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Sex & Nudity

  • 3,5/10
  • Episode 128 shows two of the male characters' buttocks from far away, slightly covered by steam.
  • In episode 341, Nami is shown in the shower, but her buttocks are covered by a veil of steam. Later in the episode, she is shown from the backside, her side breast and buttocks partly showing.
  • In episode 588, Nami thinks she is Sanji, and she rips off her shirt to reveal her bikini top. Played for laughs.
  • Nami sometimes offers to show her naked body to people (shown from behind, the view is always blocked) if they pay her money.
  • One of the pirates later in the series is a drag queen; he has the power to change people into the opposite gender. This is later shown as a man is humorously transformed into a woman.
  • Cleavage is commonly seen later in the anime. Much later in the series Nami is shown always wearing a bikini top with jeans that show off her midriff.
  • One of the main characters almost gets molested but is saved.
  • Three girls are explained to have been molested and abused (the molestation is never shown). They are slaves and are also beaten daily.
  • In one episode, Nico Robin is shown in the shower, but all of her private parts are covered.
  • There is no kissing or sex in the show, but there are somewhat frequent brief sexual innuendos, mostly none involving anything with sex. These scenes are mostly played for laughs.
  • Some characters, like Brook, for instance, can be really perverted and ask perverted questions. Sometimes Brook asks girls to see their panties, but he gets beaten up comically afterward.
  • While there is no actual romance in the anime, some characters are in love with others, like Sanji is in love with Nami, and Boa Hancock is in love with Luffy.

Violence & Gore

  • 7/10
  • A surprisingly violent anime, despite it's "happy-go-lucky" approach.
  • Nami stabs the tattoo on her shoulder with a knife numerous times in an emotional and violent frenzy. The tattoo is a mark that was put on her when she was forced to join a pirate crew whose captain killed her mother. Blood pours out of the stab wound, and it's presented in a very intense manner.
  • Blood usually appears whenever characters fight (they get punched, shot, sliced, etc.), and there is usually a lot of it.
  • Violent, psychopathic and downright evil characters throughout the series (just what is expected of piracy), and all of them do horrible things. Such as slavery, killings, torture, bullying and fraud.
  • One of the main characters gets beaten badly. He survives all of these attacks but is a total coward, which greatly amplifies the violence that is dealt with him. In one scene, he gets hit straight in the face by a 4-ton baseball bat. We see his broken nose later on. In another scene, he gets brutally beaten and stomped on by some men. These are of course one of the many beating scenes of this particular character, but he survives.
  • A pirate gets his arm twisted and broken by a violent pirate called when he is accused of cheating in a card game. He then gets shot many times in the chest and kicked out of a window and is then killed off-screen.
  • The main character called Luffy suffers incredible physical and mental pain throughout the series.
  • Some people get electrified to the point where they are burned by a god, who has an electrical ability.
  • Lots of impalements (all graphic) and some cutting/beheading throughout. Blood is shown in copious amounts.
  • A pirate gets half his face torn off. Very bloody but partially obscured.
  • A main character is killed at one point by having another character punch through his chest as blood flies out.
  • Every kind of violent behavior, method or attack imaginable is shown in this anime. It's everywhere because there's a lot of intense fighting over the course of over 600+ episodes. Bones break and blood flies everywhere.


  • 5/10
  • Some profanity:
  • Curse words such as "shit" and "son of a bitch" are used somewhat frequently.
  • Infrequent a few uses of "bitch," "whore," and "slut" as well as one "fuck."
  • Milder profanities are common, such as "hell," "bastard," and "damn."
  • Many perverted/suggestive references and jokes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 6/10
  • Both alcohol and smoking occur very frequently. Many of the main characters smoke cigarette/cigars and drink alcohol.
  • Alcohol (especially beer and rum) is the typical thing with pirates, so expect to see a lot of it.
  • Sanji (one of the main characters) is a chain-smoker and is always seen with a cigarette in his mouth.
  • One character, Smoker, is always shown smoking two cigars at once. He has a bandolier filled with cigars.
  • Some characters use steroids.
  • Children, who are used as test subjects, are given highly addictive drugs in the form of candy and then suffer from withdrawal.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some villains are complete monsters without empathy, who sadistically kill and torment anyone in their way.
  • There are also a fair amount of unscrupulous characters in general, with even a couple of the protagonists arguably qualifying. This may wear on some viewers.
  • Though nothing pops out or scares you, some scenes in which people are on the brink of death or in an intense situation might scare some viewers. The lighthearted and very funny scenes can help recover from the intense stuff.
  • Lots of scenes where main characters come very close to death.
  • Emotional and intense scenes frequently occur throughout the show. And many of the backstories can be quite tragic.
  • A rather dark and dramatic anime at times, but a large majority is filled with lighthearted moments.
  • TV Ratings: 4Kids Edited Dub: TV-Y7-FV FUNimation Edited Dub: TV-PG-V Uncut:TV-PG-DLSV/TV-14-DLV

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