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Sex & Nudity

  • (NOTE: The parental guide for this television program may be unfinished.)
  • [Season 1]
  • Portrayal of female upper-body frontal nudity is depicted .
  • A stripper is seen removing her bra.
  • A woman uses the vibration of an unbalanced washing machine load as "stimulation" while fantasizing about being passionately kissed and caressed by a man that showed up at her door earlier that day. No nudity, but sex implied.
  • [Season 2]
  • Portrayal of female upper-body frontal nudity is depicted.
  • The male colleagues head to a strip club to celebrate a brokered deal. A topless dancer with tassels attached to her nipples, moves around the men and dances in a titillating manner to entertain them. There are no strong details of nudity depicted, and the scene is insufficiently brief and discreet.
  • Most of the episodes are also peppered with verbal sexual references that are often uttered in passing by the male executives in the office. The executives are also projected as promiscuous as most of them boast of having casual relationships and affairs in and out of the office.
  • The main characters are often seen making out with their partners. In some instances, they tease the other by placing their hands at the other person's crotch or kissing the chest.
  • A couple is seen making out on a couch with the man briefly tugging at the woman's panty mid-way down her thigh.
  • [Season 3]
  • There is a depiction of non-explicit, mild sexual activity between persons of the same gender.
  • Season Three also contains some mild sexual suggestions like a fleeting verbal reference of 'giving hand-jobs', a term developed by the characters to imply 'curry-favouring'.
  • [Season 4]
  • Sexual activity is portrayed in this season but infrequently and without strong detail.
  • As Don is now officially divorced, he invites a prostitute to his apartment. The woman, clad in a bra, is seen riding him in bed, with sheets covering the lower part of their bodies. The slow thrusting is conveyed through mid-shots and wide-shots.
  • This season also sheds some light on Don's daughter who has just turned ten years old and having new experiences. In Episode 5, young Sally is caught 'playing' with herself while watching a handsome man on TV. Her mother is clearly embarrassed and upset by this incident as her friend had caught her daughter masturbating. Although there is no visual indication of Sally's self-exploration, the adults are seen arguing and discussing if there is a need to educate Sally on such matters. Her mother eventually brings her to a child psychologist as Sally is still battling grief and emotions from losing her grandfather.
  • Most of the episodes are also peppered with verbal references to sex and moments of sexual risqué between the adulterous characters. These verbal and visual references of sexual activities are neither detailed nor prolonged.
  • Don is seen making out with a woman in bed. Lying on top of him, the woman kisses his chest while humming a tune. As she moves down his bare body, the humming suddenly stops and the sound of unzipping is heard. A close-up of Don's face hints of a blowjob.
  • Another woman kisses Don and moves her head down after saying that she is 'going to make him comfortable'. A pen-drawn image as a joke by one of the characters in Episode 8 shows a sexual image of a woman's head in between a mans legs.
  • [Season 5]
  • A simulated blowjob. However, it's very brief with no nudity, and seen from a distance. Kids who don't know what oral sex is probably won't have any idea what's happening.
  • Season five, episode 11 ("The Other Woman"): a woman sleeps with someone in order to win him over as a client for the agency, she is later given a small share in the agency for her "deed." Obviously mature subject matter, but this scene is only limited to post-sex pillow talk and there's no nudity.
  • [Season 6]
  • A brief shot that moves down to show a standing woman's legs as her panties are being pulled down by a man. No nudity, but sex implied.
  • An adolescent girl catches her father having sex with a mistress. We see passionate kissing and the woman's bare legs.
  • [The Final Season: Part 1]
  • There are various sexual references in this season, at times with vivid detail.
  • Female upper-body frontal nudity is also depicted in this season, portrayed in a sexual context.
  • The Final Season: Part 1 [Extra Features]
  • Some strong homosexual content.

Violence & Gore

  • In one of the show's most violent scenes, a man is shown strangling a woman to death
  • Many of the men get into fist fights with one another, usually resulting in bruises and bloody noses/lips.
  • Several flashbacks of war. In one of them, a man is injured in an explosion. None are graphic but they are always intense.
  • In one episode a hung body can be seen. The head is shown multiple times. Not graphic but quite intense.


