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Gods and Monsters

Sam finds a clue to Dean's whereabouts, so he, Mary and Bobby set out to investigate. Castiel imparts some sage advice on Jack, who, still desperate to belong, seeks out a familial connection.

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Stranger in a Strange Land

Sam enlists everyone's help in trying to track down Dean, who can literally be anywhere. Meanwhile, Castiel may be in over his head after meeting up with an unreliable source. After being drained of his grace, Jack is ...

Season 11

7 Oct. 2015
Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Dean and Sam dealing with the aftermath of freeing the darkness on earth.
14 Oct. 2015
Form and Void
Jenna winds up in a dangerous situation and calls Dean for help, leaving Sam to deal with monsters on his own.
21 Oct. 2015
The Bad Seed
Sam and Dean try to help Castiel recover from Rowena's spell, while searching for Amara who has now grown into a young girl. Rowena tries to use her powers to protect herself from the Winchesters, while Crowley tries to use Amara for his personal gain.
28 Oct. 2015
Sam and Dean's road trip to fight monsters and demons is chronicled entirely from the Impala's perspective.
4 Nov. 2015
Thin Lizzie
Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders at a local B&B that also happens to be Lizzie Borden's old home. When a man tells them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the time of the murders, the brothers realize Amara may be responsible.
11 Nov. 2015
Our Little World
Castiel seeks out Metatron's help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn't inclined to help the Winchesters or Castiel.
18 Nov. 2015
Sheriff Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements happens in her town. Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean.
2 Dec. 2015
Just My Imagination
Sam is shocked when his imaginary childhood friend, Sully, makes an unexpected appearance. Sam tries to understand why he is seeing Sully now. Even more surprising, Dean can see him too.
9 Dec. 2015
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
With Amara leaving a trail of bodies on her search for God, Sam enlists Crowley and Rowena to set up a meeting between him and Lucifer in the cage.
20 Jan. 2016
The Devil in the Details
Now that he has Sam in the cage with him, Lucifer offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean and Castiel look into the angel smiting that might have killed Amara.
27 Jan. 2016
Into the Mystic
Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious sound.
3 Feb. 2016
Don't You Forget About Me
Claire believes recent murders in town are supernatural and asks Sam and Dean to investigate. However, Sheriff Mills tells the guys that Claire has been getting into trouble lately and has been attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters.
10 Feb. 2016
Love Hurts
Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine's Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.
17 Feb. 2016
The Vessel
Sam and Dean convince Lucifer (unknowingly, thinking he's Castiel) to send them back in time to find a hand of God which could destroy Amara.
24 Feb. 2016
Beyond the Mat
Sam and Dean attend a wrestling match to relive one of their fondest memories, but when a wrestler turns up dead, they suspect foul play.
23 Mar. 2016
Safe House
After dangerous creature is released into an old house, a mother and child are comatose. Sam and Dean find that Bobby and Rufus tracked the same creature so the Winchesters look to the past to catch the monster before any one dies.
30 Mar. 2016
Red Meat
In the midst of battling werewolves Sam gets shot then strangled and goes into shock. Dean, thinking Sam is actually dead, takes drastic measures to talk to a reaper in order to save his brother.
6 Apr. 2016
Hell's Angel
Lucifer tries to assert himself into heaven; Crowley tells Sam and Dean they must take down Lucifer.
27 Apr. 2016
The Chitters
Sam and Dean are visiting a small town in Colorado where people are mysteriously disappearing every 27 years. While they are investigating, the boys encounter a pair of hunters seeking revenge on the monster causing the disappearances.
4 May 2016
Don't Call Me Shurley
Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town that causes everyone to go mad. Dean and Sam realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed.
11 May 2016
All in the Family
Concerned for Castiel, Dean and Sam devise a plan to rescue Lucifer from Amara's clutches.
18 May 2016
We Happy Few
Sam and Dean face their biggest challenge yet. Rowena makes her move.
25 May 2016
Alpha and Omega
Chuck tries to lock Amara away for good but then faces some unexpected complications.

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