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The dancing is great but everything else falls apart
christian12315 November 2004
The competitive world of street dancing is explored through the eyes of two best friends, played by Marques Houston and Omarion. As the leaders of a hot local dance crew, they are challenged to a competition that causes a rift in their friendship, but if they're going to win at "The Big Bounce" they will have to put their dispute aside and work together.

You Got Served has some great dance spots but not much in terms of plot or originality. The makers of You Got Served only had one thing on their mind and that was to wow its audience with its dancing. They succeeded at making the dancing really good but failed to make a good movie. If you watch it just to check out the dancing and ignore everything else then you will enjoy it. But if you notice how bad the acting is or how stupid the story is then you will hate it. The dancing sequences are done extremely well and the movie gets a ten on that part but for everything else it gets a three.

The acting was decent enough for this type of movie but it could have been a lot better. The plot was stupid and it was tied together with the dance sequences. I think so many people hated this movie because of the story not making a lot of sense. While I didn't really like the film, I'll admit that the rating of 1.8 is too low for the movie. It was a bad movie but it wasn't that bad. Chris Strokes does a good job at directing the dance sequences but he can't tell a story at all. He would randomly move from scene to scene and none of them would really make sense. I heard they're going to make a sequel so hopefully they will work a little harder on the script. Though if they did make one, I probably wouldn't watch it. In the end, unless you're into dancing, this film is worth skipping. Rating 4/10
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Who got served?
Volstag15 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The only person who is "served" by this film, is the person watching it. That's right... you get served a steaming pile of bad movie. Let me go on the record by explicitly stating: Chris Stokes is an absolutely appalling writer. Just the fact that he thought his horrific script was worth turning into movie, strongly suggests to me that Mr. Stokes is suffering from some sort of mental deficiency. Seek medical attention ASAP.

To be honest, I rented this movie because it's enjoying the dubious pleasure of languishing at #1 on IMDB's Bottom 100. My goal in life, as it were, is to watch all of the Bottom 100 movies. While this movie is certainly feculent, it still can't touch the majesty & power of such classics as Troll II, Eeegah, The Blade Master, Manos: Hands of Fate, Deathstalker III, etc, etc. It comes close, but I wouldn't rate this movie any worse than 75th on the Bottom 100.

Let's detail some weak points of the script, shall we?

(* spoilers * -- as if it's possible to spoil this movie)

* The two main characters (David & Elgin) are "forced" into selling some sort of contraband to make ends meet. This is strange since they both enjoy the luxury of living in upper middle class homes, with, what appears to be, a good family environment. Ostensibly they have more than enough time to, you know, get a job -- since all they do, all day, is play basketball, talk on cell phones, and dance.

* Mr. Stokes really enjoys introducing plot lines and then summarily ignoring them. What about the girl trying to get into Princeton? What about the dancer who switches crews? Whatever happened to him?

* Lil' Kim, near the "climax" of this donkey-show, informs the two competing crews that they're going to have a "dance off" for the right to appear in her next video. There's one little twist: this particular dance engagement is going to feature "no rules" -- it's going to be "straight street". My buddies and I found the "no rules" dancing to be eerily similar (if not exactly identical) to the "rules" dancing. What, exactly, are you allowed to do in a "no rules" dance competition, that you can't in a "rules" competition?

* The dancers depicted in this movie display a remarkable ability to engage in choreographed routines w/o prior rehearsal or practice. Pretty cool, eh?

* Mr. Rad (Steve Harvey) hires an off-duty policeman to protect the participants of his nightly "dance battles". I wonder what the policeman thought of all the illegal gambling going on? Mr. Stokes, sagely, decides to ignore this problem.

I'll stop here. Basically, the only person who would/could enjoy this movie is a teenager, with a sub-human IQ, who watches 8+ hours of MTV a day. Admittedly, some of the dance sequences are fun to watch, but you see pretty much everything you're going to see (dancing wise) within the first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie.

