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Viva Pirates!
skyblueangel-110 July 2006
Well, first of all, when I read the review for the movie in my hometown paper, I was a little scared that Pirates might be a let down. The trailer and the movie clips, it seemed, didn't really let on that there was much of a story line -- that it just kind of goes on and on and on, like the Matrix 2, with no storyline -- just fighting. Plus, most people do agree: sequels are hardly ever as good as the originals. And in this case, it's true... Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest isn't the original. But, its an awesome movie in its own right! There are a few surprises in this movie. A few characters come back from the first that you wouldn't expect to see in the second. but... um! that's all I'm saying. This movie is definitely a lot more violent and gory than the first one. Don't bring the little kids to it. But, trust me -- this is not a Matrix-type movie... There is an actual storyline. And a good one at that. Capt. Jack Sparrow is back as well as Elizabeth and Will, who are forced to find him and obtain his compass, or else they will face the gallows. Well, actually, Will has to find him. Elizabeth escapes, and yes... as you've seen in the trailers, she does dress up like a man for this movie. Making it all the more comical. (you'll see what I mean).

The comedy was superb in this movie. Of course, it wasn't as good as the first, but you can't expect it to be. Yes, there were a few instances were they could've shortened the fighting scenes, but it was very well shot and scripted.

I wish they would've changed a few things about the movie, but you can't have everything. And don't expect everything to be resolved at the end. No! There's a cliff-hanger ending that leaves you wanting the watch the next one the moment the credits start rolling.

If you like the first movie, you'll like the second... And that's all I'm saying.

Jack Sparrow: "Why is the rum *always* gone?" (he stands up and staggers) "Oh... That's why."
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Great fun, perfect visuals
baelara8 August 2006
This movie has everything a good blockbuster should have: star cast, special effects, a healthy dose of drama, romance, a villain (so to say), sadly also a rather weak story, with an ending just calling for "part three" (just like the last second in the Matrix trilogy) I didn't get that feeling, that the adventure is finished somehow, more like a soap opera ending. On the other hand some dialogs are really funny, and the whole movie is more like a parody on pirates.

All and all: go and see this, sit down in that cinema and have a good time with friends, but if you are more into "heavy for the mind" stuff, this is not a must-see for you.
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Shamelessly entertaining
bmelanie10 July 2006
Some blockbuster movies pretend to be more than they actually are. They sometimes even try to be philosophical. 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest', thank goodness, does no such thing. From start to finish, it practically flaunts the fact that it is pure and utter entertainment, comic yet breathtaking. The slapstick comedy involving the various sequences on the cannibal island and the water mill are amusing, the scenes at sea with the Flying Dutchman and the Kraken draw gasps, and, as ever, the antics of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow brings endless pleasure. Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann does her share too, but Orlando Bloom as William Turner is still somewhat...wooden, perhaps because of the insipid character that he plays. His (almost idiotic) chivalry and goodness simply does not click with the mischievous magnetism that Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann delivers. He still does amuse from time to time, however. The supporting cast is truly stellar; Bill Nighy as Captain Davy Jones, Stellan Skarsgard as Bill 'Boostrap' Turner and Naomie Harris as Tia Dalma are simply brilliant. Bill Nighy delivers his lines with aplomb, smacking his lips as if he relishes each syllable. Stellan Skarsgard is completely believable as the wretched Bootstrap Bill, a man who has fallen to the depths as far as he can go, and yet can still find the strength to endure it all in the love he has for his son, William. Naomie Harris is just as charismatic as the former two, but her charisma is not menacing or stoic but mysterious and even alluring. When she grins her black-toothed grin, one cannot help but grin along with her. In the end, 'Dead Man's Chest' is a roller-coaster-ride of a movie that thoroughly exploits every minute of its two-and-a-half-hour running time, ending with a final cliffhanger that leaves people feeling excited yet frustrated. (Remember when you watched 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' and realized that you would have to wait another year for 'The Two Towers'? Like that.) NB. If you have the patience, stay till the end of credits. It's mildly amusing.
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WithoutWings6 July 2006
As a sequel, it had much to live up to the glory of the first film, and personally, I thought it had done rather well. The special effects on Bill Nighy (Davey Jones) and his pirate crew was perhaps the best; it was very realistic. The movie had a bit of a slow start, but overall was a wonderful film. Johnny Depp did well in his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, as previously in the first film. Keira Knightley and Bill Nighy were also of mentionable performances. I thought Orlando Bloom was a little wooden, as I thought of his performance in the first film, but still believable and he managed to pull it off. The ending which was rather interesting, served its purpose in suspense. It left the audience hanging, and it also left me hanging in a buzz of questions. I'm extremely eager to see the next Pirates of Caribbean film. However, the film did contain quite a number of references to the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, and I advise you to recap your knowledge of the first film and re-watch it to get the gist.

