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Predator on the Reservation

A pediatrician is accused of abusing Native American boys on various reservations for more than a decade.


11 Jan. 2011
Battle for Haiti
From PBS and Frontline - Last year, in the chaos of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, thousands of the country's worst criminals seized the opportunity to stage a mass escape from the National Penitentiary. One year later, the gang leaders are re-asserting control in the capital, threatening the country's stability.
18 Jan. 2011
Are We Safer?
From PBS and Frontline - FRONTLINE launches its new monthly magazine program with three reports, led by "Are We Safer?" In this first story, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest investigates the terrorism-industrial complex that grew up in the wake of 9/11.
1 Feb. 2011
Post Mortem
From PBS and Frontline - Every day, nearly 7,000 people die in America. And when these deaths happen suddenly, or under suspicious circumstances, we assume there will be a thorough investigation, just like we see on CSI. But the reality is very different.
22 Feb. 2011
Revolution in Cairo
In "Revolution in Cairo", Frontline follows the founders of the April 6th Movement as they use social networking in an effort to bring down Hosni Mubarak. In "The Brotherhood", Charles Sennott the changing face of the Muslim Brotherhood.
29 Mar. 2011
Money and March Madness
From PBS and Frontline - FRONTLINE continues its new monthly magazine program with the lead story "Money and March Madness," an inside look at the multi-billion dollar business of the NCAA and its brand of amateur college sports.
12 Apr. 2011
Football High
From PBS and Frontline - High school football has never had a higher profile, with nationally televised games, corporate sponsorships and minute-by-minute coverage on sports websites. In northwest Arkansas, FRONTLINE examines one ambitious high school team working its way towards national renown.
19 Apr. 2011
The Silence
FRONTLINE reveals a little-known chapter of the Catholic Church sex abuse story: decades of abuse of Native Americans by priests and other church workers in Alaska.
3 May 2011
Fighting for Bin Laden
From PBS and Frontline - In the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden, FRONTLINE presents two inside views of the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban.
10 May 2011
From PBS and Frontline - Behind the strike that killed Osama bin Laden was one of the U.S. military's best-kept secrets: a covert campaign that officials have credited with taking out thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. A six-month investigation by FRONTLINE has gone inside the military's "kill/capture" operations to discover new evidence of the program's impact -- and its costs.
24 May 2011
From PBS and Frontline - It's the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history-the leaking of more than half-a-million classified documents on the Wikileaks website in the spring of 2010.
28 Jun. 2011
The Child Cases
From PBS and Frontline - When a child dies under suspicious circumstances, abuse is often suspected. That's what happened in the case of six-month-old Isis Vas, whose death was deemed "a clear-cut and classic" case of child abuse, sending a man named Ernie Lopez to prison for 60 years. But now a Texas judge has moved to overturn Lopez's conviction, and new questions are being asked about the quality of expert testimony in this and many other similar cases.
The Pot Republic
From PBS and Frontline - FRONTLINE's primetime monthly newsmagazine returns with three new stories, leading with a timely report from the frontlines of marijuana legalization in California.
Top Secret America
In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, FRONTLINE and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dana Priest ask how more than a decade of fighting terrorism has reshaped the country and whether it has made us safer.
27 Sep. 2011
The Man Behind the Mosque
From PBS and Frontline - It became the most controversial building in America, a mostly derelict property in lower Manhattan made infamous overnight as the Ground Zero Mosque. Going beyond frenzied media portraits at the time, FRONTLINE tells the inside stories of Sharif El-Gamal, a real estate developer, and of the victims' relatives and anti-Islam activists who helped turn his project into a continuing battle over faith, values, and the meaning of being American.
11 Oct. 2011
The Anthrax Files
In the fall of 2001 envelopes carrying deadly anthrax were delivered to U.S. Senate offices, network news divisions and a tabloid newspaper. Now, new questions are being raised about the most expensive and complex investigation ever undertaken by the FBI. FRONTLINE, in a co-production with ProPublica and McClatchy Newspapers, takes a hard look at the FBI's investigation of the country's most notorious act of bioterrorism.
18 Oct. 2011
Lost in Detention
More than one million immigrants have been deported since President Obama took office. Frontline investigates Obama's enforcement strategies and journeys into the secretive world of immigrant detention, with a penetrating look at who is being detained and what is happening to these detainees.
8 Nov. 2011
Syria Undercover
Reporter Ramita Navai goes undercover for a rare look at the uprising from inside Syria. Plus a profile of the dictator who has managed to hold on longer than any amidst the Arab unrest--President Bashar al-Assad.
A Perfect Terrorist
FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the mysterious circumstances behind David Headley's rise from heroin dealer and U.S. government informant to plotter of the 2008 attack on Mumbai.
13 Sep. 2011
The Interrogator
From PBS and Frontline - In a rare interview with Ali Soufan, the FBI agent who was at the center of the 9/11 investigations, FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith uncovers an insider's view of the "war on terror."

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