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  • The title is slang used by pedophiles on the internet. They refer to underage girls as "hard candy."

    Also, the producer wanted a title with a "sugar and spice combination... a mixture of harsh roughness, and innocence, and vulnerability." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The answer is most emphatically no. The director David Slade states in his commentary that they did not have a large budget for clothing. The clothes for Patrick took up all the budget and, because of the colour scheme of the rooms, only red would show up significantly. David states (but may have been exaggerating) that they only had $20 left, and this left the costume designer with only one item on the rack, a hooded top.

    While there was no initial significance to the red hoodie, a meaning came to it after, with many viewers seeing it as an allusion to Hayley being Little Red Riding Hood. The foreign marketing for the film made use of that allusion by using it in advertising. Japan's website tagline is, "Red Hood Traps The Wolf In His Own Game." Also inspired by the red hoodie worn in the film, a website for online safety and enpowerment was formed. The website is: wear-red.com.

    The hoodie was originally orange and was changed to red later in post-production. The hoodie actually belonged to Ellen Page Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • No. This is emphasised by David Slade in his commentary with the writer Brian Nelson. Hayley has placed an unknown bloodied object in the glass to make it look like she has cut his testes off, but later the viewer learns that she has clearly placed a bull dog clip over Jeff's scrotum to numb them. Jeff reaches down, unclips it and says "I'm all there." David Slade points out his relief at finding he is whole. The images of what Jeff believes are live images of his own castration turn out to be coming from a videotape of the operation being performed on someone else, which Jeff discovers afterward. A knife is also shown clearly having jelly instead of blood on it.

    Logically, a man who was just castrated would likely not have had the ability to run around and climb a ladder. Also, it is unlikely that Hayley would have gone out of her way to castrate him if she was going to subsequently get him to hang himself. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, according to David Slade and Brian Nelson. David points out that the overall budget was less than one million dollars, and it was shot in 18 days, leaving very little margin for errors or re-shoots. That scene was filmed at the stunt director's house with a large mat under the wall. The stunt man jumped and was required to pull the rope tight as he landed on the mat to simulate Jeff hanging, but to do this he brought his arm up, which had to be digitally erased. David states it may not look authentic because of the budget and shooting restraints. Edit (Coming Soon)

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