Overall, I believed the second Pirates of Carribbean was a rather good film, and very successful in standards of sequels. I can't wait for the third.
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A wonderful film
jaarlei5 July 2006
I just came out of the movie 30 minutes ago (as it was released a day before America over here).

The movie is visually stunning - the CGI is top rate and you won't spend the whole film groaning about how fake things appear on the screen.

Acting was brilliant. Johnny Depp once again proves why he's the only man alive who can play the role of Cap. Jack Sparrow. There's a great number of returning characters from the first film - including a couple I was very happy to see again.

My only fault was perhaps that this film lack a certain 'heart' that the first film had, which I believe came because the first film was something very different, which of course this film couldn't contend with.

That aside, you will hardly notice it. There's a good plot, wonderful sets, great acting and plenty of laughs. One of the best films I've seen all year thus far - can't wait for the 3rd one!
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The Best Movie of the Summer (even though it was winter in Australia)
wliia1 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I only have one thing to say about this film... BRILLIANT (with a capital B)! Although there were some brilliant moments in the film, it was Johnny Depp who was a standout for me. His witty moments (especially when he says 'Oh, bugger' when confronted by the tribe) were wonderful. There are some moments here that were nasty (not gross/gory nasty), so the little kiddies may want to avoid this one. (It is rated M in Australia, PG-13 for America) But, it was a brilliant film. If you don't get to see it on the big screen, get the DVD when it comes out. You will not be disappointed! P.S. Did anyone love the new Walt Disney Pictures logo at the beginning? I did. I can't wait to see it again on DVD!
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Dead Man's Chest is great entertainment
samseescinema2 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

reviewed by Sam Osborn

rating: 3.0 out of 4

More, more, more seems to be the theme running through Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. There's more adventure, more violence, more pirates, and more myth. Not to mention that two and a half hour running length. But while Superman Returns may have dragged some in its 150 minutes, Pirates hurtles along at a pace only expected from the offspring of a Disneyland theme-ride, rarely slowing for piddling bits of nonsense like, oh say, story. Of course, story's not the point of these flicks and it surely doesn't have to be. There's entertainment enough to be had without all the other hodgepodge. And Pirates 2, for all its expansion, manages to dodge common sequelitis pitfalls. It doesn't overdose on a memorable character from the original (cough, Matrix Revolutions, cough) or over-broaden it's scope (cough, Matrix Reloaded,cough). Dead Man's Chest is a continuation of the original Pirates adventure, just with a couple extra unmarked sails tacked onto its deck.

The plot has something to do with ole' Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp, of course) and his debt to Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). Debts, as we've all learned by now, are not things Mr. Sparrow is most proficient at repaying. The Dead Man's Chest factors in as it holds Mr. Jones' beating heart, which was ravaged by the likes of a lady whom he loved in the past. The English Navy blowhards also seem to be after the chest, and blackmail William Turner (Orlando Bloom) to seek out Capt. Jack's magic compass, which supposedly points toward the treasure. Held in a cell is Will's fiancé, Elizabeth Swan (Kiera Knightley), under charges of assisting Capt. Jack in the franchise's last swashbuckler. What it boils down to is a mottled mess of a chase to find the key to Davey Jones' chest, and avoiding his gargantuan beast, the Kraken.

The myth itself wrings deeper than the original's, with Davey Jones and his seafood cohorts rendered with an unholy amount of CGI goodness to make them squirm convincingly in all their scaly, slippery evil. But the plot doesn't hold much water, same as the first, though plot was never the point. As long as it paints a tastily mythological backdrop for our pirates to plunder, we're kept smiling. And even though the picture has all the weight of a paperclip, the franchise has at least matured since it's last time around. The mood has thickened and no longer can we tell that the film is a shameless translation of its Disneyland ride. Writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio take efforts to develop each of our three heroes separately, using individual sub-plots to fill in the otherwise empty molds left dry from the original. Will Turner has a family reunion with his father (Stellan Skarsgard), enslaved by Davy Jones and appearing as though he's slowly evolving into a starfish. Will's fiancé, Ms. Swan, escapes from her cell and hides as a stowaway on a trade vessel. And Jack, of course still functioning as the star of the show, develops his slimier persona with delectable cowardice and deception. Ironic that the teenagers of America have chosen Mr. Sparrow as their most prized character in film. Oh, wait, that honor instead belongs to Napoleon Dynamite. Perhaps we should be nervous about our country's future?

