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‘Reborn’ VOD Review

‘Reborn’ VOD Review
Stars: Barbara Crampton, Kayleigh Gilbert, Bob Levitan, Chaz Bono, Bob Bancroft, Alexa Maris, Michael Pare, Rae Dawn Chong, Monte Markham | Written by Michael Mahin | Directed by Julian Richards

Directed by Julian Richards, Reborn is a Frankenstein-inspired horror with some promising ideas that are never quite fully realised by the script. Barbara Crampton plays faded actress Lena O’Neill, whose problems, her psychiatrist suggests, stem from the fact that she never achieved closure after her baby girl was stillborn, 16 years ago. However, unbeknownst to Lena, her daughter was revived in the morgue due to a freak electical accident and taken home by creepy morgue attendant Ken (Chaz Bono), who named her Tess and raised her with his mother.

On her sixteenth birthday, Tess (Kayleigh Gilbert) demands to know who her real mother is. When Ken tries to molest her, Tess discovers she has the power to control electricity and kills him,
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