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Successful as a real estate agent, Vince Gallagher leads a second life as a casual drug user and small time dealer, getting his supply from a friend. While most would be considered an addict living the way he does, Vince's rationale is that since he feels he can quit at anytime on his own will, he doesn't have a "problem." Some of the folks he deals to though, have relatives, like "Junk", that deliver a message for Vince to stop dealing - or pay a price. Never strong with relationships or settling down, Vince meets Andrea, a recently divorced woman who walks into his office to request his services. Vince is more than eager to oblige, even offering to help her move. A relationship develops between the two that takes their lives into a total transformation when Andrea discovers Vince's hidden secret of drug addiction that will test their bond and love for one another.

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