Anyway, along with the characters the adventure is also thickened heartily; though probably not by consequence of the writing, but instead because of the greatly inflated budget. Our friends are volleyed about the seas, facing the enormous sea monster, the Kraken, whose plunger-like tentacles crumple vessels like copy-paper. Swordplay is more indulgent too, with Verbinksi going so far as to mount a chivalric swordfight inside a huge, rolling waterwheel as it bounces along the island's foliage. Verbinski juggles these stunts with ease, proving once again his film-making versatility. If you'll remember all the way back to last October (I know, in Hollywood-time nine months is an epoch) Verbinski made a quiet, gloomy little character study called The Weather Man. And before that, Verbinski also directed The Ring and Captain Jack's first adventure in 2003. Yup, this guy's the real deal. In the waterwheel sequence, Verbinski chooses not to succumb to any mere CGI trickery, and mounts a camera on the wheel's axis to show that at one point he forced Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom to swordfight on a giant spinning wooden wheel. And he's more artistic than your typical Brett Ratner-esquire director, finding a visual aesthetic perfect for a pirate's tale.

But art and pretentious critic fodder aside, Dead Man's Chest is great entertainment. It's rich and exciting and chock-full of Captain Jack-isms for high schoolers to repeat over and again. And the life of pirates is still a chunk of history that Hollywood has been unwilling to bite into for a while. Pirates of the Caribbean, for all its feathery, lightweight fun, gorges on this chunk and keeps us hooked on the adventure, waiting along with all the local eighth and ninth graders next year for the midnight showing of Captain Jack's trilogy capper.
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More than equals its predecessor.
I_Like_Turtle_s6 July 2006
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest does the right thing as a sequel: It maintains the same carefree spirit of the original and creates an even more fitting story to the whole Pirates lore. After narrowly escaping the gallows--with the help of his friends Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley)--and reclaiming his cursed Black Pearl, it still seems Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has a few more fish to fry. More specifically the barnacle-encrusted undead on board the ghostly Flying Dutchman, lead by Mr. Octopus Face himself, Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). Jack apparently owes a blood debt to the inky captain and if he can't find a way out of it--namely locating the secret contents of Jones' famed locker--Sparrow will be doomed to eternal damnation and servitude in the afterlife (insert Jack Sparrow's face of disgust here). Making matters worse, Sparrow's problems manage to interfere with the wedding plans of Will and Elizabeth, who are forced to join Jack on yet another one of his misadventures.

Depp's Oscar-nominated performance as Captain Jack is still a marvel in slovenly pirate behavior, with his slurred speech, swaying swagger and slack, waving arms. But whether channeling famed Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards or not, it's the duality of the character that continues to intrigue us. He is a lusty, fearless man with a deeply defiant and somewhat sneaky streak but whose delicate features, long, dread locked hair, Kohl-rimmed eyes and almost girly mannerisms give him a subtly effeminate air that belies his macho antics. This time around, young Brits Knightley and Bloom have a little more to do, with Elizabeth's growing attraction to Jack and Will's reunion with his father, Bill "Bootstrap" Turner (Stellan Skarsgård), who's soul is stuck on the Flying Dutchman. And Nighy (Love Actually) once again makes his mark as an effective villain, infusing his rather quirky acting ticks--the laconic delivery, the laid-back attitude--which shines through all the special effects make-up. Let's just say, Nighy certainly rivals Depp in the arrogant rock star stance, even if he has tentacles for a face.

The other thing Dead Man's Chest does right is make things bigger and better. From a hair-raising sword fight on top of a spinning water wheel to the way Davy Jones and his crew look--all water logged and crustacean-like--the film's production value is simply amazing. Returning producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski make sure the action sequences, the sets, the costumes, the make-up and the special effects give the audience a familiarity to the original while also taking them on a whole new adventure. And if you are a fan of the Disney park attraction (the one at Disneyland, not Disney World), the elements that got missed in the first one--the creepy bayou, the beating heart in the treasure chest--are in this sequel. Dead Man's Chest does lag a bit from time to time, especially in heating up the Jack, Elizabeth and Will love triangle. But that's OK. We enjoy watching their banter, as much as we do the rest of it. And for those who'll want more adventure after the movie ends, Dead Man's Chest gives us a promise the third installment will be just as much pirate fun.

