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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude sex-related humor and dialogue, alcohol and drug-related scenes, all involving teens

Sex & Nudity

  • A teenager is seen drawing boobs on a lunch tray.
  • It is implied that a girl flashes her breasts at a teacher when she is seen raising her shirt up from behind and a reference to the action is made later. (This isn't meant sexually, just used as a distraction as a boy escapes from detention.)
  • Contains occasional mild sexual references, bully draws a penis on another boy's face next to his mouth.
  • A guidance councillor is writing an erotic novel, and we briefly see her computer screen that describes an erotic scene, but it is not graphic. She later tries to find a (humorous) synonym for "penis", but she never uses the word itself.
  • Sexual innuendo throughout.
  • Boys discuss what color of underwear a girl is wearing.
  • A couple kiss heavily in background.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl vomits.
  • Contains infrequent comic violence.
  • A boy drills through a book that another boy is holding.
  • Someone is knocked out by a golf ball.
  • A girl shoots a bow into her teacher.


  • The song "Hypnotize" briefly plays with several N-words and S-words thrown around.
  • 12 uses of shit 1 paired with bull 4 from the song Hypnotize 1 use of crap
  • Mild coarse language throughout.
  • A sex scene is being written on a PC with graphic words ie "Pulsating member".
  • Teacher tells his student to go to office as she is "pissing me off".
  • Words "bitch" "virgin" "balls" "whore" "pissing"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mild drug references. Some teen drinking is present in a few scenes. A character hits her head on a chandelier while she is drunk and is sick soon after.
  • A boy lights a cigaretter on a bunsen burner in class. Same boy is seen smoking on the track field.
  • Scene set in a bar.
  • Flyer for a party advertises "free beer".
  • At the party - lots of poeple drinking beer & shots and smoking.
  • A teacher in detention takes some cannibis of a kid and then a bag of crisps intimating he is going to smoke the weed later.

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