Bad movie score: 6/10 Good movie score: 2/10.
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WOW! This is monumentally bad!
Mr_Vai7 January 2005
I think this screenplay was written by a couple of junior high students whose lone experience in life has come from watching MTV. Actually, it is close to being funny, but right before you are about to laugh at how dumb it is, you are more repulsed by how bad it is. Then there is the acting, or lack thereof. I just love the way all of the "performers" pose and "front" for the camera. They look so moronic! I guess what you want to know, is this film so bad that it is good? No, it is so bad that it is horrible.

Oh yeah, the story is about crews that challenge each other to "dance-offs." Really, it is.
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A shameless promo with great dancing, heavy music but zero plot, awful acting and no value as a piece of cinema
bob the moo31 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Elgin and David are best friends and the leaders of the best dance crew in the area. Their dominance is threatened when a crew from another area challenges them to a battle for the stake of $5k – a challenge that they accept. However when the crew are betrayed by one of their own and the challengers simply steal all their moves before they can perform, the bet is lost. David and Elgin suffer further strife when David lets Elgin down when it comes to business – putting them in debt to the local gangster. They are forced to put their differences behind them as a major dance competition is put on that offers them the prestige and money to get out of their situations.

Having a close friend with a black teenage daughter I have a vague knowledge of bands like IMX and B2K; and I know who manages them as well – none other than Chris Stokes, writer and director of this promotional video. I say promotional video because this is not a film, not in anything but the most basic use of the word. The plot is a very obvious series of dance battles backed up by some very simple plotting that almost totally fails to engage. What the film does do though is deliver some very good dance scenes which are enjoyable so long as you like that sort of thing. For me the atmosphere, skill and music involved in these scenes almost made it worth seeing – almost.

Sadly the bits between the dance moves are just awful. The basic story is not the biggest problem, it is the manner that it is delivered. Stokes' script is nothing but a collection of black clichés all speaking in heavy ebonics. I will give you the fact that some people do talk like this but here it just lazy writing – rather than writing characters he simply creates clichés to make the audience accept them. Having a black ex-wife I have seen a fair collection of 'black' movies from America and happily not all of them are as lazy as this but far too many simply trade in these street-talking, thug-loving clichés. Last week in The Times was an article about black exploitation films from the 70's get re-releases, I do not think that they need a release because these exploitation films have just been replaced by the modern black comedy. I'm sure I'll be shouted down for this but when I see something that stereotypes race I must call it – whether it is a film that is deliberately racist or lazy. Given the all black cast then I cannot call this racist but it is certainly lazy and simplistic. As director Stokes also shows himself to be totally lacking in his own imagination – witness the jump-zoom technique that he overuses, that's been done everywhere and it's a sad indictment of his vision that it seems to be the only trick in his bag.

With only clichés and 'thug attitude' to work with it is no surprise that the performances are bad – a fact not helped by the cast is populated by people who seem unable to deliver any dialogue with any degree of natural sense. I wish I was so naïve that I thought that the presence of Omarion, Houston and Lil' Fizz was down to their talent rather than Stokes' involvement in the film. Omarion is one big black cliché and he seems to think that making a charming character involves just flashing a smile and saying 'y'know' lots. Houston avoids the clichés a bit better but only has two modes – one mode is him brooding around like someone just stole his last forty and the other mode is clichéd street-smart mode. Suffice to say, neither can act. You know you're in the sh*t when it comes to your cast when Steve Harley is your big name guest star – a fact that highlights the film's values. The rest of the cast are just like the support cast of any music video – pretty boys and girls. I'm not complaining because I thought Freeman was cute and minor appearance from music video regulars McCall and Rodrigues were hot. Likewise I'm sure teenage girls will go mad for the buff male cast too – but lets not call them actors just because they are reading lines off cards.

Overall this film is worth seeing if you like the 'clowning' type of dancing that this film trades on or if you like hip hop (the cynical side of me thinks that the 30 second snippets of songs is designed to sell the soundtrack), however this is not a film in any way, shape or form. The story is rubbish and if you can't see how it is going to end after 15 minutes then you are a muppet. The script creates clichés rather than characters and relies on staples of black movies to get by (shootings, dealing, b*tches and basketball) and uses lazy ebonics in place of dialogue.

