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Hide Hide Show Show Producer (335 credits)
  LA's Most Haunted (Documentary) (executive producer) (completed)
 2019 American Illuminati 2 (Video) (executive producer)
 2019 Bible Conspiracies 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Bigfoot Exists! (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Cosmic Conspiracy (Video documentary) (producer)
 2019 Humanity Insanity (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Kingdom of Brunel (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Millennial Nation: The Lost Generation (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Mind Control: The Trance-Formation of America (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 UFO Encounters (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Legend of the Grail (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 UFO Chronicles: The Smoking Gun (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 AI: The Final Countdown (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Enigmas of the Ancient World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Indistinguishable from Magic (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Alien Artifacts: The Lost World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Aliens Exposed (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Secrets of the Ancient World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Alien Moon (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Cannabis Evolution (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Ancient World Exposed (Video) (executive producer)
 2019 Britain's Royals: The House of Windsor (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Alien Messiah (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2019 Social Media Apocalypse (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Aliens at the Pentagon (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Ancient Alien America (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 A Quest for God (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Bible Prophecies (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Conspiracy Chronicles: 9/11, Aliens and the Illuminati (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Coven of Evil (executive producer)
 2018 Dark Forces on Planet Earth (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Gods Super Collider (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Robot Planet (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 UFO Chronicles: Aliens and War (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 UFO Chronicles: The Aliens Arrive (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 UFO Chronicles: The Black Programs (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Zooman (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 A War Over Reality (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Alien Overlords (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 H. H. Holmes: Original Evil (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 An Artificial Reality (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Donkeys and Elephants (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Earth: Population Overload (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Assassins Revenge (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Afterlife (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 California Paranormal (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Sasquatch Hunters (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2018 Dark Forces: Shadow People (Video) (executive producer)
 2018 Alien Psychosis (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 2020 Nostradamus (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 666: The New World Order (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 A Conspiracy to Rule: The Illuminati (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 America Derailed: The Fall from Greatness (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 American Illuminati (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Ancient Alien Conspiracy: UFOs and the Dawn of Civilization (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Ancient Gods of Egypt (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Ancient World Exposed: Atlantis, Egypt and Epic Monoliths (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Another Barrio (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Anunnaki (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Bible Conspiracies (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Bigfoot Country (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Deadly Paranormal Encounters with the After Life (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Death Island: Paranormal Retribution (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Decoding Hitler: Occultism and Technology of the 3rd Reich (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Egypt: Origin and Aliens (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Finding Hitler: Nazis and the Great Escape (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Forbidden Knowledge: From Giants to Atlantis (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 God Is Alive (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Haunted Houses Most Evil Places on Earth (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Illuminati: The Grand Illusion (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Inside Metal: The LA Metal Scene Explodes 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Inside Metal: The Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Inside Metal: The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Inside Metal: The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Knights Templar: Rise and Fall (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Legacy of the Knights Templar (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Life After Death: Quantum Realms (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Living Forever (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Mind Control: HAARP & The Future of Technology (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Mind Control: The MKULTRA Files (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Nuclear Crisis: Planet Earth (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Paranormal Encounters: Poltergeists, Demons and Possessions (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Real Monsters, Creatures, Ghosts and Demons from Hell (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Secret World of the Knights Templar (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Sherlock Holmes Decoded: The Man Behind the Legend (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Tesla: Born in Light (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 UFO Chronicles: Aliens On Earth (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 UFO Chronicles: Alien Technology (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 UFO Chronicles: Masters of Deception (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 UFO CHRONICLES: The Shadow World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 UFO CHRONICLES: The War Room (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 Discovering Bigfoot (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 VHS Lives 2: Undead Format (Documentary) (producer)
 2017 Alien Contact: Outer Space (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 From Jennifer (executive producer)
 2017 Angels and Demons Are Real (Video) (executive producer)