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Great summer fun! Everything I hoped for!
musica18 July 2006
I will make my comments without spoilers so that people who haven't yet seen the movie can read it.

One of the worst things that can happen in a sequel to a successful movie is that audiences will feel like they're seeing the same movie again with slight variations on the theme. Dead Man's Chest gives us all the characters we loved in the first movie, but puts them in a refreshingly original movie. The action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat. And there are more laugh-out-loud moments in this movie than in most comedies. I felt entertained from the beginning right through to the special scene after the closing credits. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I and my entire family will be going to see it again today.

For parents with young children: This movie is more violent than the first movie. There is a lot of killing, though none of it is shown close up or in a grisly manner. Davey Jones and his gang are very gross. In the screening I attended, there were a lot of "Ewwww!"s from the audience. If you have sensitive young ones, you should probably leave them at home.
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Best Of The 'Pirates' Trilogy, And Demo-Quality For Blu-Ray
ccthemovieman-122 November 2008
After seeing all three of the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" films, I still think this second one was easily the best of the three. Most friends disagree with me on this, but.....hey, we all look at films differently.

This was the best "Pirates" to me because it had some fascinating new characters; it did not have the sappy or annoying characters and romance of the first film; it had just the right mix of action and lulls and it had some super special-effects and humor. Much of that good stuff, unfortunately, was overdone in the third film.which also dragged on too long. This movie isn't short, but none of the action scenes go on too long and so the entire two-and-a-half hours is entertaining.

Also (and this goes for all three of the movie) it looks absolutely super on Blu-Ray. It's the reason POTC is often shown in electronic stores promoting high-definition televisions because this film is about as good-looking as it gets. It's incredibly sharp.

The newest main character is the multi-tentacled "Davy Jones," and he's a real hoot. Who knows how many hours each day poor Bill Nighy had to sit in the makeup room before "Davy" was ready for action. (Actually, the same good be said for Johnny Depp's "Capt. Jack Farrow, who wears almost has much makeup as the late Tammy Fae Bakker.) Anyway, between the battles of both land and sea, something interesting always is going on or being said in this movie, making it a fun ride all the way.
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Loved the FIRST one and the SECOND is just as GREAT!
robinpix2 August 2006
A great continuation from the first movie! You definitely need to see the first movie before this one, otherwise you'll miss some crucial elements about the various characters and plot. Don't miss the bonus scene at the end of the very long list of credits. Casting was brilliant and not a flaw anywhere. Left me excited about the third movie. Johnny Depp is fantastic! Depp deserves to be nominated for this role! The special affects and action scenes were exciting and showed tremendous thought and skill into the making of this movie. The movie was suspenseful, dark, funny and contained beautiful cinematography. The costumes and makeup were amazing.
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NOT even close to a complete movie
connmoore9 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It is usually a bad sign if a popcorn movie like this clocks in at well over two hours. the amazing thing about that running time is, that not a single plot point is resolved in this film. Everything that is brought into the movie as being there for our hero's to overcome, is still there when the credits roll those ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MINUTES finally end. Two and a half hours, just to set up a third movie? I'm sorry, but that has to be the biggest rip off since Manhatten and those beads and trinkets used to buy it.

To be sure the cast is still beautiful, (At least the leads are) and the action comes fast and furious, but it leads absolutely nowhere. The first movie was a complete film. There was a resolution at the end, and if there never had been a sequel made, it would not have affected what people thought of that movie one bit. This film requires you to see the unreleased (and let me add, not due to be released for almost another year.) Watching Johnny Depp act in these films is worth the price of admission, and its not a bad movie, just a pointless one. Personally I now know I could have saved my time and money, waited till next summer, and gone to the ACTUAL sequel, not this clumsy attempt to pad this into a five hour epic. Sheesh they were able to tell Gone With the Wind, Ben Hur, or Lawrence of Arabia in far less time then the five hours that these two movies will eventually need to resolve issues that everyone in the audience already knows the ending to.
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Does not ruin the first one!
billiejoefreak8 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This had to be absolutely wonderful. Usually a lot of movies that have a second or a third tend to ruin the first one, and this one certainly does not. It was one hundred percent better than the first one, actually. It was still action packed, funny, and it features people you would not expect, I was even dropping my jaw the whole time! If you liked Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, you're going to have to love this one too. Of course, Johnny Depp's acting is still wonderful as the last one, as well as Orlando Bloom's and Keira Knightley's. The effects are absolutely stunning and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I do suggest though, if you have not seen the first one, you need to see that before going to see this one..otherwise, you're going to be a "tad" clueless on some parts. The movie does total justice and I would see it again and again!
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when special effects become a distraction
moly315813 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If I hadn't spent $8 to get into the theater I would have left this movie about half way through. But I stayed, hoping it would eventually get better — no such luck.

