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Great film
Clive_W17 June 2019
I honestly will recommend anyone to check this film out, it is long but of course you can't rush such an event, make sure you have a good free afternoon or weekend, get some popcorn and enjoy. On technically side this film has aged well, doesn't feel dated .
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This is really some movie
Rammstein-211 February 2000
I can watch this film over and over. Not only because I am so terribly interested in the exploration of space and the historical events that have taken place - but because it's a great film with excellent performances and a truth-telling style. Heck, even Lovell's wife dropping the wedding ring in the shower the day of the launch is true!

Just the fact that this film is true makes it even more enjoyable. It's hard to understand how in the hell one can make it back to Earth and survive with a fatally crippled space-craft. It's even harder to appreciate just how close they actually got to dying out there.

The performances are astounding. Ed Harris is just stupendous as Gene Krantz, and Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Garty Sinise and Bill Paxton (who seems to always get the role as the whiner...) are also great.

As Hanks put it: this story is one of the greatest ever. The question is, how do you get home? That question is as old as humanity itself.

You can tell he put his heart and soul into this one. And the fact that this happened to the American space explorers is hardly noticeable. Good job.
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A Great Movie
mjw230515 January 2005
I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, i was simply compelled to watch it until the end. I already knew how it ended so i was surprised it commanded my attention so intensely.

The fact is the characters were all so realistically portrayed and the film was so expertly directed that it was almost as if the Apollo 13 disaster was filmed and that is what i was watching.

Now this film is certainly not to everyone's taste, it is quite slow in the build up and the film relies almost entirely on the script and ability of the cast.

If you like your disaster films loud and in your face then this is probably not for you, but if you like them realistic (slightly dramatised) then watch it and be astounded.

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Forget Armageddon and the laughable Pitch Black. Never mind Lost In Space and Mission to Mars. Even the great Men In Black is dismissable here. THIS is a space movie.
Anonymous_Maxine30 January 2001
Probably one of the most significant things about Apollo 13 is the fact that it managed to be such a strikingly realistic film despite the abundance of well-known Hollywood actors. Tom Hanks, of course, can convincingly act any part in the world, and his role in Apollo 13 is no exception. All of the actors involved seemed to have been given parts that they were born to play, because they were so successful in the roles. The true events of the historic Apollo 13 mission are amazingly re-created here, and the results are spectacular.

Not only is this film wonderfully acted, it also presents a nearly flawless portrayal of the time period, even down to the slide rulers that were used to do calculations. The audience is literally taken back in time to the 1960's, and all of these universally exciting events are brought back to life, and this is one of the things that makes this movie so special. So many films try to do this, and the vast majority of them fail miserably, so it just feels so good to occasionally see it done right.

Another thing that was used in the perfect amount in Apollo 13 was the special effects. I am entirely against excessive special effects, because if they aren't justified in being in the film, they can sometimes ruin the film by themselves (remember The Perfect Storm?). The special effects in Apollo 13, however, served the film very well. Of course, the most significant special effect in the film, aside from the space scenes, was the zero gravity, which was done flawlessly. I'm just glad that they decided to go up in one of those Zero-G planes for these scenes, rather than have the actors drift lazily around and act as if they are in zero gravity, because that would have taken a lot away from the film.

Apollo 13 has an excellent story made even better by the fact that it is true, it has great acting, skillful direction, and plenty of tasteful humor. It is not only a highly entertaining film, but is also educational, which should please parents (as if they need any more pleasing than seeing their younger years brought back to life on the silver screen). Definite must-see, Apollo 13 is a contemporary classic.
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A brief synopsis of a great film.
Oktober20 December 1998
It's difficult to say what makes Apollo 13 such a great film - perhaps it is the idea that it "really happened", and that someone can look at a history book, then at the film, and see an overall reality. Some might say they love it just for the effects; but I believe that it has a great story, and a perfect selection of actors, perfectly cast. Ed Harris excels, as does Tom Hanks - and Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon are each superb in their roles.

