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Not the best movie to tie up on Brass cinema.
1felco12 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Typical movie of Brass's last licentious period. For those who don't know Tinto Brass I'm talking of his third period, from 'Così fan tutte' to this repetitive 'Monamour'. Nothing comparable to his previous period (from 1983 'La Chiave' to 1991 'Paprika'). Repetitive is the right attribute to this nasty movie, that lost the originality of 'Capriccio' or 'Senso 45'. It is another movie full of Brass obsessions like hungry voluptuous women, impatient to be sodomized, to be unfaithful, to go with everyone but not their husbands. Incredibly the sets are more or less the same of 'Senso '45', 'Fermo posta Tinto Brass' and 'Fallo!'. So the photography. Nothing new at all, also some shots are the same. On the background anyway you can still find out the usual Brass' hymn to sensuality and lust.

More interesting is, on the DVD edition (region 2), the making off, that show us all the tricks used to film all the 'deep impact' explicit sex scenes (i.e. fake penis, fake prospectives etc. etc.). Anna Jimskaia is Ukraine (just for your info) and was chosen by director for her bottom… As usual!

SPOILERS follow.

The plot is very easy. During 2005 Mantova Festival Letteratura edition , Marta the deluded wife of Dario, a writer, meet Leon and start the habitual Brass lust-driven adventure. If you already saw the last seven Tinto's movie you won't find anything new, a part from the wonderful location (I would say better than the Venice of 'La Chiave' or 'Senso '45'…).

My vote is 5 out of 10.
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bottoms up, bottoms open and even bottoms on the toilet
christopher-underwood2 October 2008
I suppose I understand the young couple who apparently picked up DVD of this film because it was described as an 'erotic thriller'. Something lost in translation there , I think. And for those who take exception to the non PC and violent elements, I guess if this is your first Tinto Brass movie you could be forgiven for being taken aback that this is not all silky hand upon silky thigh to the drone of some appalling musak. But, come on everybody else, this is Mr Brass, this is Italian, so we get gutsy action, bottoms up, bottoms open and even bottoms on the toilet. True, we are given to understand that the leading lady is fantasizing/desiring all of this whereas it is of course, Mr Brass who is in charge of the fantasies portrayed, but then this is only a movie. Anna Jimskaia comes from Tashkent, Uzbekistan and has been a circus performer and gymnast, so no wonder she can bend that bottom high and so beautifully. Max Parodi is a little over the top as her failing husband but Riccardo Marino is suitably moody as her 'French' lover. This may be a bit vigorous for some, lifelike prosthetic penises make you wonder, why not the real thing but whilst perhaps not the ideal first date movie, I reckon you get what's on the can
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Its Anna all the way, super hot! A B movie though.
bitman1006 August 2013
It is an erotic and sensuous play around a very sexual woman who doesn't get it enough from her husband. Don't expect any semblance of real lifeism, expression of feelings and so on. Its a Tinto movie! Well, it is actually more of Anna Jimskaia's flick than Tinto's. She is a feast to watch, especially when she appears sans clothes or is in revealing attire which she is a lot many times throughout the film. Some of the clothes she wears are so "Tinto"! It is a film, a B-movie to be specific (its not a porn film) with a story and a script.

But it feels like a remix of the director's older movies. It tries to play out suggestive sexuality but in a way, it stops short of it. The psychological surge of sensuality and kink that is a characteristic of Tinto is there but is not as strong in his other films like The Voyeur. That is why feels like there is nothing much in the way of the movie. The performances of the cast could have been stronger but it is the relative weakness of script has played its part in the not-that-strong characterization of the cast.

It a turn-you-on movie. Nothing much but I like it the way it is. Worth watching just for every scene of Anna Jimskaia and the camera that's on to her!
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Frothy bedroom romp
foxc-23 March 2017
Just as the British have a lock on double entendre dialogue and presenting really dirty sexual situations with a dollop of humour which makes the whole thing funny and not the least offensive, I found this film with its explicit sex (everything except penetration) a light-hearted, humorous and altogether engaging bedroom romp. Sure some of the shots are almost medical in their precision and you'd better like butt shots because they abound but the whole thing is so lightweight, so non-serious that it's almost an escapist film. Sexy as hell but not pornographic.
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Pointless Sexfest.
rmax3048234 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film occupies a kind of no man's land between erotic comedies and straight pornography, only instead of shell craters, barbed wire, and corpses this particular no man's land is a demented milieu of luxurious beds, Rabalasian frescoes, and prosthetic penises. At least I think they're prosthetic. I certainly hope so. One of them resembles something that should be found on a horse, or maybe an elephant.

