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  • A group of college friends are attacked by a giant, man-eating crocodile while on spring break.

  • A group of friends including Brady Turner, Claire and Duncan McKay go out on a boat trip on a lake in Southern California, but their joyful weekend turns into horror, when a giant killer crocodile searching for its stolen eggs, picks off anyone who gets in its way. Can they all escape in one piece or will they slowly and painfully fall to the mammoth reptile.

  • Some things are much better to be left undisturbed. That lesson would eight teenagers on a trip learn the hard way.T he giant crocodile defends a nest threatening their lives. They must find a way to escape to safety soon or they will face a horrible death.

  • Eight teenagers go out on a weekend boat trip on a remote lake in Southern California only to have it turn into a nightmare when they are stalked by a very large, monsterous man-eating crocodile after they disturb its nest, and soon they must band together in order to survive from the beast.

  • A group of teenagers take a houseboat down a river, unaware that a giant menace is lurking in the water beneath it. When they find a nest full of eggs - to large to be those of an alligator - the terror begins. The giant saltwater crocodile comes searching for its eggs and attacks the boat, killing the teens one at a time.


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  • The film begins with 8 teenagers going on a boat trip in Southern California for Spring Break. The teens include Brady, Duncan, Claire, Kit, Sunny, Annabelle, Foster, and Hubs and a dog named Princess. Brady is cautious about this because he had earlier cheated on his girlfriend Claire with Sunny. On their way to the boat, they bump into Sheriff Bowman who warns them to be sensible and keep out of trouble. The boat leaves with the teen and at a campfire, Kit tells a story of how in the early 1990's, a hotel owner owned a crocodile named "Flat Dog." He worshiped the crocodile believing it to be an ancient Egyptian god named Sobek. He and his cult were later run out of town by the locals.

    Elsewhere, two poachers find and destroy a nest of crocodile eggs but are suddenly attacked and devoured by a large crocodile in the dark who then pushes their car into the river. The next day, the teens play in the water while the crocodile observes them from a distance. The crocodile attempts to eat Princess after she leads the teens to the crocodile's nest. Duncan breaks a crocodile egg and Hubs decides to play a prank on Claire by taking a remaining egg he finds and putting it in Claire's backpack when she is not around. That night, while getting intoxicated, Sunny reveals that she had slept with Brady and Brady and Claire's relationship dissipates. Hubs gets drunk and falls asleep at the campfire. When he awakens and makes his way back to the boat, he is eaten alive by the crocodile who severs the boat's tie to the dock. The boat floats off in the night and its propeller gets gummed up by much water weeds. They foolishly attempt to turn up the power but only succeed in clogging it up more. Claire decides to walk back.

    Meanwhile, Sheriff Bowman sees the submerged truck and investigates the area, seeing the destroyed crocodile nest. He then seeks help from local crocodile hunters, Shurkin and Lester. Shurkin deduces upon finding Hubs' remains that the crocodile is killing for revenge upon her nest being destroyed. Lester feeds the crocodile and attempts to deal with it in exchange for the crocodile eating Shurkin and Bowman but is instead eaten himself. Brady, realizing his mistakes, is tempted by Sunny to go skinny-dipping with her. However, they are both attacked by the crocodile who chases them back to the boat. It attacks the boat, prompting everyone to bail out, except for Foster who is devoured by the crocodile who then proceeds to tear apart and capsize the boat. The teens then decide to walk back to civilization through the vast woods.

    However, that night, the crocodile attacks them again and messily devours Sunny who had sprained her ankle and could not outrun the crocodile. The teens then take refuge in an abandoned general store. However, the crocodile bursts in and eats Annabelle. Kit runs out to the truck but the crocodile attacks him, inadvertently starting a gas fire which burns Kit alive before causing the car to explode, ultimately killing him. The crocodile flees for the woods. Brady, Claire, and Duncan (who was injured by the crocodile during the attack at the general store) are found by Bowman and Shurkin. However, upon entering their boat, both Bowman and Shurkin are eaten by the crocodile who then runs the boat to crash onto the shore. Clair finds the egg in her pack and deduces that is why the crocodile is chasing them. She returns the hatching egg to the crocodile who ends its hunt and leaves Claire, Brady, Duncan, and Princess alone, returning to the river.

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