The most wonderful thing about this movie is that it encompasses so many parts and peoples, and appeals to so many, that by the last reel you feel that if they don't make it through, you have lost some of your closest friends.

In short: a minor masterpiece.
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Great Movie
Bill-1812 August 2004
My first job as an engineering graduate in 1960 was with NASA. I was fortunate enough to have been a Project Engineer on the Apollo Program, and I am familiar with the technical aspects of the program. But this movie was not as much about the technical aspects of the program as it was about a thrilling, real-life drama that just happened to take place during a glorious time and a once-in-a-lifetime project. Despite all of the little technical errors, Ron Howard and his crew have put together a superb film, one that deserved the 9 Academy Award nominations which it received. I wish that present-day film-makers would concentrate on happy situations, like this one, instead of the constant barrage of drivel to which we, the movie-going public, are made subject. Long live NASA and long live courage!!
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A perfect movie
longcooljolie25 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This review is designed for people like me who have seen Apollo 13 dozens of times. Apollo 13 is one of my favorite movies for several reasons and here is a short rant: the movie was robbed at the 1995 Oscars. It could have been Best Picture and either Ed Harris or Karen Quinlan could have won best supporting actor/actress. At the time the movie was released, people wondered whether it would be Tom Hank's third Oscar in a row. The role of James Lovell was too "normal" and the movie too much of an ensemble film for him to have had a chance. Of course that doesn't take anything away from his brilliant, understated performance.

The movie premiered around Memorial Day 1995, and I saw it that first weekend in an old-fashioned multi-plex (before stadium seating). Seen in a theater, this movie wraps you in and rockets you back to 1970. It also puts you in a fourth chair in the Command and Lunar modules. I was around for the original Apollo 13 incident: I was the same age as the younger Lovell daughter. Yet, even knowing the whole outcome, I was still enthralled with the intricacy of the whole plot and all of the characters. The "corridor control burn," where the astronauts have to floor the engines and get the LEM back on course was especially exciting in the theater. I think all of the air got sucked out of it by people gasping! Last year I was lucky enough to meet Tracy Reiner, who played Mary Heise. She told me some neat insider information about the movie, such as how they filmed the Lift off scenes at Long Beach, CA and not Florida. Tracy also said that in the arresting scene where she and Marilyn (Karen Quinlan) gaze upward at the ascending rocket, with tears in their eyes, they are actually watching a hanky being hoisted up a flagpole. She also said she filmed most of her scenes with a broken toe.

One of the movie's best scenes was the docking sequence. In the hands of a lesser director, it would have been a ho-hum, forgettable scene. Yet Ron Howard rachets up the drama by cross-cutting between Ed Harris and the actor playing Deke Slayton as they worry about Jack Swigert, a last minute replacement performing a critical command module maneuver ("C'mon rookie, park that thing.") As many other reviewers have said, the producers did a perfect job re-creating 1970. I laughed at the part where the one Lovell daughter says about the other "She's still moaning about the stupid Beatles breaking up!" The older daughter swishes the door open and shoots back "They're not stupid, you're stupid!" This brings up another point: whoever did the costuming for the movie absolutely nailed the look of 1970 clothing and hair fashions. Yet, the movie was not nominated for a costume Oscar. I guess you have to be an 1800s or earlier period drama to be considered for that category.

At the time the incident originally occurred, we followed along in social studies class. I always knew that they would get the astronauts back safe and sound, but of course, I was an innocent kid. Still, the way the producers handled the re-entry was absolutely breathtaking. I can still see the condensation from the instrument panels dripping down on Lovell, Heise, and Swigert. There was such a dramatic build-up of the broadcast delay from re-entry, it had me and everyone else in the theatre going "Wait a minute..." until the static crackled and James Lovell's voice triumphantly booms over the speakers. Everyone in the theater cheered just like the people in mission control.

