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  • yes but you better have hulu! Edit

  • There are seven seasons of Futurama.

    Originally, four seasons of the show were produced. However, Fox aired the show at rather inconsistent intervals and often replaced the show with sports games so lots of unaired episodes were left over. These remaining episodes aired as the fifth season. This resulted in what are called the four "production seasons" and five "broadcast seasons."

    The four direct-to-dvd movies produced after the series' initial cancellation later aired as 16 episodes on Comedy Central. The production codes for these episodes relate to them being season five.

    When Futurama was revived on Comedy Central it aired two additional seasons (seasons 6 and 7). Each of these seasons had 26 episodes each and lengthy midseason breaks. Edit

  • Fox owns the majority of legal rights and such, however Matt Groening maintains the creative rights to the show.

    Comedy Central currently own the syndication rights to the show. Edit

  • "Baby Love Child" by Pizzicato Five Edit

  • "I Will Wait For You" by Connie Francis Edit

  • In several episodes, Bender refers to himself as "Bender B. Rodriguez." In [link]tt0768678[/link] he reveals that "Bending" is his middle name, as in "Bender Bending Rodriguez." This name is also used for him in "The Cyber House Rules," when the orphanarium of Leela's childhood is renamed "The Bender B. Rodgriguez Orphanarium," in honor of his generous donation of "1200 wing-wangs."

    However, in an easter egg found in the Season 1 DVD set, creator Matt Groening gives Bender's true name as "Bending Unit 22," and there's at least one on-screen written reference to him by this name in "The Deep South." Near the end of the episode, Bender is awarded a check for catching a record-breaking fish and the check is made out to "Bending Unit 22."

    The use of "Bending Unit 22" on a check made out to Bender suggests that this is his proper name, however, he is more frequently referred to in the series as "Bender B. Rodriguez", so which name is actually his full name is up for debate.

    It is also possible that "Bending Unit 22" refers to that entire line of bending robots. If this were true, it would also mean that Flexo was a Bending Unit 22. Edit

  • Leela's full name is Turanga Leela but "Turanga" is considered her family name (or surname). Similar to some Asian traditions, the family name comes first then the individual's first name. This is supported by her parents' being given as Turanga Morris (father) and Turanga Munda (mother).

    Leela's name apparently comes from a 1949 piece of music by Olivier Messiaen, the Turangalîla-Symphonie. According to Wikipedia, he came by the name of the piece via two Sanskrit words, turanga and lîla, which roughly translate into English as "love song and hymn of joy, time, movement, rhythm, life, and death." Some sources say Messiaen's original program notes described Turangalîla as "superhuman, overflowing, dazzling and abandoned" -- character traits also of Futurama's Leela. Edit

  • "Fryberg" is Fry's mind in Zoidberg's body, and "Lellsworth" is Leela's mind in The Professor's body during the events of the episode "The Prisoner of Benda." These are fan given nicknames and never mentioned in official materials. Edit

  • Yes. The long-running British science fiction series Doctor Who. The 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) had a companion called Leela (Louise Jameson), who was a barbarian warrior from the far future. Obviously, Matt Groening had named Turanga Leela after Leela from Doctor Who. Edit

  • A "kajigger" is nothing but a nonsense word (it does not exist in the dictionary, therefore only used in Futurama) uttered by the character Hattie McDoogal (the elderly woman with the lazy eye). Because of her lack of memories she replace some words with "kajigger". Edit



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