Avengers: Endgame – Samuel L. Jackson on the end of an era for the McU

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Samuel L. Jackson has been a part of the McU for a number of years now as Nick Fury, so he is pretty much a part of the wallpaper in the epic superhero battles that have become a staple in contemporary cinema.

During the recent press tour for ‘Glass’, HeyUGuys’ Scott Davis spoke with Samuel L. Jackson about the end of the Avengers in Endgame and the journey that he’s had playing his Marvel character Nick Fury across 9 movies.

As rumour has it, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is the actual end for some of our most beloved characters. Jackson reflected on his time and connection with the franchise.

“Not knowing where it was going when I was first approached about doing it and they said about a 9 picture deal, I was like how long have I got to stay alive to make 9 movies?” He went on to state “It’s been
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