The plot, what there is of it, is unremarkable. A young woman has been married for only six months to her publisher husband and already she's bored with his love making, so she seeks stimulation elsewhere -- in literature, in fantasies, in memories, and finally in the person of Leon, a tattooed French guy who turns out to be rough but satisfying trade.

The young blond is Anna Jimskaia. (Nobody else's name matters.) She's the kind of caricature of desirable pulchritude that Anita Ekberg parodied in "La Dolce Vita." She's attractive, but in an entirely conventional way, no quirks, no individuality. And she's hefty all over. She doesn't merely walk. She minces and jiggles and bounces and sways her hips from side to side in a way that no man could possibly imitate.

It would only be a slight exaggeration to say that she has her clothes off as often as she has them on, so that we get to know pretty much every pore on her flamboyant body on a first-name basis.

The movie isn't worth going on about but, let me see, there are scenes of not only nudity, but urination, douching over a bidet, frottage, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, regular intercourse, threesomes, lesbianism, and -- I'm trying to remember. No, there were no animals.

I guess this satisfies Tinto Brass's fantasies or, more likely, he believes he's found a winning formula for making movies and money at the same time. I can't really recommend it with any enthusiasm because it's not my fantasies, which run more along the lines of giant tubs of Allegro marinade and upright alligators doing grotesque gavottes.

Not that there's anything wrong with the fundamental template that the plot fills in. There can't be TOO much wrong with it since it's formed the basis of about ten million pornographic novels and movies. Bored wife lets stranger boff her in a toilet during a literary ball. Right. It happens to me all the time. But it can be done sloppily, as here, or done with a bit of pith and a touch of poetry, as in "Belle de Jour."
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This must be one of the worst movies i've ever seen!
senor_s26 June 2007
I watched this with my girlfriend. We've never seen a Tinto Brass movie before and just stumbled over this one at the local video store. At the backside of the cover it says "erotic-thriller" by a "cultdirector". And as we like both (erotic and thriller), we decided to give it a try.

It wasn't anything like we expected. My girlfriend hated it because of the awful sex-scenes. There was no erotic, no thriller and no plot at all, just a poor actress committed to an old mans chauvinistic fantasies. Men don't talk in this movie, the only grab the poor actress's ass, pussy or tits, which is followed by sudden sexual intercourse. And women only talk about the size of penises and the need to have sex again. This movie fells like it has been written in 2 hours after watching a porn-movie.

I'm pretty sure this was our first and last Tinto Brass 'cultmovie'-experience.
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The worst Tinto movie. It would have been avoided to shoot.
robertobasilico14 February 2010
This is not Tinto Erotic Genius, this is a fragmented re edition of his last movies from "Così fan tutte" to "Fallo!" What I have noticed watching this last movie of Tinto carrier is that there is a re edition of same sex scene and stories that this time where TOTALLY fragmented and non sense. If I think about it I just see this young Ukraine actress with her bouncing ass and boobs, and that's it.

What I have to say is that I do not agree with the decision to use a WAY BAD actor in the role of the lover, especially when before him Occhipinti did. Occhipinti performance in The Key and Così fan tutte were genius and well done. INSTEAD this time actors are so bad!!! the acting is horrible, light are horrible, screenplay is stupid and horrible, photography not at all like I remember it in the past Tinto Movies and I would say the only thing to save are the paintings. that's it.

I didn't like this movie at all and I'm sorry to Tinto to which I usually give a from 6 to 8 score. This time is 3/10. He had to finish his carrier with Fallo!, this is a useless and nonsense film which I think He has done just for movie or forced by someone else who wants to make movie on him and his name.

