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2 Sep. 1990
Mikey finds love with a new girl in school. At the same time Parker finds love in a new girl (who turns out to be the same girl). Being a true bud Parker steps aside and helps Mikey out in asking her out for a date. Complicating matters further the girl, Robin, is more interested in Parker anyways. The final straw comes in the form of a 300+ lb. football player named Larry Kubiac who wants to destroy Parker. It seems life couldn't be more complicated for the Junior who normally holds all the cards.
9 Sep. 1990
Operation Kubiak
Parker takes on a new role as Larry Kubiac's agent. While Larry is a force to be reckoned with on the football field his communication skills are lacking. When college football scouts are on campus Parker has to help the giant impress them or else wind up a failure. Now Parker has to find a way to help Kubiac or else risk a future of pain care of the Kube.
16 Sep. 1990
Power Play
There's a disturbance in the force as their can't be two Parker Lewis's. A new student at Santo Domingo threatens to steal Parker's glory as he's able to outdo Parker at every turn. In the blink of an eye Parker is no longer the coolest kid in school and struggles to keep his sanity. Parker's world is crumbling around him unless he can find a way to beat Matt Stiles.
23 Sep. 1990
Parker Lewis Must Lose
Parker Lewis is a force to be reckoned with in whatever he does. When it comes to the office of the class president Parker and gang decide to try their hand. When the girl that really wants the position puts her all into it only to pale in comparison to Parker guilt follows. For once Parker decides to lose at something and throw the election against his competitor, Becky Grant. It seems though that Parker can't lose even if he tries and his ratings soar more than ever.
30 Sep. 1990
Close But No Guitar
After the day from Hell, Mikey finally has had enough. Without plans after high school, he finally figures that he might as well drop out. Now trying to make it as a musician, Parker and others from Santo Domingo have to intervene to help Mikey see the error in his ways. Is there really anything left at Santo Domingo for Mikey, or is the life of a drop-out the best choice?
7 Oct. 1990
G.A.G. Dance
With the upcoming "G.A.G. Dance" looming the guys at Santo Domingo are all a bit worried. G.A.G. means "Girls Ask Guys" therefore worry of the wrong girl asking guys out is very real and Parker intervenes with a motivational speech. Parker might be able to inspire confidence to the students, but who's going to be there to help inspire Parker? As everyone finds dates to the dance Parker winds up the odd man out...
14 Oct. 1990
Love's a Beast
A secret admirer has it out for Mikey and the gang seeks out to find out who. Parker's attention meanwhile is focused on Grace Musso more than ever as she is bent on having Parker make up 3 months of missed first period classes. This lack of attention might throw a fork in Parker being able to locate the correct girl who has eyes for Mikey.
21 Oct. 1990
Saving Grace
Sometimes, a bunch of little events occur at just the right time, which culminate into one big disaster. This day is one of those days, as Grace Musso's review is done surprisingly at Santo Domingo. Chaos ensues, Grace is demoted to teaching the home economics class, and Dr. Pankow becomes the new principal. When the new principal turns the school into a prison, Parker has to figure out a way of getting Grace her job back.
28 Oct. 1990
Musso & Frank
Parker constantly takes advantage of situations where he (or his buddies) can benefit. When Frank Lemmer finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place he turns to Parker. As Musso is trying to hook Lemmer up with her 'unsuitable' (In Frank's opinion) niece, Lemmer cuts a deal with Parker for him to find a more suitable date. As Jerry needs help for an upcoming test that Lemmer can help with the deal seems simple enough. Naturally this simple task for Parker winds up with a series of snags and it seems Parker only worsens the situation.
4 Nov. 1990
Deja Dudes
With the upcoming class of 1970 High School reunion coming up some surprising characters show up. Not only did Grace Musso graduate then, but Larry's dad, Parker's dad and his 2 best buds. The fore-runner of Parker, Mr. Lewis was the resident prankster along with his buddies to whom perpetrated the ultimate prank back in their day. Now the only evidence of their identities in the prank are about to be revealed as the time capsule from 1970 is going to be opened in front of the entire graduating class. Can Parker cover up the crime, or is his dad's legendary episode ...
11 Nov. 1990
Radio Free Flamingo
Deep in the bowels of Santo Domingo lies a secret that lay dormant since the 1960's... Santo Domingo's own pirate radio station. As Parker, Jerry, and Mikey stumble across the hidden radio station they feel they need to bring it back to life. The more Principal Musso tries to shut the station down the more the students listen causing a major thorn in her side. As Parker and gang find out the amount of good the station has on the students the more they feel they need to keep it going. That is unless Grace and Frank Lemmer find a way to uncover the secret hiding spot of...
18 Nov. 1990
Science Fair
It's that time of the year where the geeks rejoice. With the science fair approaching the rivalry between Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow heats up. Both sides are confident that their schools will win the science fair and they place bets on their schools. With the threat of failure Jerry (Santo Domingo's best chance at winning) spirals downward and causes a panic in Musso. When Musso realizes that Santo Domingo is going to lose and Pankow is without any promising projects the bet changes. The school with the worst science project will win the bet.
2 Dec. 1990
Teacher, Teacher
Ms. Donnely is the definition of coolness as she not only makes class interesting, but she lets her student have fun. When pranks backfire Ms. Donnely is usually there to cover for Parker. As Parker gets a bit carried away Ms. Donnely's patience slowly dwindles. The heroic teacher finally resigns leaving the students to fend for his or her-selves. One of the biggest issues is a fight looming between Kubiac and McDonald which normally Ms. Donnely would likely be able to stop. Seeing as it's largely Parker's fault for the downfall of Ms. Donnely, he has to try to get ...
16 Dec. 1990
With the rising rate of theft from Mondo Video Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are helpless to it. Parker takes notice that Kubiac could help solve the problem in the form of a rent-a-cop. All's well at Mondo and the amount of shoplifting drops to zero. Iron fisted Larry Kubiac takes the job a little seriously and the customers of Mondo are afraid to even enter the store. Logically if there are no customers coming in then none of them are going to be stealing. Now Parker is left as usual to fix the problem.

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