  • Season 5
  • One use of 'fuck'
  • G.. d... used throughout
  • In keeping with the 1960's, the profanity used is less crude than modern profanity, but they still do swear quite a bit.
  • "Damn" and "Hell" are commonly used, sometimes stronger language such as "ass" or "shit" have been used. Sparse usages of "fuck" are exclaimed as well. Some religious exclamations.
  • [Season 2]
  • This season contains mild coarse language such as 'sh*t' and 'son of a b*tch'.
  • [Season 3]
  • This season contains mild coarse language such as 'sh*t' and 'sonuvvab*tch'.
  • [Season 4]
  • This season contains a single utterance of the expletive 'fuck'.
  • The episodes also contain some mild coarse language such as 'sh*t', 'asshole' and 'prick'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Shows extensive alcohol and smoking, for the purpose of being accurate to the historical era it's portraying. Several of the characters drink and/or smoke constantly: at work and at home.
  • One of the first episodes in the first season shows pregnant women smoking and drinking in a bar, as well as at home. Betty and her best friend smoke and drink during their pregnancies.
  • It is implied in one episode that Don and Betty have trained their eight-year-old daughter to know how to make them certain drinks. Not graphically talked about.
  • [Season 2]
  • Excessive smoking and drinking by both male and female characters are seen. This is however, based on the setting of an era where such a lifestyle in an up-market corporate environment is expected.
  • [Season 3]
  • Drug use consists of a woman who demands a joint from her male colleagues when she finds out they are smoking marijuana. The drug use is strongly contextualized as the woman tries to fit in a male-dominated environment.
  • As the episode progresses, however, the team members appear in a state of high and sing under the influence of the drug. The drug-taking is not promoted as one of them realizes that their time was not spent productively.
  • [Season 5]
  • [Season 6]
  • There is strong drug use depicted in this season as well, although without vivid detail.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Overall the show is not frightening at all. Occasionally heavy themes (such as death) take presence in the show and it may be depressing to some.
  • Season 5 also contains a host of mature themes and content arising from the depiction of unhealthy lifestyles kept by the highly-jaded characters. Although each of such scenes is depicted relatively discreetly, e.g. brief side female nudity in a sexual context, or implied female-on-male masturbation, together they have a heavy presence.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • During Season 1 and 2, an elderly male character is attracted to younger women, which some viewers may find disturbing.
  • One of the secondary characters, Sal, is a married but closeted gay man. Although his sexuality as a gay man was established in Season One, it is only in Season Three that Sal is seen being physically intimate with another man. While on a business trip, Sal momentarily loses himself in a sexual tryst with a hotel worker who comes into his room to repair the faulty air-conditioning. Sal is taken by surprise when he is kissed by the male worker but succumbs to the moment and allows the man to undo his belt buckle and place his hand into his underpants. The men are interrupted by a fire alarm and there is no further development of any relationship between the two.

Violence & Gore

  • Someone runs over a man's foot with a lawn mower. It is later revealed that he lost his foot.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A significant scene depicts Roger and his wife Jane consuming LSD in an after-party dinner at her psychologist's home. The drug LSD was prescribed as a way to deal with their marriage troubles. The elderly hosts hand out the joints and 'sugar cubes' to their guests like after-party desserts. The scene also depicts the surrealistic effects of LSD on the consumers. Some users became somewhat pathetically sad and spaced out, while others, like Roger, experience euphoric lightness. The overall tone of the episode is somewhat humorous.
  • Roger further confides in his ex-wife that taking LSD was life-altering. He claims the drug enabled him to attain new perspectives and insights in life, albeit in the final episode he seemed rather sad and vacant as he stood naked in front of a window in his apartment alone.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lane Pryce, the British accountant partner, commits suicide in this season after Don discovers and fires him for siphoning money from the firm.
  • The range of such themes and content include the heavy consumption of alcohol and tobacco, especially by Don and Peggy under stress; the abandoned engagement in illicit sexual affairs by various key characters such as Pete; the use of prostitution as a business tackle most notably by Joan for the Jaguar account that also landed her a partnership in the firm; and Pryce's suicide.

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