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4 Jul. 2007
Boston, Bloody Boston
The Revolution examines how disagreements in Boston over taxes led to the beginning of the American Revolution. It looks at the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the First Continental Congress, Paul Revere's Ride, and the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
11 Jul. 2007
Rebellion to Revolution
The Revolution looks at the early stages of the revolutionary war including Ethan Allen and the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the military appointment of George Washington, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege and later British evacuation of Boston.
18 Jul. 2007
Declaring Independence
The Revolution looks at the early phases on the American Revolution including Thomas Paine, the British campaign in New York, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, and the Battle of Long Island.
25 Jul. 2007
American Crisis
The Revolution examines the early parts of the American Revolution and looks at the flagging morale of the continental army and how some generals began to question Washington's leadership abilities after a few of his early losses. Eventually, Washington is able to silence his skeptics by crossing the Delaware and defeating the Hessian soldiers at Trenton.
1 Aug. 2007
Path to World War
The Revolution examines Franklin's diplomatic efforts in France, Burgoyne campaign to take the Hudson River, and Howe's campaign against Philadelphia. It also looks at the British victory at Brandywine, the American victory at Saratoga, and the entry of France into the War.
8 Aug. 2007
Forging an Army
The Revolution examines Washington's winter at Valley Forge focusing on Von Steuben's training and Nathanael Greene's supplying of the Continental Army. It also looks at John Paul Jones's victories over the British navy and the Battle of Monmouth.
15 Aug. 2007
Treason & Betrayal
The Revolution examines the politics and personal rivalries behind the betrayal of Benedict Arnold and his attempt to turn West Point over to the British.
22 Aug. 2007
The War Heads South
The Revolution examines the British invasion of the southern states during the war. It looks at Clinton's siege of Charleston, British efforts to recruit slaves in the south, Banastre Tarleton attack at Monck's Corner, and Benjamin Lincoln's surrender of Charleston.
29 Aug. 2007
A Hornet's Nest
The Revolution examines the conflict in the southern states. It looks at Banastre Tarleton's role in the Waxhaw Massacre, the battle between Horatio Gates and Charles Cornwallis at Camden, and the battle of Cowpens where Daniel Morgan decisively defeated Tarleton.
5 Sep. 2007
The End Game
The Revolution examines the battle between Nathaniel Green and Charles Cornwallis at Guilford Court House and later looks at the build up to and the conclusion of the Battle of Yorktown.
12 Sep. 2007
Becoming a Nation
The Revolution examines the signing of the Treaty of Paris, Washington's suppressing of the Newburgh Conspiracy against the Colonial government, the evacuation of New York, George Washington's return to Mount Vernon, the political and economic chaos following the war, and the writing of the Constitution.
19 Sep. 2007
Road to the Presidency
The Revolution looks at the the first president of the United States and his work during the war.
26 Sep. 2007
A President and His Revolution
The Revolution looks back at Washington's role in the Revolution as he finishes his journey to New York City for his inauguration.

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