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Excellent series
ilittlewood4 December 2001
There aren't many epsiodes and they aren't on the telly very often, but this is one of the best series out there dealing with school life from the teachers' perspective.

I like Lenny Henry's work as a comedian but this show proves he can easily make the transition to serious drama. The supporting cast are wonderful and the writers aren't afraid to make unexpected changes in direction. There are surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, and this is one of the areas it shines because it lends an air of credibility lacking in many shows.

If you liked "To Sir With Love", give this one a go... I know you'll like it.
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Knowing when to stop is a good thing...
Stacey Woods29 October 2003
Despite the title of my comment, I would like to point out that the first series of this drama was an excellent piece of television. The writing talents combined with a stellar cast including Lenny Henry, Amanda Redman and Phyllis Logan seemed really committed to this modern tale of a failing comprehensive.

It was provoking and thoughtful and brought some difficult subjects to the fore, such as the culture of failing schools in Britain, mix-race relationships (shouldn't be controversial, but for some reason still are in TV-land) and the difficulties faced by families coping with poverty.

The second series was a complete about face, however. Where the first series was concise, the second was muddled. Where some of the lead actors had not returned, there was no clear explanation as to where the characters had gone. The difficult subjects tackled seemed to become trite and end of the series was just baffling, it seemed that where it tried to shock it merely left the audience looking at each other and saying "Oh, is that it then?".

I would recommend the first series as an example of what TV drama should be, but unless you want to be disappointed, leave the second series alone.
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