 2017 Alien Implant (Video) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2017 3rd Reich: Hitler's UFOs and the Nazi's Most Powerful Weapon (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2017 VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary (Documentary) (producer)
 2016 13 Demons (Video) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2016 3 Hours till Dead (executive producer)
 2016 Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Agenda Illuminati: Supremacy of the New World Order (Video) (executive producer)
 2016 Alchemy: Human Transformation (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Alchemy: Psychology and the Alchemists (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Alien Contact: Nazi UFOs (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Alien Contact: UFO Invaders (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Alien Global Threat (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Aliens in Egypt (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 American Heroin Addicts (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Ancient Aliens and the New World Order 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 FBI Criminal Files (Video) (executive producer)
 2016 Grindhouse Zombies (Video) (executive producer)
 2016 Secret Teachings of the Universe Vol 1 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Secret Teachings of the Universe Vol 2 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 UFO's Over America: The Alien Presence Revealed (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 Female Zombie Riot (executive producer)
 2016 3rd Riech: Evil Deception (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 And Hell Awaits (Video) (executive producer)
 2016 Accidental Exorcist (executive producer) / (producer)
 2016 Inside Metal: The L.A. Metal Scene Explodes! (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2016 2 Jennifer (executive producer)
 2016 13 Times Evil (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 666: A Demon Within (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 9/11: Ten Years of Deception (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Absolute Magick: Occult Secrets of the Masters (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Contact: Secret Societies (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Crash Retrievals (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Mind Control: The UFO Enigma (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Reptilian Legacy (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Aliens and Pyramids: Forbidden Knowledge (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Watchers: Ancient Gods (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Ancient Alien Origins (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Angels and Aliens: The Fall of Man (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 A Zombie Croc: Evil Has Been Summoned (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 Bigfoot in Europe: Sasquatch Encounters Abroad (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 Deranged Killers: Stories of Psychos, Sex and Slaughter (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Tarot Card and Palm Reading (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Top 20 Mind Blowing UFO Cases: Aliens and the Biggest Cover-up in History (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 End Times, California (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 A Christmas Carol (executive producer)
 2015 10 Most Evil Serial Killers (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Alien Encounters in America: UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitations (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 The Spiritual Realms by Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Secret Societies: Dark Secrets of the Nazis (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Da Vinci's Darkest Secret (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Zombie Armageddon: The Ultimate Collection (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 A One World Agenda: The Illuminati (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 A Race of Giants: Our Forbidden History (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 American Monsters: Werewolves, Wildmen and Sea Creatures (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Ancient Mysteries of the Lost World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 A Werewolf in Slovenia (Video) (executive producer)
 2015 Shadow World: The Haunting of Mysti Delane (executive producer) / (producer)
 2015 Alien Skies Mass UFO Sightings (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 UFO Chronicles: Area 51 Exposed (executive producer)
 2015 American Mind Control: MK Ultra (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Adolf Hitler's Great Escape (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 10 Grams (executive producer)
 2015 American Biker (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2015 Bible Revelations: The Sacred Codes (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 1984: The New World Order (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Abominations of Humanity: The Evil Within (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Alien Agenda Planet Earth: Rulers of Time and Space (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Alien Contact: NASA Exposed (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Aliens and Astronauts: UFO's on the Moon (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 All God's Particles (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Blood Factor (Video) (executive producer)
 2014 Conspiracy of Lies: Flight 370 to 911 (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Dowsing: The Complete Survival Guide (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 End of the World (As We Knew It) (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 English Royalty: A Guide for the Rest of Us (Video documentary) (producer)
 2014/II All about Joe (executive producer)
 2014 Ancient Aliens and the New World Order (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Alchemy: Beyond the Emerald Tablet (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 Atlantis: The Lost World (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Ghost and Demon Children of the Damned (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 Inside Metal: The Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock and Metal (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Angel Maker: Serial Killer Queen (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Atrocity (executive producer)
 2014 Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Phantom of the Opera (executive producer)
 2014 Zombie Isle (executive producer)
 2014 Paranormal Prisons: Portal to Hell on Earth (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 Black Water Creek (producer)
 2014 Alchemy: The Egyptian Connection (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 13th Child: Jersey Devil (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Alien Encounter at Loch Ness (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 A Secret History: The Making of America (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2014 Foot Reflexology: The Master Guide (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 Ghosts at Sea: Paranormal Shipwrecks and Curses (Documentary) (producer)
 2014 Awaken the Devil (executive producer)
 2014 A Dark Place Inside (producer)
 2014 Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater (executive producer)
 2014 Abducted by Aliens: UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Christmas Lights Across America (Video) (executive producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: Alien Arrivals (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 World's Greatest Minds: Literary Geniuses (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Devils in the Darkness (executive producer)
