The Education of Charlie Banks (2007) Poster

Jesse Eisenberg: Charlie



  • Charlie : You take something apart and you see all its threads and you see that all of these threads have different meanings and you kind of examine how these meanings are imposed upon these threads. You kind of reveal the contradictions and inconsistencies and you see that there's no one truth expressed by that thing. You see that there's no absolute truth.

  • Charlie : I always thought that night at the marina was truly Mick's graduation ceremony, where he showed mercy for the first and maybe the only time in his life.

  • Charlie : I was in college now. It was time to start over and aim high. Only two things mattered: books and girls. Well, one thing, really.

  • Charlie : Every kid grows up with a boogeyman under his bed. Mine terrorized Greenwich Village and smoked Newports.

  • Charlie : But we had to sneak in. See, despite the fact that Leo dropped two hundred grand on a boat a few days before, he was adamant that none of us should pay twenty bucks to get into a dance. He'd never paid before and he wasn't about to start in his fifth and potentially final year of college. I'm not sure he even caught the irony. Fuckin' rich people.

  • Mary : Are you looking for owls, Charlie?

    Charlie : I'm... No, I'm trying not to stare at your breasts.

  • Charlie : Leo realized he accidentally attended all of his classes that week and decided that we all needed to go on a road trip - on his plane, his private plane.

  • Leo : Fuckin' rich people.

    Charlie : Yeah. Fuckin' rich people.

  • Charlie : Uh, who's the... who's the quote from?

    Mary : Milton. My father always dredges it up when we fight about the kind of men that I date.

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