Apollo 13 didn't get the credit it deserved in the year it was released but it is still one of the best movies ever made, period.
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One of the best space movies
mbhgkmsgg24 November 2020
I'm honestly a little blown away by how much I liked this film. I have heard nothing but good things, and I went in expecting it to be good, but I never would've expected to be so captivated by it. Apollo 13 is probably the best space movie I have ever seen, at least as far as ones based on actual events go.

While movies like First Man, Interstellar, or even Gravity, have certain moments that are extremely tense, this film keeps that tension going throughout. Apart from the very beginning, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 140-minute runtime. Especially once the, now infamous line, 'Houston we have a problem' is said, the tension just keeps on ramping up and never eases until the final credits start rolling. Tension, and especially high tension, is what's crucial for these types of movies to be successful. Space is, after all, uncharted territory for most of us watching and having that tension present, adds to the anxiety of the unknown. Another thing that is very much explored in this film is the idea that once you are in space, no one will come to the rescue. Add all these things together, and you will have a tense environment. Something that this movie captures incredibly well.

Something else that I found fascinating, was the way that the situation in this film was solved. The whole mission was done with basically less computing power than we now have in our pockets. To not only be able to undertake such a mission, but to solve the biggest problem that NASA had ever faced with nothing but human ingenuity, is quite astonishing, especially for someone like me who has lived most of his life used to having computers everywhere. In many ways, this movie celebrates how capable we humans are and how far we can stretch ourselves when needed.

What Apollo 13 is, is an incredible story told very well. It captured me and my attention from the very get-go and held onto it until the very end. It's emotional when it needs to be, and the ending can only be described as spectacularly triumphant. As mentioned, I was surprised by how much I ended up liking this film. It had been on my watchlist for forever, and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to watch it.
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From the moment the problems started I was sitting on the edge of my seat
philip_vanderveken12 November 2004
I don't know what the real event was like, because I wasn't even born then, but I guess it must have been really shocking to see how these astronauts were fighting for their lives. The movie really has done a good job on showing how inventive people can be in times of need, and on recreating the emotions that the crew, their families and the people in the flight command center had to go through.

If you ask me, the film really was at its best as soon as the crew was actually taking off in their rocket. Before that the movie was a little bit too slow to my taste and it didn't have that much to say. However, from the moment the problems with Apollo 13 started I was sitting on the edge of my seat. It all felt very real and you just have to empathize with the crew and their family.

Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, Bill Paxton,... all did a great job showing us the astronauts, their families and the flight crew on this doomed mission. Their performances made "Apollo 13" one of the better movies of the nineties. I reward it with an 8/10.
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Made Me Want To Study The Real Apollo 13 Astronauts
ccthemovieman-117 February 2008
This was a very well-done true story of a space mission that came extremely close to being a disaster, but the astronauts miraculously made it home safely. Except for some language problems, it's good storytelling and so interesting that it made me want to study the real Apollo 13 astronauts.

The movie is fairly long at 140 minutes and there is not much "action" but there is a lot of suspense and first-rating acting, both of which should keep anyone's interest. Knowing this was a true story makes one all the more involved with it. You can usually count of Director Ron Howard putting out an interesting and well-photographed film.

What also was interesting to me, too, was to see these actors, most of whom usually play volatile characters- or did prior to this film - act in such low-key roles. I refer to Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon.

By the way, one of the young Lovell children was played by Miko Hughes, who became a co- star in a film - "Mercury Rising" - several years later.

For such a tense story, with these astronauts lives on the line, none of the astronauts or people at NASA or anyone's family members are ever seeing praying throughout this ordeal! You can bet, in real life, a lot of prayers were answered on this mission.

Overall, this is good movie-making and recommended.
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Houston, we have no problem...
tml_pohlak_1320 June 2009
Many would argue that, because it is based on true events, history ruins the ending of Apollo 13, and thus, its thriller aspect is worthless. I will confess to ignorance here: I knew next to nothing about the real-life mission, and thus, I was able to really enjoy the movie's thriller aspect.