 2013 21st Century Serial Killer (Video) (producer)
 2013 Death by VHS (executive producer)
 2013 The Possession of Sophie Love (executive producer)
 2013 Legend of the Goatman: Horrifying Monsters, Cryptids and Ghosts (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Paranormal Ghost Hauntings at the Turn of the Century (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Paranormal Rosslyn Chapel (executive producer)
 2013 A Clown's Recovery (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich (executive producer)
 2013 Robert Wise: American Filmmaker (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: Pilot Encounters and Underground Bases (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Jam Heavy Metal Guitar: The Power to Rock (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs and the Men in Black (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 All American Horror: Gateways to Hell (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: Alien Science and Spirituality (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: Cosmic Watergate (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Ufo Chronicles Files (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 9 Days (executive producer)
 2013 Paranormal Occult: Magick, Angels and Demons (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill (Documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2013 Dark Passions of a Sexual Serial Killer (executive producer)
 2013 New World Order: The Conspiracy to Rule Your Mind (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Energy Healing: Kundalini, Angels and Reiki and Super Conciousness (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2013 Exorcist Chronicles (executive producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: Contact with Aliens (Documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2013 UFO Chronicles: What the President Doesn't Know (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Kundalini Awakened: Auras, Chakras and Light Energy (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 Aliens and Crop Circles (Documentary) (producer)
 2013 The Last Vampyre on Earth (executive producer) / (producer)
 2013 Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast (executive producer) / (producer)
 2013 Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time (Documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2012 America's Alien Invasion: The Lost UFO Encounters (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2012 Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations (Documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2012 Ghostkeepers (executive producer)
 2012 Roundabout American (producer)
 2012 Garden Island: A Paranormal Documentary (executive producer)
 2012 Aliens, UFOS and the New World Order (Documentary) (producer)
 2012 Dead Crossroads (TV Series) (executive producer)
 2012 Psychos in the Woods (Video) (producer)
 2012 Zombie Horror Fright Fest! (producer)
 2012 Alien from Area 51: The Alien Autopsy Footage Revealed (Documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2012 Dark Watchers: The Women in Black (Video) (executive producer)
 2012 Paranormal Case Files: Ghost Investigations (Documentary) (producer)
 2012 UFO Encounter of the Third Kind: The Rendlesham UFO Case (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2012 The Experiment (executive producer)
 2011 Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2011 One Hour to Die (executive producer)
 2011 The Lost Secret of Immortality (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2011 The Stone (executive producer)
 2011 Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire (Video) (executive producer)
 2011 Witchcraft: The Magick Rituals of the Coven (Documentary) (producer)
 2011 RU-486: The Last Option (executive producer)
 2011 House of Sin (executive producer)
 2011 Cam Girl (executive producer)
 2011 Finding God: The Enlightenment (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life of Colin Wilson (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter (Documentary) (executive producer)
 2010 Crowbar (executive producer)
 2010 Real Ghosts UK (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 The Occult: The Truth Behind the Word (Documentary) (producer)
 2010/II Fell (executive producer)
 2010 Egypt Exposed: The True Origins of Civilization (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 The Truth Injection: More New World Order Exposed (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 Dance with Destiny (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 Beyond the Barbed Wire: An Artist View of the Holocaust (Documentary) (executive producer: Reality Films)
 2010 Secret Societies and the Global Conspiracy (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 UFOs and Close Encounters (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 Murder of Mary Magdalene (Documentary) (producer)
 2010 Almost Invisible (Video) (executive producer - uncredited)
 2009 Freakhouse: No Way Down (producer)
 2009 Legend of the Serpent (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Fool Me Once: A New World Order Agenda for 2012 (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the Real 2012? (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 The Hidden Agenda 2012 (Video documentary) (producer)
 2009 War on Terra: A Global Conspiracy Against Humanity (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Community College (executive producer)
 2009 Lies and Deception: UFO's and the Secret Agenda (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Alien Origins by Lloyd Pye (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Crop Circles the Enigma (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Foot Reflexology: A Step by Step Guide (Documentary) (producer)
 2009 Idol of Evil (producer)
 2008 Archetype of the UFO (Video documentary) (producer)
 2008 Bane (executive producer)
 2008 Deadlands 2: Trapped (producer)
 2008 Diary of a Vampire: The Legacy of Bram Stoker (Video documentary) (executive producer - uncredited)
 2008 Order of the Alchemists: The Knights of Malta (Video documentary) (executive producer)
 2008 Walking Between Worlds, Belonging to None: The Ann Andrews Story (Video documentary) (executive producer - uncredited) / (producer - uncredited)
 2008 The Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne (Video documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2008 Evil Calls: The Raven (Video) (executive producer)
 2007 The Madness of Sherlock Holmes: Conan Doyle and the Realm of the Faeries (Video documentary) (executive producer) / (producer)
 2007 Gateways to the Otherworld (Video documentary) (producer - uncredited)
 2007 Keys to the Code: Unlocking the Secrets in Symbols (Documentary) (producer)
 2007 The Spiritual World (Video documentary) (producer)
 2007 Junkfood Horrorfest (executive producer)
 2007 Quantum Mind of God (Video documentary) (producer)
 2007 Secret Societies (Documentary) (producer)
 2007 The Celtic Cross: The Discovery of the Truth (Video documentary) (producer - uncredited)
 2006 Order of One (Video) (executive producer)
 2006 Gnosis, the Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed (Documentary) (producer)
 2005 The Rites of Magick (Documentary) (producer)
 2004 The Porcelain Man (executive producer)
 1996 The Magick of Solomon (Video documentary) (producer)
 1990 American Adventure: Quartzsite Arizona (Documentary) (producer)
Show Show Writer (12 credits)
Show Show Director (6 credits)
Show Show Sound department (3 credits)
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