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  • The majority of the interior scenes were shot at MGM Studios in Hollywood, California before the accident. Almost all the exterior scenes were shot on location in Kentucky after the accident. Here are some examples:

    Scenes filmed before the accident involving Montgomery 'Monty' Clift's character of John Wickliff Shawnessy:

    -Scene with his parents where his dad tells him he is related to Thomas Carlyle

    -First time John meets Flash Perkins

    -Photography scene (first time he meets Susannah)

    -Drinking scene with Flash Perkins

    -The race

    -The scene where John dances with his sister-in-law

    -The scene where John tells Susannah that he wants the slaves freed after he reads Garwood's speech

    -John sees his baby son for first time

    -The scene after Lincoln's inauguration ("You look older John")

    -The scene where John tells the Professor he is not running for office

    Scenes filmed after the accident:

    -John's first scene with Nell

    -Classroom scene when the Professor tells his class the story of the Raintree

    -All of the exterior swamp scenes

    -Where John gets Garwood dirty on the carriage

    -The picnic scene with Susannah, the Professor and Mrs. Gray

    -Scene where the Professor gets on train

    -On the riverboat with Susannah

    -The scene where John visits Susannah's burned down estate

    -Most of the Civil War battle scenes (though he has a false beard)

    -John visiting Susannah in the asylum Edit (Coming Soon)


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