The first half hour of Apollo 13 basically introduces the main characters. Its slow pace actually helps it in the long run; it plods along and finds its own, comfortable pace. Some mightn't like this, but I did. As soon as a little complication is introduced involving Gary Sinise's character, the movie skyrockets forward and doesn't stop. Characters that we've gotten to know and care for are then involved in one scary series of events, making the film that much more thrilling.

Ron Howard really knows how to direct. The suspense sequences of Apollo 13 work out fantastically. He doesn't add unnecessary material to the film to make it more popular to the masses. There is no "asteroid field" sequence that a superficial teen audience would go crazy over. As a result, the film really feels like it is taking place in outer space. This adds a layer of realism to the (fantastic) special effects, and the film is that much better.

An added bonus is Tom Hanks in the lead role as Jim Lovell. He is one of the few popular actors who really deserve all the praise. Hanks adds a touch of humanity to his role; he doesn't feel like an unerring, invincible protagonist, and he doesn't feel like a "Gary Sue" who will mess up at all the appropriate times. As the ship's crew begins to argue, Hanks joins in the shouting, trying to "break it up". But it isn't his voice that stops the arguing. Hanks makes his character and the danger he is in feel real. That takes real talent.

But Hanks is not the only one who deserves praise. Every single actor in the film, from Gary Sinise to Ed Harris, does a fantastic job. Their characters are not imitations of real-life personages; they are their own. Everyone seems to fit their character perfectly, even Jim Lovell's elderly mother (who is introduced lamenting that her son's broadcast is not on TV).

Arguably, Apollo 13's most pleasant surprise is found in its gentle inclusion of comic relief. It doesn't seem intrusive or inappropriate. The best way to describe it is "gentle". For instance, two world-famous astronauts are introduced to Jim's mother as regular, ordinary young men. It's funny and doesn't seem forced into the plot.

The Verdict: Apollo 13 is a splendid little film, thrilling when it has to be, comic at times, and carried all the way by splendid performances from all the actors. Solid direction and superb visual effects just add to make it the great film it is.

Overall Rating: 10/10
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Truly superlative "really happened" movie
BlokeWithABrainUK18 May 2009
I am amazed this film does not have a higher mark than 7.5 at the moment. It is difficult to see how this could have been done any better - a genuinely thrilling story that encompasses the very best in humanity.

The casting is perfect - everyone puts there heart into it (Ed Harris is especially worth a mention), and the special effects are not only an incredible achievement in themselves, but also used just the way they should be - to tell the story, not replace it. The Zero-G is brilliantly executed, and the CGI Saturn5 on the launch pad is utterly convincing.

Regardless of the fact that we all know the outcome to the story before we start viewing, this is compelling edge of the seat stuff. Howard manages to convey the desperation of the situation, while never once leaving us without hope.

This film is just sheer class from beginning to end. You will love it even if you think you aren't interested in space exploration.
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A testament to humanity's finest.
Andromeda448226 November 2020
One of the most underappriciated films that I can think of. Watch this film, then realise it's not a work of fiction.
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A historical film that is still just as powerful and intense as it was in 1995.
Apollo 13, in my opinion, is one of the finest films of the 20th Century thanks to its incredible cast, emotionally tender direction from Ron Howard and James Horner's incredibly patriotic score to top it all off. It's 90s filmmaking at its very best; it balances practical effects with CGI perfectly in a way that just feels... right for Apollo 13 in particular because it's one of those movies that was at the 80s-90s Hollywood aesthetic crossroad.

The zero-gravity scenes in the Apollo 13 are still remarkable today thanks to the little 'trick' the filmmakers used to make it seem like the actors were really in space: controlling the trajectory of a plane by having it fly up and down in a way that they emulated the 'weightlessness' the astronauts experienced during the near-disaster that was Apollo 13. Gravity could almost be interpreted as a plot-point in the story: it shows that the Apollo 13's situation nearly spun right out of control and that without the help of NASA they wouldn't have been able to focus on their rescue effort; this essentially makes Apollo 13 a disaster movie that has three astronauts trying their damnedest to come back home: dear old planet Earth.

