New red-band trailer & clips from ‘Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy’

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It’s been four years since the release of the second sequel to the reboot/remake of Death Race – Death Race: Inferno – and three since the fourth film was sneakily announced by it’s writer (who also penned parts 2 and 3), Tony Giglio on Twitter, but now Death Race 4, or Death Race: Beyond Anarchy as it’s officially titled, has got a new red-band trailer and Four clips!

Not to be confused with Roger Corman’s own remake of Death Race, entitled Death Race 2050, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy sees the return of Danny Trejo as Goldberg and Frederick Koehler as Lists – both of whom appeared in Death Race 2 and Death Race: Inferno. Joining the Death Race family are Black SailsZach McGowan, Christine Marzano, Danny Glover, Lorina Kamburova and a number of homegrown talent from here in the UK: Cassie Clare, Nicholas Aaron, Lucy Aarden, Julian Seager, Lee Shone, Kellie Blaise
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