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Season 21

8 Jan. 2018
Moment of Surrender: Part 1
Thomas and Jack are surprised to see Nikki back at The Lyell, the disappearance of her friend Sally forces her to face her back after her harrowing experience in Mexico.
9 Jan. 2018
Moment of Surrender: Part 2
The team unearth a tragic triple killing, and there is more sorrow for Nikki.
15 Jan. 2018
Duty of Candour: Part 1
Pregnant Karen Sawyers is murdered and her blood-stained husband Pete found wandering the streets but DI Naomi Silva turns her attention to Karen's lover, Adam Hayes, who was treating her at his clinic and had arranged for her to have a termination. Then Adam is also found dead. Clarissa finds evidence that Karen was being blackmailed with threats of Pete getting her medical records. This leads Naomi and Nikki to hospital head Simon Laing, who tells them a computer hacker calling himself Splinter stole patients' files though Simon kept it quiet for fear of tarnishing ...
16 Jan. 2018
Duty of Candour: Part 2
With Jason in a coma the police, given his hospital attendance, assume he was Splinter's latest victim though he was not robbed. A known hacker Gary Brockham is arrested and admits to selling hospital files on the dark web whilst Laing must admit his use of a questionable computer system company. He too is killed before a secret from the past resolves the case.
22 Jan. 2018
A Special Relationship: Part 1
After US ambassador Jonathan Kraft has given a television interview his aide Ryan Reed is shot dead. The embassy's deputy chief Matt Garcia discovers the married Reed had been having an affair with colleague Terry Lefoe but she has an alibi and terrorism is suspected when Matt receives a parcel bomb which is intercepted. Then Helen Vine, a respected American pathologist who, like Ryan,, had spent time in Africa, is also murdered. Confused psychiatric patient Fergus Weir is released to the care of his sister Ella but disappears and CCTV shows him to have been at ...
23 Jan. 2018
A Special Relationship: Part 2
Matt is found alive after his abduction but admits that the kidnapper wanted information about an incident that happened in Africa when Helen and Ryan were there. All of the victims, including another in Florida, were murdered in the style of assassinated American presidents but Fergus has an alibi for them all though Matt learns that he has information which identify the murderer. Now the police and the pathologists must work together before Fergus is also killed.
29 Jan. 2018
One Day: Part 1
Kevin McDowd, a boy with behavioural problems, is restrained from escaping Kingscote Bows, his residential care home whilst, a few miles away, his mother Jackie dies in a car crash, having ingested an excess of anti-depressant pills. Nikki believes she was unlawfully killed and evidence points to Kevin being the culprit. Kevin goes on the run with fellow resident Serena, who, to the horror of care assistant Tilly Maddox, is being sexually abused by deputy manager Conor Flannery, but they are cornered by the police with unfortunate results.
30 Jan. 2018
One Day: Part 2
Examining Kevin's corpse Nikki is puzzled by stun marks on the body and the fact that Jackie had set up a camera in his room. Thomas is also curious regarding two other mysterious deaths, one at Kingscote Bows, the other at the Pleasant Manor care home, where both were regularly visited by Dr Kahari. When Serena goes missing and Tilly is found dead after threatening to expose Flannery Clarissa books herself into Pleasant Manor to investigate herself,. She unmasks the killers but needs to be rescued by Jack when she puts herself I danger.
5 Feb. 2018
Family: Part 1
On Christmas day the team is called to the home of haulage company owner Andy McMorris to find three corpses and Andy disappeared. Sniper shots ring out, wounding DI Gibbs and McMorris's blooded daughter Mel tells Nikki her father shot at her and her horse. A large number of weapons are found in the home suggesting illegal gun importation whilst the diary of Mel's sister Stevie expresses hatred for her father and his estranged wife Zoe. DCI Cooke, a friend of the family assumes the case but appears to be hiding something and Clarissa discovers that the 999 call ...
7 Feb. 2018
Family: Part 2
As the three corpses are identified Vernon Rye, a friend of Andy's father Martin, one of the victims, is pulled in after admitting to a fight with him but Mel, recovering in hospital, tells Zoe and Nikki she heard Andy and Martin rowing before shots rang out. Zoe's sister Jackie is another suspect having had an affair with Andy, but claims she left the house before the murders. The discovery of a missing lorry full of guns and another body proves Andy's criminal activities and reveals who made the phone call. Cooke thinks he has found the killer but the pathologists' ...

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