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Dennis Quaid: President Staton



  • President Staton : Maybe it is time I read newspapers. I've learned a lot this morning. It turns out North Korea and Iran are not like Doctor Octopus and Magneto at all...

  • President Staton : I've had speechwriters write for me all of my career and advisors telling me what positions to take. I can't even remember why I wanted to get into politics to begin with. I think it's because my mom wanted me to, to show my dad any idiot could do it.

  • President Staton : In terms of the Middle East, it looks like the problems over there are never going to be solved. I mean never, never, never, never, never, never. So, I'm sorry about that...

    Omer : Mr. President, I deeply hope for all of our sakes that you are wrong.

    President Staton : I hope so too.

  • President Staton : Now as your commander-in-chief, I'm gonna have to order you not to blow yourself up.

  • President Staton : It's not like in this country, where whites, and blacks, and Latinos all get along and there's no prejudicial deal between them. I mean these people have some longstanding beefs with each other.

  • President Staton : Did you know there are two kinds of Iraqistanis?

    [the First Lady holds up three fingers] 

    President Staton : I mean, actually, three?

    Chief of Staff : You mean Sunnis and Shi'ites and Kurds?

    President Staton : You knew about this?

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