The casting is simply self-promotion of Stokes' boy bands and none (and I mean none) of the cast actually act here – some of the delivery was amazingly bad. However, for the dancing and hip hop I consider it worth watching (even if it is only really a long music promo), but if you don't like this type of music then you will find this to be one of the most vacuous 90 minutes of your life.
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Like Polio, this should be wiped from the face of the Earth.
Devon Cassidy28 August 2004
Let's start off with the best part of the movie. Steve Harvey. This man is usually funny, or at least mildly humourous. In this movie, he had maybe 5 lines, all of them not funny. We would believe that he, as a dance off judge, has more power than the apparent bad ass "gansta" boss.

The dancing looked good. I commend the people in the movie for their talent, but the movie stank. Like an old septic system. The acting was substandard at best, the direction poor, timing lousy and the characters were 2 dimensional. Not to mention that the "competition" movie is a terrible cliche.

I wanted to write a better review, but I feel as if a percentage of my brain wasted away while watching this horrible thing.

Don't bother with it.
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You'll never guess what happens at the end
exmfc28 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
We watched this movie. We got Served.

There were some obvious parallels with Top Gun, right down to the rampant homosexual subtexts but with much less volleyball. The OC crew serves as the Russians (obviously) and the dance moves as the MiGs. Maverick (David) and Iceman (El) are friends that become bitterly divided. Maverick dates up Kelly McGillis (played by El's sister, which I don't remember from Top Gun at all!). Tom Skerritt's character is a flamboyant dance club MC with full Office Space flair known as "Mr. Rad": you can't make stuff like that up.

Our squadron meets up with some serious hardship as Goose, a little kid known as "lil Saint" dies not in a flat spin but a drive-by. Not only that but El is beaten up and in trouble with the mob -- much like Iceman being in trouble with the MiGs. Luckily a dance contest comes out of nowhere and Maverick tells Iceman "You can be my wingman, anytime." Lil Kim, contest judge, takes our breath away and the OC Russians take the highway straight into the Danger Zone.
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Great Dancing, Horrible Film
trenee7331 August 2006
The only thing worth watching in this movie is the dancing. Other than that, the actors in this film couldn't act their way out of a paper bag and the grandmother was really bad. Hell, everybody was just bad.

The great thing is that K-Fed has a cameo in this one (LOL! Probably the highlight of his career).

There was nothing at all original about this film. It stole elements from every break dancing or rapping movie that ever came out in the '80's and it was executed and acted out horribly. This was "Breakin' 2", "Fast Forward," "Rappin,'" and "Beat Street" all wrapped into one but, really, really bad.

I think the cast of this film should consider taking acting classes before accepting another movie or TV role ever again in life. And the writer and director needs to work on his skills as well. The writing and directing was awful and lazy. I want to slap the person who read this screen play and thought it was good.

And that scene where Elgin gets jumped was way beyond lame.

I just wonder if people read the script and realized how bad the movie is before it is put in production. Obviously not. I just think about all the starving people in the world that could have been fed with that money instead of making this crappy movie. I'm sure after it was screened, the cast looked at and thought, "Ok, this is pretty bad." They should feel embarrassed for signing on for this. But then, none of them are top-billed or skilled actors to begin with so maybe they wouldn't know what a crappy script is.

Surely people have to see how bad a bad movie is when they look at the script.
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There's some energetic dancing that's worth watching, but the film needs a better screenplay. (1/2 * out of * * * *)
Frank Rizzo4 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
You Got Served (2004) has some of the best dancing sequences ever choreographed. They are so energetic, with the rap music pumping in the background. The problem is the film needs a better screenplay.

The movie tells the story of two friends, Elgin and David (Marques Houston, and Omarion), who are leaders of the best dance crew in street dancing. They battle other dancers for both money and respect. But another popular group of dancers defeats them in one round after a member betrays them, and joins the other gang, although it is not clearly explained why. And Elgin and David's friendship is put to the test, when David begins dating Elgin's sister, Liyah (Jennifer Freeman).

