“Child’s Play” Remakes Chucky For The Digital Age

There’s an internal struggle going on within the remake of Child’s Play. No, this isn’t existential crisis or indie bent to the horror classic, but a war of tone. Yes, in rebooting Chucky, the filmmakers have mixed a traditional fright flick with a very strange, almost comedic, take on the material. It doesn’t really work, but when it’s being weird, it’s actually a fair amount of fun. Had that offbeat tone been stuck to, this would have been a real pleasant surprise, though sadly it becomes less and less of a factor as the movie wears on. It’s ultimately second rate horror, even if it’s not the disaster it was shaping up to be, just going by the marketing. The film is a modern day update of the original 1988 horror outing Child’s Play. Here, instead of a doll being possessed by
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