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Silly Stuff, But Technically Accomplished
Snow Leopard26 August 2004
The silly subject matter in "Fun In A Bakery Shop" contrasts noticeably with the polished technical aspects of the movie. There aren't too many other films from 1902 with visual effects that are done so smoothly, and so even though the story is pretty goofy in itself, this is still worth seeing.

The story starts when a baker starts horsing around with his dough, creating funny faces and the like. It really never gets too far beyond that, but the technical skill grabs your attention. The various visual images come in quick succession, and are generally of good quality. The actor playing the baker had to have worked very closely with the director/cinematographer to make the transitions look so smooth.
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fun in a bakers shop
matthew klein11 December 2006
This is an absolute masterpiece and it is incredibly funny! for 1902 it was probably, and still is, a wonderful film. the film starts by a baker spying a rat which has appeared out of a box of, possibly, flour. The baker throws a chunk of dough at the rat and begins to mold faces,two of them he is dissatisfied with. the third, he is about to destroy when his co-workers come along and dump him in a barrel of flour. the film is an absolute masterpiece and i would strongly recommend this be put in archive.Made by Thomas Edison in 1902, possibly in The Black Maraia, the worlds first film studio, as stated in a later film.
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I've seen two other films almost exactly like this one, but "Fun in a Bakery Shop" appears to be the oldest.
MartinHafer30 March 2014
As I watched "Fun in a Bakery Shop" is an enjoyable film. However, as I watched I was taken aback as I've seen a couple very early films that used the same idea--though this film is the earliest of the examples. The director Segundo de Chomón also made a couple films with virtually the same idea--and Chomón often liberally 'borrowed' from other filmmakers.

The film begins with a rat (obviously a fake one) running about in the bakery. The baker tosses a glob of dough at the creature--smashing it. Then, oddly, he begins playing with the dough--forming all sorts of faces in a miraculously fast pace. It is pretty incredible seeing such creations made so quickly and the film make for interesting viewing. Well worth seeing--as are the Segundo de Chomón versions.
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booyah-19915 January 2006
This is one of the coolest shorts that were made in the early 1900s! Ya know Y? The baker is making a face out of dough in a bakery and he does it so freaking fast in a minute and twenty freaking seconds, man!!! Jesus f***ing Christ! I seriously do not know how the person, as a baker, did that SO fast! I am so flipping curious of how they did these cool effects back in the early 1900s! It is SO freaking cool how the person made the face out of dough so fast! It is just freaking amazing! I really love this short, man. Also, when he was preparing the dough and he was doing THAT so fast and that is amazing as well! Last, but not least, I give this short a 10 out of 10!!!
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Very Fun Film
Michael_Elliott10 July 2010
Fun in a Bakery Shop (1902)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Edison film is one of the best examples of early cinema to show someone as the format was certainly starting to change around this time thanks to the likes of Georges Melies. This film here takes place in a bakery as a man throws some dough on a rat climbing up some boxes. He then takes the dough and begins to shape it into faces and then does this a few more times creating other faces. It's common knowledge that these trick films were done with editing but the edits here are so smooth that I'd say this is one of the best examples of a trick film. I was amazes at a couple times because it was very difficult to see the edit and this really helped the film. The man playing the baker is also very energetic and this helps things as well. The entire film is a real gem but I just loved the fake rat climbing up the boxes at the start of the film.
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