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  • Vic Morrow, along with child actors Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen were all killed during an accident while filming the first segment of the film "Time Out." In this segment, Morrow's character, a racist, is sent back to various times where he experiences discrimination. The last of these involved the Vietnam War. The script called for Morrow to help the two children flee from an American helicopter which is shooting them.

    Director John Landis had hired the two child actors illegally, in violation of California labor laws, which restricted the ability of children to work both at night and in proximity to explosions, both of which were present in the shoot. The scene involved a real helicopter which would fly along as Morrow and the children fled. Pyrotechnics on the ground would be used to create explosions. As Morrow and the children fled, the pyrotechnics caused the helicopters tail rotor to become damaged. The pilot lost control of the helicopter, which spun out of control, landing on the three actors, killing all of them. Edit (Coming Soon)


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