There is even a subplot about a younger dance member, who gets an early grave, though I felt he, nor his death added nothing new to the story, except to inspire the heroes to name their group after the kid's street name.

Writer/Director Christopher B. Stokes simply cannot write, nor direct. I doubt this film even had a screenplay. Stokes relies on clichés to keep the film at a full movie length. There's the obligatory white rapper wannabes being considered as the enemies, and there's the overprotective brother who looks after his sister.

"You Got Served" is not the worst movie of the year, but it will make my personal bottom list of 2004. Forget the dialogue, forget the plot, and just enjoy the energetic dancing. Or better yet, don't waste your time with this one.
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a painful experience
enirehtac816 October 2004
Seeing this movie was a painful experience!!!!! all i can say is "i got served!". The plot just seemed like some teenager's badly thought through daydream. The story line was a mess seeming to be made of ideas randomly taken from every cheesy teenage movie ever made. The acting was terrible, as was the script. The writers seemed to believe that to make it authentic "street" talk words such as "you'll", "whack" and "homeboy" had to be inserted thrice in every line. Every character seems to be created from the same cardboard cut-out stereo type, including all peripheral characters, such as the doctors and nurses. The only positive things i can say about the movie is that the dancing was wonderfully choreographed and performed and the music was new and fresh. The grandmother (who appears for about 5 minuets) was the best character in the movie, the actress, Esther Scott, did very well with the dreadful script and actually made the movie enjoyable, at least for a minuet.
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djenneke4 September 2005
Okay, it is not a good movie. I agree. But this is also not a movie one should go to with high expectations. Come on!

This one is about being young, about music, and above all: about dance. And it is a good one in the latter. So stop whining about the shortcomings of the story (if any at all). It's about dance, and man, can they dance!

I can actually imagine people think this movie really sucks. But hell, if one does not want to look at a dance movie, why go and see this one?

This movie is not a pretentious one. So why judge it on something that it is not trying to be (A great movie with a great story).
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you can't make this stuff up
cleveland_steamers28 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes, you can say "That movie was so bad it was funny." When you say that about You Got Served, you really mean it. This movie had me laughing beginning to end, and just when you think it can't get any more ridiculous, it does. The movie starts with a 1-2 punch of stupidity. Everyone is at a crowded warehouse with a boxing ring. But they're not fighting; they're dancing. And they're serious. If that isn't funny enough, it is followed by "the kitchen scene." Ben Stiller wishes he could have dialogue this awkward. I was in pieces by this point. But as the plot thickens, it only gets better. We meet Lil' Saint, who is about 8 years old and probably curses more than anybody else in the movie. And then dies in a drive-by? I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a child's death than when I heard, "Lil' Saint got shot! He was ridin' with Lanky and Bug, and some dude sprayed the car!" We get a glimpse of the hard-knock (aka middle class) life that forces L and D to move drugs just so their family can buy them a new outfit every day. After they get served by the upper-middle class OC kids and D leaves L hangin' so he can mac it with L's sister, they learn that their new crews can win $50,000 if they serve every other crew in LA. (See, 50 G's split among 10 crew members is enough to change their lives.) Which leaves them with one obvious thing to do: the Rocky montage. And keep in mind: THEY ARE SERIOUS. On the Big Day, the dance-off ends in a tie between L's crew and the OC crew, so Lil' Kim lets them settle it the way she likes it: "straight hood." The movie climaxes with the chant of "Served, Served, Served" and I have nearly pi$$ed my pants laughing. I recommend that everybody download You Got Served. You will be quoting it for weeks. The only question I have is how they ever got Steve Harvey to do this movie.
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What would Wagner think?
Numan Parada21 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Wait, you don't mean Richard Wagner, I hope!?" The guy who wrote Tannhauser, Lohengrin, and Ring Cycle (Rheingold, Valkyrie, some forgettable romp after Valkyrie, and Gotterdammerung)? Yes, sorry, but I do mean THAT Richard Wagner. What would he think of films today? He never lived to see the medium rise to its full glory; but by today's cinematic standards, if he wanted to do one, what could stop him? Imagine him writing scripts, composing film scores, and perhaps producing and directing. With his lofty imagination and desire to fuse drama and music with meaningful tact, his films would be unparalleled!