Apollo 13 is a classic for good reason: its sensual direction, the characters, the music and the space sequences are the stuff of cinematic dreams. And it all really happened. This is a story of human will, progress and fighting against the odds. It's remarkable stuff.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. 5/5 stars.
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The Right Stuff
george.schmidt27 February 2003
APOLLO 13 (1995) ***1/2 Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Kathleen Quinlan, Ed Harris, Loren Dean, Clint Howard. Exhilarating and absorbing true life account of the 1970 mishap of the American space program's Apollo 13 that nearly became a tragic catastrophe based on astronaut and team leader Jim Lovell's novel "Lost Moon". Hanks is excellent as Lovell, grace under pressure realized, as is the rest of the fine ensemble and perfect visual effects of space travel and ingenuity. Harris won a nomination for Best Supporting Actor as Mission control's chief. Noteworthy: that's director Ron Howard's real life mother as Lovell's mom and look sharp for Lovell himself at the film's conclusion. Oscar winner for Best Editing and Best Sound.
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A Great Inspiring Film
moviewizguy27 January 2007
Astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert are on Apollo 13. People aren't worried about this expedition because the people already made it to the moon safely and had came back alive. That's not the point when things go very wrong and the hopes of coming back alive starts to fade.

This is a very good film. It shows human dedication and perseverance that they won't give up, even though hopes from other people seems to increase.

The acting by Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, and Kathleen Quinlan are all great. This film also delivers some of the best lines in movie history.

This is a true story and has turned into a great movie and has great acting. Although I wouldn't say it's the best film, it's still one of the best films.
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The crisis of Apollo 13 mission is shown from all points of view, including ground controllers and the families.
vsg3110 April 2014
"Apollo 13" is a docudrama that has you on the edge of your seat even if you may know what's going to happen. It's the true story of the 1970 mission to the moon where the famous "Houston, we have a problem," quote originated. Other documentaries tell the same story, but this 1995 version, directed by Ron Howard, is a must-see masterpiece.

The lead character of mission commander Jim Lovell is played by Tom Hanks. (My 10th-grade students watched it and recognized Hanks' voice as Woody from "Toy Story".) Lovell refuses to be superstitious about the number 13. When his crew is moved up from Apollo 14 to 13, his wife asks, "Why does it have to be 13?" "Because it follows 12," he replies. Lovell is funny, smart and a good leader. He was a step ahead of mission control and always had his crew working ahead of mission director's requests. Before this mission Lovell had flown three missions for NASA, but now he wanted to walk on the moon in the worst way.

Unfortunately, the crew winds up facing a catastrophe that threatens their mission to the moon and their lives. Instead of using the lunar module to land on the moon, they have to first live in it to survive their flight. The amazing thing is how director Ron Howard lets us experience everyone's journey, not just the astronauts. We also see the mission controllers arguing and problem solving. Lovell's wife, Marilyn, is shown each step of the way constantly adding depth and emotion to balance the technical NASA speak.

Emotional balance and master pacing is a hallmark of Ron Howard's films. All of his movies, which include "Cacoon," "Splash," "Backdraft," "A Beautiful Mind," etc., have emotional cores that anchor them. You come away feeling like you've had a truly human experience.

I am addicted to this movie: once I see a scene of it while flipping through channels, it's impossible to turn it off. I have to watch it to the end. I have almost studied it frame by frame for the unusual camera angles and another time for the pacing of humor to make the tension bearable.

I'm not sure I'll ever grasp all the magnificence of this movie, but I think if I keep trying, all my storytelling will improve.

Ultimately, there's something for everyone in this film, so watch if you haven't seen it. Watch it again, if you have!
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An underrated movie about a real event
jturnbull-398-39579414 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am at a loss as to why some people criticise this movie unless they are far to young to understand the period and the importance of the space program at the time.

Anyone who has been to the Smithsonian in Washington DC will appreciate that these were pretty crude instruments to travel to the moon and back. I would'nt cross town in one of these but men of determination, dedication, vision and belief set off for what has been until now the greatest adventure of all time.

