Re-Animate Me!


The 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows Sva Theater, NYC

I became an animation fan -- a true aficionado -- early in life. It had little or nothing to do with children's shows on television (Hanna-Barbera, Speed Racer, Gigantor, et al), though I watched and liked most of them. Rather, it was probably when I first saw Fantasia (likely mid-1960s), and then The Jungle Book (1967) and (of course!) The Beatles' Yellow Submarine (1968). By that time, I was actively looking for good (or great) animation. I was not a fan of Disney (though I have a sentimental fondness for The Aristocats (1970)), and anime feature films did not become widely known in the U.S. until the 1980s.

So when I heard about something called the Fantastic Animation Festival in 1977, I made sure to check it out. Comprised of a series of 18 animated short films, it was exactly what animation aficionados were looking for.
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