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  • In the 7th century, Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, is visited by Angel Gabriel who urges him to lead the people of Mecca and worship God. But they're exiled in Medina before returning to Mecca to take up arms against their oppressors and liberate their city in the name of God (Allah).

  • The message that transformed a pagan Arab society to a civilized society is the main theme of the movie. The hardships that Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, like his predecessor Prophets faced along with his followers, followed by an exile, formation of a state based on values is the main plot of the movie. This is an excellent and a true depiction of the Islamic era set in the 6th century AD. To all interested in understanding a great way of life -Islam.

  • This epic historical drama chronicles the life and times of Muhammad and serves as an introduction to early Islamic history.



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  • Handsomely-mounted historical epic concerns the birth of the Islamic faith and the story of the prophet Mohammed -- who, in accordance with the tenants of Islam, is never to be depicted (as this is against certain Islamic schools of thought). In Mecca in the 7th century, Mohammed is visited by a vision of the Angel Gabriel, who urges him to lead the people of Mecca to cast aside the 300 idols of Kaaba and instead worship the one true God, speaking out against the corrupt political and military leaders who rule Mecca. With the help of his uncle, a brave warrior named Hamza (Anthony Quinn), Mohammed and his followers return to Mecca to liberate the city in the name of God. The Message (originally screened in the U.S. as Mohammed, Messenger of God) proved to be highly controversial during its production and initial release. Unfounded rumors had it that Mohammed would not only be depicted in the film, but that he was to be played by Charlton Heston or Peter O'Toole. This resulted in protests by some Muslim, until director Moustapha Akkad hired a staff of respected Islamic clerics as technical advisors. The Message was shot in two versions, one in English and one in Arabic (entitled Al-Ris-Alah), with different actors taking over some of the roles due to language requirements.

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