"But Wagner has nothing to do with this tawdry excuse of a 'movie'! What's the point?" Well, while watching this, I remembered recently reading a short parody of The Valkyrie that attempts to summarize the opera's complex story. It was quite funny, but if I didn't know the opera's music and lacked firsthand knowledge of plot points, the humor would have been lost. This "movie" felt much like a short, watered-down, and generally hilarious parody of an otherwise memorable opera. The only problem is that You Got Served is not based on a memorable opera... or anything else! It is very much its own film, and yet the film has this urgent need to feel complete.

Chris Stokes, a band-manager-turned-filmmaker as is the current zeitgeist, writes and directs this laughable exercise in movie-making. I bet he comes from the music video tradition, since the "movie" exploits fast cuts, faster girls, jarring edits (EDIT: The editing in this film was atrocious!), and loud music, all for the sake of promoting a musical act. I hope this experience teaches him that films and music videos do not equate. Films are longer and require much more care.

He didn't think his screenplay through. Its numerous faults include blatant stereotypes, poor exposition (more than once did I see the need for several scenes to be condensed; plot holes were abundant), repetition (Stokes greatly wants to remind us that our protagonists owe money), deus ex machina (Grandma has some backup cash; forgettable friend learns about a major dance contest; "Mr. Rad" getting our "heroes" out of a fine mess with some gang), trite dialog (I could swear that, at one point, it looked as though Steve Harvey badly wanted to say a comeback to some comment made to him, but NOOOOO! The script apparently had other plans!), the sacrificial lamb (in the form of "Lil' Saint". Telling.), and the obligatory "romance" (the film's two resident lovebirds are no Tristan and Isolde, let me tell 'ya).

Nor did he think his casting through. Musical acts don't necessarily make actors. (Mariah Carey paid dearly for not understanding this.) Not one the young "actors" in this film showed any conviction in their roles. The film exemplifies two types of bad acting: One coming from good actors muddled in bad roles (Harvey and a few of the token adults fit this) and another coming from bad actors relishing in awful roles (which this film has in spades).

Boy, did I get served! This is required viewing if you want to learn how NOT to make a film. Wagner would be ashamed of such a hackneyed fusion of "music" and "drama." If he was alive to see this... thing, he would never stop vomiting. Honestly, his oral discharges would be far more entertaining than this act of cinematic terrorism.
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what the hell does "you got served" mean?
thirwell28 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
possible spoilers

this movie left me with lot of questions.

where are everyone's parents? why is steve harvey the only father figure? what is jakee doing in a movie? the house looked better than mine, as did the cell phones, clothes and shoes - why do those kids need money? how does that one guy have a car if he has no money? what are they "delivering"? newspapers? are these kids in high school? do they have jobs? why are most of the white people evil? why, in a movie who's central premise is dancing, is most of the dancing so boring? what's with the plot holes? what's up with the cheesy as hell montages? lil saint is alive one day and dead the next - where did everyone get their "lil saint" gear? is there a lil saint store? why is lil kim in a movie intended for anyone under 18? did it occur to anyone that reciting lines in front of a camera is not acting?

oh the cliches - to numerous to count. i'm beginning to think there really is a cliche handbook.

i gave this movie a 2. only because as bad as it was, it was still better than matrix revolutions.
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You got served....another ghetto movie
Mathieu Boisclair1 July 2006
OK, they really know how to dance. Their skills are crazy. But that's about it! The plot is awful: two rivals gangs: Obviously the LA White Rich kid and the poor from the ghetto who dance «to stay out of the street».

No kidding, people that say it's not one of the worst film ever done need to take another look at this movie. Everything is there

The cheap plot The bad acting The cheap ghetto life (they wear like 10 set of clothe that cost about 350$ each)... Lil'Kim Presence has a referee (come on!) The Black Preacher guy who've past through lot of crap and act as a referee in the ghetto Dancing Combat White kid that act like they were black...:P come on!

