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30 Sep. 1963
Fire and Ice
Wealthy, young, and beautiful Diane Henry has it all, including an oppressive mother-in-law and a milquetoast husband who wants a divorce. Dr. McKinley Thompson navigates Diane through a sea of troubles, watching for whitecaps.
14 Oct. 1963
There Are the Hip, and There Are the Square
One of Dr. Thompson's patients dies in an accident, leaving his girlfriend to mourn. Reassessing sessions with him, the Doctor determines discussions about the man's past indicate he may have killed himself on purpose and may have been in a suicide pact with the girl, whose miserable childhood left her in psychological turmoil.
21 Oct. 1963
The Bull Roarer
A shy young construction worker is troubled by the fact that, while his fellow construction workers--including his beefy, aggressively macho brother--engage in all sorts of "manly" activities like drinking, brawling and chasing women, he has no desire to do any of that. He begins to think that that he may be a homosexual, and comes in for help and advice.
13 Jan. 1964
And If Thy Hand Offend Thee
A war hero who played a critical part in preparing an atom bomb that was dropped on Japan eighteen years before, now suffers from a massive guilt complex, that causes an old wound to reopen, and strains his relationship with his Japanese wife, who was caught in the blast.
20 Jan. 1964
Better Than a Dead Lion
Robert Ryan plays a Hemingway type author whose best days have past. A series of recent "accidents" point to a serious problem. But is it mental or physical in origin or both. The doctors and his wife try to get to the heart of the problem, but the patient isn't interested in helping them.
9 Mar. 1964
The Summer House
Told in a series of flashbacks, the story shows that while her husband is away on a business trip, a woman slips into a catatonic state, which she goes into under pressure. A standard treatment for this condition can't be used, as it may jeopardize her pregnancy.
16 Mar. 1964
Shadow of a Starless Night
After being made one of the top staff, Dr. Phillips has a terrible car accident that leaves him blind. He rages at his new disability, resisting therapy and aid from Dr. Raymer and making an emotional wreck of his wife. Eventually, he takes a course on how to use a seeing eye guide dog.
27 Apr. 1964
My Hands Are Clean
Vincenzo is an Italian-American loan shark who develops the wounds of the Crucifixion on his palms. He seeks help from the neighborhood priest played by Henry Silva. The priest wants to keep the news of Vincenzo's stigmata quiet and contacts Dr. Thompson but Vincenzo is resistant to the doctor.

 Season 1 

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