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1. Deliverance (2017)

Short, Action

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Is avoiding Armageddon only delaying it? Heaven is a hell of a place these days.

Director: Paul J. Lane | Stars: Annarie Boor, Paul J. Lane, Ogechukwu David Isiguzo, Simon Boor

2. Being Grace

Drama | Post-production

A young girl, frustrated in her attempts to follow her dream, realises her true passion lies down an unexpected path.

Director: Annarie Boor | Stars: Juliette Boor, Ogechukwu David Isiguzo, Stephanie Osztreicher, Katrina Anne Ward

3. Deliverance: Redemption

Action, Fantasy | Announced

In the year A.D. 29; the banishment of a young guardian angel will shape the course of human history. Nearly 2000 years later, drawn back into her role as guardian, the question is who or what is she protecting?

Stars: Juliette Boor, Danielle Boor, Christopher Boor

4. Rebearth (2019– )

Sci-Fi | Announced

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5. Encephalon

Thriller | Announced

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6. Quinate (2018)


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The brutal beauty of pursuing your passion.

Director: Annarie Boor | Stars: Annarie Boor, Juliette Boor, Layla Heath, Charlie Li

7. Insidium

Drama | Announced

What you can't remember, will hurt you.

Director: Annarie Boor | Stars: Annarie Boor, Juliette Boor, James Thomson, Danielle Boor

8. The Acacia Tree

Drama | Announced

Pursuing a passion overcomes all obstacles.

9. A Matter of Causality (2020)

Thriller | Announced

A group of trainee medical psychologists in a race against time to counter the deadly impact of exposure to a disturbed young mind.

Director: Annarie Boor

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