Inevitably something was always going to go wrong and this was Apollo 13. That through ingenuity, analysis, and bravery under fire (so to speak) the crew returned to Earth is every bit as remarkable as what the story suggests.

The settings are realistic, down to clothes, hairstyles and the like. The fusion of the event with the more mundane aspects of family life add to the realism. The acting is strong and believable, and I particularly liked the interpretation of Lovell's wife, who manages to blend support of her husband, with fear and concern, while trying to run a relatively normal household.

The parts of the three astronauts are well portrayed. Hanks, who I wax and wane on does a good job and Kevin Bacon is plausible as Swigert, even if his bachelor status is a bit overcooked. Gary Sinese, as always, is terrific and his role in the rescue of the mission is a little overstated, but he is just as good here as he was as Capt. Dan in Forest Gump. Ed Harris, also as is usual, is very good (and I particularly liked his waistcoat).

This makes a great companion piece to The Right Stuff, another of my favourite movies, and anyone interested in the space program, and where it came from, should have both in their DVD collection, along with the documentary piece, In the Shadow of the Moon and the TV series From the Earth to the Moon.
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Excellent recreation of a factual drama-in-space.
barnabyrudge17 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As if to prove that the number 13 is truly unlucky - as superstitious people have been telling us for years - the 13th Apollo space mission was a catalogue of disastrous mishaps from start to finish. Ron Howard directs this film version of the events surrounding the ill-fated mission with great attention to the technical detail, making it almost documentary-like in approach. But while some documentaries are rather cold and distant, Howard remembers to keep the emotional drama in his film tense and involving, just as it must have been as the events unfolded for real back in the spring of 1970.

Astronaut Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) has long dreamed of setting foot on the moon, and gets his chance when chosen to be a member of the Apollo 13 moon landing mission in 1970. The three man team also includes Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) and Fred Haise (Bill Paxton). During their flight to the moon, the three astronauts make regular live transmissions that they believe will be televised down on Earth. However, their TV slot has been axed without them knowing it, as no-one seems particularly interested any more in the rather dull and technical terminology associated with space travel. The mission is destined to become the centre of everyone's attention, however, when a routine oxygen tank procedure goes awry and leads to an explosion. The Apollo shuttle is suddenly marooned in space, with little power, little control and little air. The objective of landing on the moon is replaced with the sole aim of getting the astronauts back home alive. In Houston, scientists struggle against the odds to plan a way to bring the astronauts back to safety, working around the clock to solve various logistical problems facing them. Meanwhile, Lovell's wife Marilyn (Kathleen Quinlan) must hold together her family as they face the terrifying possibility of losing their beloved Jim. And aboard the shuttle itself, the three astronauts endure several days of unrelenting doubts and fears as their very lives hang by a thread….

Apollo 13 is a superb recreation of the true story. Its most impressive achievement is that it manages to generate genuine gnawing tension in spite of the fact that most viewers already know the outcome. The performances are first-rate throughout, with Hanks, Bacon and Paxton exceptional as the endangered space travellers, Quinlan totally convincing as Lovell's distraught wife, and Ed Harris in commanding form as the mission controller sweating it out down in Houston. William Broyles Jr and Al Reinert provide an excellent script, which makes absolute sense of the potentially confusing technical dialogue, and also explores the emotional toll of the ordeal realistically and effectively. The final scene especially, in which communication is lost as the astronaut's re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, is so taut that you can feel your heart thumping inside your chest. The film is a celebration of human determination – some have criticised it for its unapologetic flag-waving and patriotism but such criticisms seem, to me, to be missing the point. This is not so much about America conquering the odds, more a film about the human spirit in general conquering the odds. And that's a message that we should all take from the film with open arms. Apollo 13 is an outstanding film indeed.
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Breaks my heart...
cljohnston1085 August 2003
Just purchased the Collector's Edition DVD, and I'm somewhat ashamed of myself for a) waiting this long and b) buying it used.

This was my first time viewing the film digitally (after seeing it once in the theater and countless times on VHS) and I must say that, with the DVD format's perfect picture & sound quality, I felt like I was seeing this perfect film for the very first time!