Hopefully Tinto won't dare to make another movie.
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dondanzer28 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers

Erotic movie beautiful body excellent hot scenes unforgeable hot sexy movie not any sp story but erotic scenes & beauty capture of body good closeup of anna jimskia body Tinto brass continue his specialist hope you all of like to watch this movie who interest in Erotic movie HOT,HOT,HOT

sexy hot actresses i miss to see this body in any other movie i cant find any other movie of this beauty body
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Tries too hard
itamarscomix16 July 2012
If you've never seen a Tinto Brass movie, this is not a good place to start. Tinto is at his best when he's not taking himself seriously, and in Monamour he attempts some sort of depth that he just can't pull off. What's worse, the plot feels like a recycled version of one of his better films - 1992's Cosi fan Tutte - but with all the wrong choices made; Cosi fan Tutte was light-hearted and featured a strong female lead in Claudia Koll, who was in charge of her own fate the whole time; the lead in Monamour is a despicable and unlikable character who succumbs to the will of men around her. While the two characters end up having similar journeys, the viewer just can't forgive Monamour's Marta as he did Diana from Cosi fon tutte. And the fact that the movie takes itself so seriously makes the erotica disturbing and off-putting, unlike the playfulness in Cosi fon Tutte.

Monamour has good cinematography and some well-shot sex scenes which are both a given with Tinto, but the sex is more disturbing than it is enticing. While Cosi fon Tutte was almost feminist (sort of) and is lots of fun for a couple to watch together, Monamour feels more like a horny old man's fantasy, and it just doesn't work.
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Pulls no punches
LBarlane2419 May 2019
Directed and co-written by Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass (known for many of his erotic films), Monamour stars Anna Jimskaia (in her feature debut), along with Riccardo Marina and Max Parodi (who've also been in Brass' previous films), and tells the story about a young woman living a mundane sex life with her husband. During which, she meets a young suave Leon, who tries desperately to get into her pants (or lack there of) which she never actually refuses.

Now, let me start off by saying that this is practically my number 1 favorite Tinto Brass movie of all time. And it's for the reason you might think; okay it is, but for the most part. One of the main reasons I loved this movie is the fact that it holds nothing back whatsoever. And if you've actually seen it, you know exactly what I mean. Each and very scene is shot, there I say, beautifully; the camera angles, the lighting, and so forth. The acting (mostly from the guy playing the husband) is also spot on.

And last, but certainly not least, the leading actress herself Anna Jimskaia (who apparently hasn't had any starring roles since this one). What else can I say other than she is down-right gorgeous in this. I'd like to add that this woman apparently started her career as a circus acrobatic, which may very well explain her artistic form. To me, is unbelievable of how fearless she was in showing every inch of herself off, but I guess that could be said for the other actresses who starred in the previous Brass films.

If there's one tiny gripe I had with the film, it'd be the film audio. I really don't know what king of boom mice(s) they used, because most of the voices from the actors sounded as though they had been dubbed.

All that being said, I can see why a lot of people will not get into a film like this (no pun intended), but I could really care less. This is one of Tinto Brass' best films to date, and I would go as far as to name it my favorite erotic film period. It is a flawed masterpiece that deserves an A+.
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alireza-akhlaghi8414 December 2018
An Italian film, which has an erotic nature, and behind its entirely sexual level, is a story that may well be behind the scenes of real life. The title seems to be seemingly simple, and its perform in the form of cinema is surely due to the type of performance, stubborn opponents, and definite supporters. Of course, the huge audience of these films, are the followers of director's favorite genre, follows the aspects of the appearance of the film, but what can be drawn out as an important summary of the film that it really could think of, the relationship of jealousy And the harshness and its relation to the issue of sexual relations in the dimension of married life. Certainly, the kind of review of these issues depends to a certain extent on the geography of the film, so it is certainly not in the Middle East that the psychoanalytic issues in the cinema come to the attention of the cinema, as a subject of review. An issue that is not addressed in this particular community is a clearly identifiable answer, even in the sense of an important issue, and there is basically no response to it. Italy has a long history in making these films, in which it can be understood that the nature of the effect of satisfaction or lack of satisfaction and its effect on the human body and mind. Of course, each of these films has a different response to these events, but what matters is the courage to pay attention to the issue in any way to break the taboo that humans face in their subjective mental questions.
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one of the best
charith849 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best it...this movie made our sex life spiced up...cheers
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