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  • Rebecca has inherited her grandmother's Gothic mansion and brings both her best friend an her boyfriend for a weekend. While exploring the crypts they discover an old dusty book, which describes the life of a vampire. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the vampire was Rebecca's great grandfather, Rico. Later that night Rebecca finds herself in a trance, reciting an occult ritual described in the book resulting in the opening of the coffin and the new life for Rico. The Angel of the Night is back.


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  • Following the death of her grandmother, Rebecca [Maria Karlsen] has inherited Angel Land Estate, a large, gothic mansion with plenty of rooms and family secrets lying in the dark, dank, spiderweb-filled cellar. Rebecca and her boyfriend Mads [Tomas Villum Jensen], along with Rebecca's best friend Charlotte [Mette Louise Holland], have come to check it out. Scarier than the dark mansion, however, is the fact that Grandma dabbled in the occult and was president of the Society for the Protection of Vampires. Historian by trade, Grandma did research into the life of her father Rikard, a minister turned vampire, and compiled it all in a book titled Nattens Engel. Charlotte and Mads talk Rebecca into sharing the stories with them.

    Rikard's story starts in 1850 Copenhagen when a vampire was ravaging the city. When the mayor's daughter fell victim, the mayor put together a hunting party which included the young minister, much to the chagrin of his wife and young daughter. Armed with an ornate vampire-stabbing dagger, the hunting party tracked the vampire down to the harbor. They were successful in destroying the creature, but not before it got the bite on Rikard. Rikard turned vampire, changed his name to Rico Mortiz, and waged a new reign of terror until just a few years ago when a group of leather jacket clad hoods, led by Tim, attempted to put Rico to rest.

    Meanwhile, Rebecca has been exploring the cellar and discovered the original vampire-stabbing dagger. She also finds a scroll. Although the scroll is in Latin, Charlotte is able to translate part of it. It says that the vampire will walk again if someone says "the seven forgotten words." But Charlotte and Mads are getting a bit antsy and want to go on to the club, so Mads calls a taxi. Rebecca decides to stay behind so that she can try to translate the rest of the scroll, so Mads and Charlotte go upstairs to wait for the cab. While waiting, Mads starts to read the next story in the Nattens Engel.

    It concerns the fact that, every 100 years, Rico must impregnate a woman to bear him a child from whom he must then drink the blood. Rico chose Marie Liman, hypnotized and raped her, and then awaited the birth. Marie figured that the baby was from her boyfriend Alex until she began having dreams about what really happened. When she told Alex that the baby wasn't his, he dumped her. Fortunately, Father Esiah Garcia down in Peru had been having visions about the pregnancy and came all the way to Europe to help Marie. It got Father Garcia killed, but Marie was able to kill the baby by drinking holy water, which resulted in Rico turning into a pile of dried up bat bones.

    Mads and Charlotte are feeling pretty spooked after reading about Marie, so Charlotte tosses the book out the window and puts on some music to liven things up. Since the taxi still hasn't arrived, she decides to pass the time by seducing Mads. (Some best friend!) Meanwhile, down in the cellar, Rebecca is being mesmerized by Rico into lighting seven candles and reciting the seven forgotten words -- Brujah Gangrel Malkavia Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue -- while slitting her wrist and letting the blood drip on Rico's bones. Voila, Rico Mortiz [Eric Holmey] is back amongst the undead...and he's hungry.

    Rebecca has the sense to hide when she sees Rico taking batform, so Rico flies upstairs and sates his thirst on Charlotte while Mads pulls up his pants and runs into Rebecca. After drinking Charlotte's blood, Rico is able to take human form. Rebecca plunges the superduper vampire-stabbing dagger into Rico's chest, but unfortunately she misses his heart. His recoil causes them all to crash through a window, landing out on the lawn. Rico begs Rebecca to meld her blood with his ("We're family...I need your blood"), but Rebecca reminds him of the family he left behind back in 1850. As Rico anguishes over the memory, Rebecca plunges the dagger back into his chest, this time hitting his heart.

    Rico roars in pain, and hands suddenly come up from the ground and start to pull him under. Just as he sinks below the surface, there is a flash of fire and suddenly Rikard [Christian Gronvall] is lying on the ground. They both notice a brilliant light in the night sky and look up to see an angel floating down to earth. It is Rikard's dead wife. She takes his hand and they float up to heaven together. Just then, the taxi arrives. Rebecca and Mads drive off together, promising each other that they will buy another house. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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