It suck!
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Most plot holes and worst story ever
rogercfam2 July 2004
OK, first off i was lucky that i didn't have to pay for this movie, since i borrowed it from my sister, i just feel bad that she had to pay money for it, but on to my review: After seeing this movie now i know why southpark had a field day with this movie, after spending half the movie developing a situation/dilemma the story is solved in one passing conversation, The kids need to get money for this mobster that is going to "break the knee" of the head dancer if he doesn't pay him back, well all of a sudden the mentor (poor steve harvey) says don't worry i took care of it.... and thats that. wow I'm soooo glad i watched the entire movie, another annoying plot point was the feuding between the two head dancers because one is seeing the others sister, and at the last moment...bam! lets be friends! OK! geez. if anyone out there hasn't seen this movie, please don't, if u do get ready to make lots of comments on how stupid this movie is!
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The most enjoyable dance movie for me
theotsi726 March 2012
This movie is way better than step up 1, 2 and 3 and other dance films like those. Way better! After i saw it i start to watch the other movies of that kind with a "different eye". The dancers are awesome and the choreographs great! The music in it also! I cant understand why this movie is so underrated. OK the scenario about competitions is a lil bit "clishe" but even if it is i really liked this movie. It is not a love story again like always the strong part of it like the most movies of this kind. It is about music, and the passion of dancing! And the battles seemed too real to be fake that could make you wanter. Then i saw an interview of "David" who said: It was so real the whole thing in that dance ring that everyone wanted to battle and win for real, even when we knew the winner from before. And it seems exactly like that to a viewer who watches it. If you like hip hop music and dancing... Then you got to see "You Got Served" for sure! I have seen it about 9-10 times. I can see it more in the future. Trust me, it worths it. The most realistic and awesome hip hop dance movie ever.
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Amazing Saturday night Crap-a-movie fest
bobarobes15 March 2006
If you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night invite some friends over and have a Crap-a-Movie fest. I particularly recommend to watch this movie first and then watch Torque. I have to say watching those movies together back to back is one of the greatest achievements of my life. Just sitting with a room full of people and making fun of bad movies makes it worthwhile. And make sure you don't miss the very beginning of this movie because after the opening serving it's all down hill. So go on get on the phone see what your friends are doing invite them over, pop some popcorn and get ready to have your face rocked off by the sheer greatness that two crappy movies can bring to your life.
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Definitive Film of the 21th Century
mickelsenej14 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Work of genius.

This is one of those movies that make you reconsider your life, and whether it's worth living after all. It's on par with such greats as Casablanca and Slapshots II. It makes Laurence of Arabia look like an epic in comparison. It transcends culture.

The director should be immediately knighted and sainted simultaneously. I think it really needs to be considered holistically, by which I mean it is holy. Sweet Jesus. I don't know where to go from here, so I'll stay here, and you go watch the film. I know I will. Here.

Not enough nudity.
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Momentous bomb
DashTheGreat13 July 2006
Let me place "You Got Served" into retrospect: In order to watch it, I had to wipe it off of my shoe. This movie follows the same old idiocy that every other inner-city "drama" (haha) follows. They have that stupid inner city struggle and we're supposed to feel sorry for them. Boo hoo. You Got Served is almost unwatchable, but you will be laughing hysterically: I promise you that. Then again, I would not recommend wasting your cable bill on such excrement.

Save yourselves! When You Got Served came out in 2004, a dark shadow was cast across the land. People pointed and ran for their lives. Some few brave souls attempted to make themselves believe that this flick was watchable through their own delusions, but all of them cracked under the pressure. You Got Served would turn Luke Skywalker to the dark side. You Got Served would cause Jack Bauer to build nuclear weapons for terrorists and set them off himself.

Do not, for any reason, attempt to watch You Got Served. It may destroy itself. Then again, I doubt anybody sells this movie anymore. They may steal it, on the other hand, and be faced with a punishment far worse than prison.