I think Disney let their idea people get out of control. The movie just got too crowded with special effects and totally goofy plot twists, which eventually robbed a good cast of any opportunity to actually act. Davey Jones and his crew are so over-endowed with gimmicks squirming over their bodies that they ended up more being more distracting than entertaining. And why did the director need to get so focused on being as gross as possible? Instead of gratuitous sex Disney gives us gratuitous slime. Johnny Depp nibbling on a necklace made of human toes was something I didn't get; I didn't need it, and neither did the movie.

Compared to the first film, Dead Man's Chest was a let down. I can't think of any redeeming qualities, except maybe that it is making a few people a lot of money.
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Too Much CGI, Not Enough Captain Jack
Fluffy_Poodle13 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying how much I loved the first PotC movie. I adored it. It's not on my list of favorite movies of all time, but I still adored it. Johnny Depp was brilliant, the story was fun, it was immensely entertaining, even Orlando Bloom didn't annoy me as much as he usually does. But this thing? People are comparing THIS to The Empire Strikes Back? THIS movie beat the records of Revenge of the Sith and Spiderman? Two movies that are actually GOOD?

Instead of comparing Dead Man's Chest to The Empire Strikes Back (my favorite movie of all time), I would compare it to Temple of Doom. It was nowhere near as good as the first movie and relied far too much on special effects and "gross out" moments. Disney made the mistake that studios often make when they have an extreme success with an action movie: they assumed it was the special effects that people liked, not the story or the characters. Where was my beloved Captain Jack? The movie was TWO AND A HALF hours long. You think they could have put him in it more, but no. His character was also rather one-dimensional in this film, having hardly any scruples for abandoning his friends and such. The plot was contrived and just plain dumb. Half the time I had no earthly idea what was going on. In fact, the friend I saw the movie with kept poking me in the arm and asking, "Wait...what's happening?"

And don't get me started on the villain. He was a freaking OCTOPUS. All the CGI they used for the various undead things looked so cheesy. They weren't frightening in the least. What about Davy Jones's motive? Why DID he want Captain Jack's soul so much? I was utterly confused.

Finally, what was UP with the whole romance between Elizabeth and Jack? What about Will? I know any woman in her right mind probably WOULD choose Johnny Depp over Orlando Bloom any day, but this makes the romance between Elizabeth and Will in the first movie pretty pointless. And their romance was most of the PLOT in the first movie.

So, basically, I hated this movie. It wasn't offensively bad, though, and not AS bad as Temple of Doom (what is?) I was laughing throughout the entire thing at its utter stupidity. Frankly, though, I would rather go be disappointed by X3 again.

Which is pretty sad.
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Better than the first, and that's saying something
Jozxyqk6 July 2006
I will firstly say that after seeing the trailer and previews for this film I had serious doubts. I was afraid that the producers would just try to cash in on the original's success, and forget about any content.

I was pleasantly proved wrong.

This is the most fun I've had in the cinema in the longest time. I can't remember the last time I was so entertained.

Although it is a bit slow at times, and a bit predictable (although fun in it's predictability), it hardly lets up and continuously entertains.

If you loved the original, you will DEFINITELY love this film. The ending not only makes you laugh, it makes you think "What the hell?" and will make you eagerly anticipate (major understatement) the third installment.

There are some great lines, the same fun characters, an inventive and fun story, and some brilliantly staged action sequences.

In summation: SEE IT! See it on the big screen. If you miss it, you will surely regret it.
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'Pirates' is visually stunning, but drifts due to convoluted plot
editor-29929 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the massive popularity of the first installment, "Piates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," in 2003, it was only natural for a sequel to this Disney swashbuckler to make its way to theatres.

