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L.A. Weekly
Sarandon's motherly sexiness is appealing, but it's Hawn, in a warm and deep performance as the hapless but free-spirited Suzette, who walks away with the movie.
Chicago Tribune
A lot of fun, with an undeniable energy sparked by two actresses in their 50s working at the peak of their powers. Juicy roles for older women? Let the revolution begin.
Hawn mows down everything in her path with a giggle. It's great fun to watch her just eat up this movie.
A too-pat but very funny comedy.
Washington Post
The sexual frankness is refreshing. As Suzette and Lavinia banter, their dialogue often suggests how "Sex and the City" might sound 20 years hence.
Watching Sarandon and Hawn sashay through their paces is its own reward.
New Times (L.A.)
It has its moments, but they never add up to a record you'd want to play again and again in its entirety.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Could have taken a witty scalpel to baby-boomer posturings. But Dolman, whose instrument of choice is the rubber mallet of smarm, just isn't the man for the job -- he ends up enshrining the very hypocrisy that should be dissected.
Baltimore Sun
The Banger Sisters stands as proof that no movie is so bad it can't be redeemed by a single stellar performance. That performance is by Susan Sarandon.
Certainly begins with its heart in the right place. But the movie eventually snaps under the strain of its plot contrivances and its need to reassure.

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