As someone who has followed the Space Program closely all his life, I consider this to be the most accurate depiction of manned spaceflight ever committed to film, and feel it should be considered an historical document, rather than "just a movie".

It breaks my heart when I see comments from uninformed & uninspired individuals, who come out of the woodwork for the sole purpose of spitting bile on this masterpiece, inventing flaws where none exist.

I know how NASA personnel behave and communicate, and these performances were absolutely flawless. The recreation of all the hardware and locations was perfect in every detail, which had never been attempted before, nor had the concept of generating ACTUAL weightlessness inside a KC-135 flying a parabolic trajectory!

People complain that... ...the dialog was too technical, when in fact it was "dumbed down" quite a bit! If you're having trouble understanding what's being said... READ A BOOK! ...the ending was known! Ah, but the tale was not! It was a true Odyssey: "a long journey marked by many changes in fortune."

The sheer magnitude of effort pumped into this film, and the obvious love and care displayed by each and every member of the cast and crew for the subject at hand, deserves much better than the merciless apathy it's been getting here.
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Scurvy move by IMDb to blindly remove ALL Discussion Boards!
Strings1012 March 2017
... and for this movie especially! Sure, most boards are just anonymous posters trash-talking (or hero-worshipping) various actors and directors, but the D-Boards for 'Apollo 13' were full of SOLID TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE by RKIs, and many, many teachable moments.

All those years of patronizing IMDb, enduring their ads, supporting their sponsors, and now... KNIFE IN THE BACK, eh wot? =:O
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The greatest movie. A touching yet thrilling action-packed story of hope and beating the odds.
artemis2135 November 1999
This movie is my all-time favorite. It has every element that makes a movie a classic. It is suspenseful, thrilling, and touching. It has drama, comedy, suspense, and even a little romance. I read the book "The Lost Moon" written by Jim Lovell and was the basis of the movie. The writers, producers, director, and actors did a marvelous job of portraying the events of the perilous flight of Apollo 13. The actors (Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, Kathleen Quinland, and Gary Sinise) did a wonderful job as their character. I absolutely love movies where everyone comes together to fight and work toward a certain, unified goal, and I cannot think of a better example of this than what is shown in Apollo 13.
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Fantastic film for an amazing piece of history!
bernardoguerreiro-5643912 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
What a great film! Though the film was based on the book "Lost Moon", we must give credit to the director Ron Howard and his entire team, who in the best possible way, made the film very easy to understand even for the type of people who like me had no interest in the space theme. I highlight the performances of Ed Harris and Gary Sinise, which, especially in the last 10/15 minutes, allowed to accentuate the feeling of anguish and distress that made Jim Lovell's mythical phrase "Hey Houston, this is Odissey. It's great to see you again! " throw us off the chair! I highly recommend this film, fantastic! 9/10
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It was actually underappreciated...
bheadher19 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Yes it was a dramatized movie, and yes some of the sequences were made up...but the movie was as accurate as could possibly be to make a movie. This happened, it was real, and I watched it live as it happened...

Frankly it doesn't get better than Apollo 13, a moon flight that never made it...yet captured the hearts of an entire world...
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Is this what is called a "great movie"
vikramkolluru16 June 2007
The event happened in history. All know what happened. I saw the movie umpteen number of times. Every time I watch now, I know what happens next. Still, when it comes to the 3 minute wait towards the end of the movie,I keep my fingers crossed expecting the miracle to happen. At the end of 4 minute 30 second wait, when odyssey responds, the significance of the "moment" is summed up by the expression in Ed Harris eyes. MAN SECCEEDED IN FAILURE. It is this kind of movies we call great movies because even after so many years when one thinks of them, one can "feel" the situation. Shawshank redemption, Forrest Gump, Cast away, Gone with the wind, The Pianist, Schlindler's List to name a few.

Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, Ron Howard, and TOM HANKS wow what a combination. MUST HAVE THE DVD.
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