After an adequate amount of time, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," starring most of the last movie's original cast, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, Jonathan Pryce, etc. has hit the big screen.

And while the visuals, special effects and sets are extraordinary, the film seems to drag on searching for coherence in a meandering plot line which drifts all over the South Seas. It's not that I did not like this picture, or enjoy certain parts immensely, it's simply another case of the first one being better, as well as easier to understand.

"Dead Man's Chest" picks up basically where the first left off, but Will Turner (Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Knightly) are arrested on Port Royale by Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander, "Pride & Prejudice," "The Libertine"). The charge: Conspiring to aid in the escape of noted pirate, Capt. Jack Sparrow (Depp). The possible penalty: Death by hanging (the British answer to everything).

Cutler gives Turner an option, however. Find Sparrow and retrieve a certain key to a certain treasure chest, and all will be forgiven. Meanwhile, Sparrow and his motley crew have beached on a remote South Pacific island (thanks to Jack's non-functioning compass) inhabited by cannibals. While the crew is imprisoned in huge, round, wooden cages suspended from high cliffs, Sparrow is treated like a demigod.

After a series of goofy, but funny chases, the fun cannot last here, though, and with Turner's help, most of the men (and Jack) beat a hasty retreat from the venue. A side trip to visit what seems like a voodoo conjurer, Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris, "A Cock & Bull Story"), sheds a little more light on things. A key such as Beckett described to Turner does indeed exist; and it opens the chest which contains the still-living heart of Davy Jones, the mythical sailor punished for all eternity for falling in love with a woman (or something to that effect).

Shortly thereafter, the Black Pearl is overtaken by the ghostly Flying Dutchman, captained by none other than the squid-like Davy Jones (Bill Nighy, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "The Constant Gardner"), and manned by a doomed crew now more fish and barnacle than man. Turner is kept on board while Jack, to pay off some debt to Jones, is sent to bring 100 souls to Jones as a ransom. On this ship, Turner also meets his doomed father, "Bootstrap" Bill Turner (Stellan Skarsgard, "King Arthur," "Exocist: The Beginning").

Jones, who keeps the key on his slimy person, also has sway over a huge sea monster, the Kraken, which can destroy a vessel and its crew in a matter of moments. The special effects in these sequences are terrific.

Meanwhile, Swann has stowed away aboard another ship, and convinces the captain to put in at the pirate port of Tortuga, where Sparrow is recruiting another crew, including the disgraced former Commodore James Norrington.

When she meets Jack, some sparks fly, but it's in her hands that the compass finally begins to lead the way to the "dead man's chest." It seems that each of the protagonists - Sparrow, Turner and Norrington - want Davy Jones' heart for themselves, and this sets off a hilarious three-way battle for the organ.

As expected, Depp is great in this role (although he seems a bit more spaced-out, or intoxicated most of the time), and there are some pretty good moments here (such as the triple sword-fight on a huge rolling water mill), if one can sit through the plot complications long enough to figure out what's going on.

The conclusion paves the way an obvious sequel (due for release in 2007), so that last picture may clear up some of the confusion from this one.
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The worst movie of 2006 - waste of time and money
ashish-raju14 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is horrendous in terms of plot, character development, and overall quality. It was such a disappointment after seeing the first one. I did not have huge expectations as other fans may have, but I did at least want a quality movie.

Other users have pointed this out in their reviews. This movie is a complete setup for Pirates #3 and possibly #4. I refuse to see the sequels as I feel they made me waste 2.5 hours of my time and money to set up Pirates #3. All the users who praise the movie, I have no idea what you are talking about. Don't waste your time and money seeing this.

