Review of Moesha

Moesha (1996–2001)
An alright show for Teens
5 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show is the typical sitcom of the 90's. Arguable, I feel T.V shows back then were better than the trash on television today. This show is wholesome in most cases, has likable characters, and offers enjoyable plot lines.....up until it turned into more of a drama than a light hearted show for teens. Even the show is good, I have a big problem with the main character Moesha. She is not really a good role model, more often than not She Is rude to Her parents, disrespectful to authority, acts holier than thou, walks over Her friends, get's into everyone's business, lies, and it quite frankly a very sneaky, judgmental little thing who often overeacts to certain situations. Yes, I know no teenager is perfect, but their should be a balance were a character especially a main character, should be both likable but have flaws. Another problem I have with the show is the Feminism, which I am not a big fan of, I mean it is brought up in many conversations throughout the show even in the smallest of situations. Also I feel that at times the actors overact in certain scenes to try to seem like more, and it is more forced than natural. But overall there are some good morals in "Moesha" that can be good for children, and the whole family.
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