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  • One night, as pub owner Sotaro is caring for his sick wife, Shizuko, she asks him to promise that if she dies, he will never remarry. Thinking she is just being dramatic, he promises and tells her to go to sleep. When he wakes the next morning, however, Shizuko is dead. Sotaro keeps his promise, until one day he meets Satoko. The two quickly fall in love, and agree to get married. Their first night together, however, is interrupted by Shizuko, who is angry over her husband's broken promise. Sotaro and Satoko must find some way of appeasing the spirit before she drives them from their home.


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  • Sotaro runs a small, drinking establishment called Kazusaya in Yokohama. A kind and loving man, he sincerely promises his wife Shizuko on her deathbed he will never marry again. But he is being buckled by his brothers pressure to consider an arranged marriage with a lovely young woman named Satoko. When Sotaro comes to know that Satoko is also interested in him, he agrees to the marriage. In the meantime Shizuko returns as a ghost haunting the scared couple. Sotaro being fed up with this obstacle, consults a priest. The priest, lends Sotaro a special scroll, that acts as a door to the world of the dead and a trap to Satoko, but unfortunately a thief steals the scroll.

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