspect for the murder of his ex-partner Leung Shing Yan, whom he stole a .38 revolver from, on March 14, 2001. He had also been suspected of a bank robbery that took place 8 months after the murder of Leung Shing Yan using the stolen revolver and covered in a ski mask, and a security guard was shot to death. He died in a shoot out with two policemen, killed one of them. On April 25, 2007 Tsui Po Ko was convicted of killing two fellow police officers and a bank security guard, on three separate occasions.

    2. Wong Kwok Chu (portrayed by Lee Kwok Lun) shares similarities with Leung Shing Yan, a Hong Kong policeman who was shot to death in duty by his partner Tsui Po Ko, who also stole his .38 revolver afterwards.

  • No. The Cantonese word "gwai" means "ghost" or sometimes "devil" when translated in English language. Chan Kwai Bun calls those paranormal phenomena as "gwai", or "ghost", in the original version. He literally means they are "the devil inside", and there are different kinds of them. They are, however, translated as "inner personalities" in English version.

  • Chan Kwai Bun sees his superior (portrayed by Eddy Ko) as an honorable man without any "devils inside" (or "inner personalities" in English version), he gives his right ear to him as a gift to retirement. It is believed there are two possible references:

    1. Vincent van Gogh. He cut off his left ear as a gift to a friend called Rachel. For years he had been widely believed to suffer mental illness, and thus the nickname "redhead madman", which resembles to Chan Kwai Bun's insanity. Although he has never been seen getting locked-up in mental institution like Vincent van Gogh has, Chan has been discharged from the police force shortly after he cut off his ear, and a sack of medication is shown to Ho Ka On by his ex-wife (played by Kelly Lin) in the break-in scene.

    2. Luke 22:50, the New Testament. "And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear." The relationship between the high priest and the servant resembles the one between Chan Kwai Bun and his superior.


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