This movie has nothing original about it. They provide the exact same jokes and perspectives as the first one. In addition, they steal several ideas and scenes from other movies. It's so annoying, boring, and proves to be a failure. A couple of my friends fell asleep during the movie during the slow progression and overall stupidity of plot. The ending is completely painful. The movie just stops abruptly and the credits roll. You leave with the most horrendous taste in your mouth and most disgusted feeling (as anyone would feel after having wasted hours of their time and money to see basically a trailer).
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I wanted to cry
Smarios4414 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVED IT!!!!! Everyone in the movie was suited to play that role. It is just the end almost made me wanna cry. Barbossa walks in to help find Jack and the Crakken and the movie ENDS!!!! How much does that stink??? I wanted to cry I needed to know what happens..... and also it was very funny. AMAZING visual effects. Davy Jones mask looked so real. This movie has some of the best visual effects I have ever seen with the exception of the 10th Kingdom. Anyway, I recommend this movie to everyone. It was also very funny. Also I thought the man who played the evil guy who wanted Jack's compass was a very good actor but I didn't like his part.
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What a ride!
l_moonshade10 July 2006
This movie is every bit as good as the first, if not better. The old characters are just as you remember them (with some changes in fortune for a couple), the new characters are wonderfully colorful and memorable, and the bad guys are delightfully evil and cunning. I loved the plot, I loved the way it played out. Jokes and snappy one-liners abound, just as witty as in the first. And, once again, Captain Jack Sparrow has one of the best introductions in movie history. The special effects were very good and everything looked realistic. The sword work was excellent, the fights both suspenseful and entertaining. And, there's a wonderful surprise at the end. If you want a movie that will make you think, this isn't really it. But, if you want a fun, entertaining movie that will take you away from reality for a little while, this is definitely the one for you. It's a great ride, and great fun.
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ronney-210 July 2006
I loved the first movie, so I had to see the second one. The beginning was a bit slow, but there sure was a lot of action. The sword fighting scenes were exciting and in some cases rather funny as well. The special f/x were outstanding. All of the characters were believable, even the computerized ones. The voodoo lady was hard to understand. I caught every other words she said. I'm sure I'll get all of the humor when I buys this DVD and play her section with the CC on! I didn't quite understand the reason behind the part of the movie with the tribal people other than it gave the movie more action scenes. That whole section could be removed and the movie would still flow well. I loved Commodore Norrington in the first movie. I was disappointed with what they did to him in the second movie. I hope he returns in all his glory for the 3rd Pirates movie.

I saw a few young children in the theater and was horrified to think that those young eyes saw some very scary and gruesome images. Please, don't take your children until you've seen this yourself first.

The movie is a perfect cliffhanger. There are enough questions left for you to want to go back to see Pirates 3.
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Arrgh! We Be Back for More!
ExplorerDS678929 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Today was to be the wedding day of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. But before the ceremony, the bride and groom are both arrested, by order of Lord Cutler Beckett. Elizabeth was clapped into jail, while Will was brought before Beckett. It seems they were incarcerated for aiding and abetting known pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. And since Will and Jack were so close, Beckett decided to strike a deal. He tells Will to seek out Jack Sparrow and acquire his compass, in exchange for freedom. Meanwhile, Captain Sparrow is reunited with Joshamee Gibbs and the rest of his crew aboard the Black Pearl. They were now in search of the greatest treasure in the history of the sea: a chest belonging to Davy Jones himself. But first, they must find one very crucial instrument to aide them in their quest: the key to unlock the chest. Later that night, Jack meets a suspicious stowaway. It was none other than the mutated form of "Bootstrap" Bill Turner, Will's lost father. Bill warns Jack of Davy Jones, as well as something far more deadly and dangerous...the biggest, nastiest, monster in the ocean: the Cracken.

After a long search, Will spies the Black Pearl aground on a tropical island. He goes ashore to investigate and finds Jack Sparrow had been taken in by a tribe of primitive warriors, who claim Jack is their god. Playing along, Jack has his men incarcerate Will into a hanging cage with the rest of his crew. It would appear Jack had it made, although he was unaware of the fate which was in store for him: the tribe was to release the god within by destroying his mortal exterior...Jack realized this by the time they tied him to a spit above what would soon be a roaring bonfire; Will, Gibbs and the rest of the men pool together to save themselves. It was a gracious effort, and a few men lost their lives, but finally they are free, and Jack also manages to free himself of his own dilemma, and after they reunite, climb aboard the Black Pearl and set sail, leaving behind a very angry and cheated tribe; Captain Jack wanted to continue his search for the key to Davy Jones' chest, so he seeks out his old, so-called friend: Tia Dalma. They find her in a secluded swamp. She tells them where to find the key: aboard Davy Jones' ship, The Flying Dutchman. So, they set out to find the Flying Dutchman, sticking to secluded waters, so as to avoid...The Cracken.

