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‘Subject 101’ Review: A Murky but Topical Dystopian Thriller

‘Subject 101’ Review: A Murky but Topical Dystopian Thriller
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For long stretches of Subject 101, our protagonist — identified in the end credits only as “101” (Cem Ali Gültekin) — has no idea what’s going on. He finds himself in ghastly scenes of violence and carnage, sometimes with himself holding the gun. He seems to wake up from them, only to discover he’s in some other cruel unreality. A scar on his shoulder comes and goes. A tattoo on his arm changes shape. He’s lost any sense of time, of self, of control.

And for much of that time, we’re as clueless as he is. What’s happened to him isn’t entirely a mystery; writer-director Tom Bewilogua plants clues about a Manchurian Candidate-esque mind control scenario before we have so much as a chance to ask. But we’re as uncertain as he is about what’s real and what’s not,
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Video – FlashForward 1.03 "137 Sekunden" – 4 Clips

FlashForward is getting awesome, right? This week's episode of FlashForward, 137 Sekunden, will continue to peel back layers by introducing a captured Nazi who knows something about the 'event' that caused the FlashForward. I have a definite soft spot for Nazis in my SciFi, maybe I've played too much Castle Wolfenstein, who knows. Also, this week is the debut of Gabrielle Union as Demetri's fiance. After last week's affirmation that the worst case scenario of his lacking of a FlashForward is chillingly possible we can't wait to see what she has to say. Here are four clips from FlashForward, "137 Sekunden," which airs this Thursday at 8:00pm est on ABC.

Mark And Janis Meet With An Imprisoned Nazi Who Claims To Have Knowledge About The Blackouts, Demetri Receives A Tip About His Future, And Aaron Wants To Exhume His Daughter's Body To Re-test Her DNA And Confirm Her Identity, On ABC's
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