2/10 Good dancing! I danced too when it made me run away.
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worst movie ever
coreyg06923 April 2006
this movie is without question the worst I have ever seen in my life. my girlfriend at the time (now my ex) convinced me that we should go see this movie in the theaters and I was severely irritated. I was furious that I spent $7 apiece for tickets to this steaming load. I was so mad at her for this, but that's besides the point.

the point is that the plot to this movie is so awful that it's comical. the acting is so laughably bad that for a moment I thought perhaps this was all just a big joke. however, a little further into the movie I realized that they were in fact being serious and trying to take themselves seriously as an actor. the director made such poor attempts at subtlety that all that he ends up doing is creating confusion and awkward situations where the characters suppose the audience understands what is going on, when in fact the transitions between scenes are vague and leave out important plot details.

this movie is a joke. truly it is a dark point in cinematic history.
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From the acting to the directing to the script and all things in between, this film is without a doubt, one of the top five worst movies I've seen in my life.
rupture1023 December 2005
The only reason i voted 1 of 10 was because there is no 0 option. This is the worst attempt at a drama movie in at least 10 years. I would honestly feel more comfortable watching a slow-motion home video of a man attempting to record excrement leaving his anus. Besides the fact that this follows every cliché African-American 'dance-off' or 'underground-rapper' movie ever made, it also contains poor actors, horrible writers, sick direction, and music excessively over-used. They remixed Beethoven, just so you can get a clue. I would save 10 dollars and my dignity by not buying, and won't dream of renting, a DVD or VHS of this. This is probably the tape that killed the people in The Ring, which by the way is horrible as well. DON'T WATCH THIS!
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Piece of sh*t to the extreme!
PurplePanther30 May 2005
Honestly, I've thrown this title around a lot, but no other film is more deserving then this piece of crap, this is "The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen". The plot is complete garbage. It's not even the fact that it's cliché, it's the fact that if the writers of this film were going to use the cliché, they could of at least laid off the pot long enough to finish writing the script. It is complete nonsense. This film seems to have been made with a child's milk money. Sadly, Jennifer Freeman and Marquis Houston go momentarily comatose and forget they have any prior acting skills. I mean WTF!? Nobody in this film can act, not a SINGLE person. (Maybe Megan Good and she is barely in the film). I am so spent on this film, there is nothing else I can say to explain to you what a steaming pile of vile trash this film is. PLOT/STORY = Garbage, ACTING = Garbage, CHARACTERS = Garbage, DIALOG = Garbage. Save your money and your time, this film is terrible.
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Painful To Watch
BenMTOS21 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst films I've had the misfortune to see. And I've seen Ghostrider. The 'plot' revolves around a "crew" who engage in some kind of dance battle against 'some rich kids from the Orange County', refereed by a man who appears to be very concerned about the possibility of fights between the 2 'crews', but not about the fact that these presumably underage people are gambling up money on the outcome (decided by the crowd). There's also a drug dealer, a sister of one of the members of the 'crew' who goes out with one of the other members of the 'crew' & some little kid who gets killed. Basically the plot is a huge awful mess. The acting is even worse. The cast all looked like they were in pain(maybe this was to sympathise with the viewer). The worst piece of acting in this shambles of a film is by a bloke with crazy hair who wails "You suckas got served" in an ultra chavvy voice. Now, you may be thinking, "Why didn't you just leave, or not watch it at all?". Well, we were forced to see this at school, same with the dreadful Ghostrider. If you enjoy the kind of dancing featured in this film, I'd recommend buying it & skipping all the dire plot & acting. Or just not buy it all. I object to this film being rated, as there isn't a score low enough.
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poor movie
vroomm8719 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
story line was absolutely pathetic and all this obsession with these sort of movies. this movie is one movie that i extremely hate and it rates up there with one of the worst I've ever seen. the sad thing is you see people watch it and they get excited when they see one of those poor B2K singers that look more feminine than masculine singing and dancing. even the dancing is poor. I've seen better dancing than that. I hope the producers will never be allowed to make a movie like this again jeez talk about the obsession of new age music its gone way off. what surprisingly annoys me is that the younger generation of society think this was a hit. what is the movie business becoming to? seriously a movie like this should never been allowed to hit the screen its even worse than a B-Grade movie.
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