When they finally discover the Flying Dutchman, Will goes aboard alone to check it out first, when suddenly he's kidnapped by a motley crew of half-man, half-sea creatures, including ol' squid-head himself, Captain Davy Jones! It also seems Jack Sparrow has a debt with Jones that is yet to be settled: he owes him his soul. Jones tells Jack to bring him 99 additional souls so, while Will remains captive on the Dutchman, Jack, Gibbs and the Pearl crew venture to Tortuga, a seedy pirate hang out, to do some soul searching. Back on the Dutchman, Will is reunited with his father and, learns the secret of Davy Jones' chest: after a heart breaking relationship, Jones had actually cut out his heart and locked it into a chest. He who posses his heart can either kill Jones or control him. Will wanted to kill him, but Jack wanted the heart to control him; unbeknownst to the gang, Elizabeth had escaped from jail and had been following them the whole time; reunited, Will and Jack go after Davy Jones' chest. Unfortunately an old adversary of Jack's, Lord Norrington, was also after the chest, and so begins a three-way sword fight. Worse yet, Davy Jones and his gang of scurvy sea-dogs arrive too. Jack takes the key from Will, opens the chest and removes the heart. Norrington continues to battle Will and Jack and secretly swipes the heart, escapes Davy Jones and his crew, and delivers the heart to Lord Beckett! As for Davy Jones, he and his crew set sail aboard the Flying Dutchman with an empty chest; Jack, Will, Elizabeth and the Black Pearl crew set sail and soon find themselves wrapped in the tentacles of the hungry Cracken. They attempt to fight off the monster, but attempts proved futile. Elizabeth learned the monster was really after Jack, so she cuffs him to the mast and escapes with Will and the crew. As for Captain Jack Sparrow, he had put up a good fight, but in true hero fashion, he allowed himself, and the Pearl, to be taken... Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs and the crew lament over the loss of Jack and realize he was a decent man after all. They visit Tia Dalma again, who tells of a possible way to bring Jack back, but it would require sailing to the world's end. They were willing, so Dalma assigned a familiar captain to guide them. They couldn't believe who it was! To be continued...

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I think it was better than the first movie. It was funny and action-packed! Johnny Depp was fantastic as everybody's favorite fearless, poignant and naive pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom, great as Will. The incredibly sexy Keira Knightley shines as Elizabeth. We've also got Bill Nighy as Davy Jones, Jack Davenport as Norrington, and Stellan Skarsgard as Bootstrap Bill; Entertaining, funny, thrilling, but a tad violent for a Disney movie. It will make you greatly anticipate Pirates of the Caribbean 3, due next year. Will they be able to save Jack? And what of Davy Jones? Did Bootstrap Bill survive? So anyway, if you're looking for a swashbuckling, thrill ride to see this summer, then set sail with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest! I recommend it, mateys!
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Captain Jack's Back What More Is There To Say?????
sapphire_dragon-110 July 2006
Absolutely brilliant. Really there is nothing else to say. It really does live up to the hype. The acting's fantastic, the dialog's fantastic,the plot's fantastic, the effects fantastic, the locations fantastic,the whole movie just fantastic. All your favorite character's are back better than ever with new ones to spice things up and stir things up including some tantalizing clues about Jack before the Black Pearl. The sequel has done the first movie proud. If there is one movie to see all year it has to be this and I cannot wait for the third even though it will be sad that it is the last one. Pirates of The Carribeans is really one of the few intelligently humorous movies out there. This is what happens when Hollywood does sarcasm right. If only there were more Captain Jacks out there.
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pirates 2 not as 'sugar coated'!!!
blackpearl8715 July 2006
When watching pirates 2 for the first time, you start to wonder what was going through director Gore Verbinski's mind. Pirates 2 shows a very different side to piracy than that of 'the curse of the black pearl'.

Disloyalty, greed and lying are the basic themes of piracy, but this has shown more in the second film than the first. Mr Verbinski has definitely shown a new side to piracy, making it not as 'sugar coated' as the first movie.

But overall, at the end you are still hanging of the end of your set as expected. Well done to all those involved. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest was tops!!!!
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BiiivAL8 June 2018
There is in this picture one virtue that covers everything else - this is a story. I compare this film with chess - after every turn or word of this or that hero the situation changes dramatically and the alignment of forces acquires a new character.

Better than anyone can manipulate the moves of Jack Sparrow. He is very sensitive to the nerve of conversation, instantly assesses the situation and gives a decent response to any "gifts" of fate. From the first viewing it is difficult to realize how profound the film is.

Behind external beauty, a good game of actors hides a famously twisted, dynamic and very clever plot.

Everyone who does not like the picture, I advise you to review it more carefully, listening to the dialogue of the characters and trying to understand the motives of their actions. I assure you will get a real pleasure! An outstanding film!
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