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Overview (3)

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Nickname NPH
Height 6' (1.83 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Neil Patrick Harris was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on June 15, 1973. His parents, Sheila Gail (Scott) and Ronald Gene Harris, were lawyers and ran a restaurant. He grew up in Ruidoso, New Mexico, a small town 120 miles south of Albuquerque, where he first took up acting in the fourth grade. While tagging along with his older brother of 3 years, Harris won the part of Toto in a school production of The Wizard of Oz (1939).

His parents moved the family to Albuquerque in 1988, the same year that Harris made his film debut in two movies: Purple People Eater (1988) and Clara's Heart (1988), which starred Whoopi Goldberg. A year later, when Neil was 16, he landed the lead role in Steven Bochco's television series about a teen prodigy doctor at a local hospital, Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989), which launched Harris into teen-heartthrob status. The series lasted1989-1993 and earned him a People's Choice Award for Favorite Male Performer in a New Series (1990) and a Golden Globe Nomination (1990). Harris attended the same high school as Freddie Prinze Jr., La Cueva High School in Albuquerque. Neil acted on stage in a few plays while there, one of which was his senior play, Fiddler on the Roof (1971), in which he portrayed Lazar Wolf the butcher (1991).

When "Doogie Howser, M.D." stopped production in 1993, Harris took up stage acting, which he had always wanted to do. After a string of made-for-television movies, Harris acted in his first big screen roles in nine years, Starship Troopers (1997) with Casper Van Dien and then The Proposition (1998). In July 1997, Harris accepted the role of Mark Cohen for the Los Angeles production of the beloved musical, Rent (2005). His performance in "Rent" garnered him a Drama-League Award in 1997. He continued in the musical, to rave reviews, until January 1998. He later reprised the role for six nights in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in December 1998.

In 1999, Harris returned to television in the short-lived sitcom Stark Raving Mad (1999), with Tony Shalhoub. He was also in the big-screen projects The Next Best Thing (2000) and Undercover Brother (2002), and he can be heard as the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the newest animated Spider-Man (2003) series. Harris has continued his stage work, making his Broadway debut in 2001 in "Proof." He has also appeared on stage in "Romeo and Juliet," "Cabaret," Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in Concert (2001), and, most recently, "Assassins." In 2005, Harris returned to the small screen in a guest-starring role on Numb3rs (2005) and a starring role in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother (2005). Neil played the title role in the web-exclusive musical comedy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008), widely downloaded via iTunes to become the #1 TV series for five straight weeks, despite not actually being on television.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: ChristiRene80@aol.com

Family (4)

Spouse David Burtka (6 September 2014 - present)  (2 children)
Children Burtka-Harris, Gideon Scott
Burtka-Harris, Harper Grace
Parents Scott, Sheila Gail
Harris, Ronald Gene
Relatives Harris, Brian (sibling)

Trade Mark (5)

Blond hair and blue eyes
Often plays mischievous characters
Often works his singing abilities into his roles
Often works his abilities as an illusionist into his roles
Often plays theatrical, over the top characters

Trivia (39)

Both of his parents are lawyers.
Attended the same high school as Freddie Prinze Jr..
Has sung since he was a child. His father played the folk guitar and together they entertained.
His favorite movie is Rear Window (1954) by Alfred Hitchcock.
His parents own a restaurant called "Perreniel's" in Albuquerque. His brother is currently running the restaurant.
Based on his Los Angeles stage performance in the musical "Rent", he was attached to play Mark Cohen in a television miniseries based on the Broadway musical, with Wilson Cruz as Angel, Rikki Lee Travolta as Roger Davis, and singer Shakira as Mimi, but the rights were pulled in order for Chris Columbus to make a film adaptation using much of the original Broadway cast including Anthony Rapp in the role of Mark.
Is an avid Les Miserables fan, and performed the song "The Confrontation" with his co-star Jason Segel (both of How I Met Your Mother (2005) fame) live on The Megan Mullally Show (2006). He performed the role of Javert, to wild cheers from the audience.
He was the "Not My Job" guest on the April 5, 2008, episode of the National Public Radio quiz show "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!".
He is an amateur magician, which he once demonstrated on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.
Typically, actors playing themselves on film are listed "as Himself" in the film's credits. Due to the over-the-top, outlandish nature of his role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008), he requested that his credit read "Neil Patrick Harris" instead of "as Himself". This was to make clear that he was playing a fictional character that was in no way a true representation of himself.
According to an oral history of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) published in July 2008 in Entertainment Weekly, he auditioned to play the doctor role on Firefly (2002) that was eventually filled by Sean Maher.
He is credited using all three names because there was already a different actor named Neil Harris in the Screen Actors Guild by the time he first got his SAG card. Harris joked on NPR's "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" that he uses all three names because it's "far more theatrical," and that he and his parents considered using names like "Neil Danger Harris" or "Neil Patrick Rocket".
Has been in a committed relationship with stage and screen actor David Burtka, his partner since 2004.
Harris' closest friends include his companion David Burtka, Amy Acker, Lori and Lex Medlin, Becky Baeling and Brandon Boyce.
Enjoys Red Bull so much on and off the set of How I Met Your Mother (2005) that he was given a lifetime supply of it and a mini-refrigerator by the company that makes the drink because of the amount of free advertising he has given it.
In one year, he hosted The 7th Annual TV Land Awards (2009), The 63rd Annual Tony Awards (2009), and The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards (2009). All three ceremonies featured him singing a song about the occasion that had been written for him by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.
Recipient of the 2009 The Trevor Life Award, which annually honors an "individual who, through his or her example, support, volunteerism and/or occupation, is an inspiration to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning youth". The award is presented by The Trevor Project, a national crisis and suicide prevention organization helping LGBTQ young people who are facing familial rejection or considering suicide. The next year, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Trevor Project.
All in the same award season, he hosted The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards (2009) and The 63rd Annual Tony Awards (2009), presented an award at The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (2010) and had an opening act at The 82nd Annual Academy Awards (2010).
In 2010, Time magazine named Harris one of their 100 Most Influential People in the World. Joss Whedon wrote the short article on Harris in the issue.
Told Howard Stern that he had plastic surgery to pin his ears back so that they would not stick out as much as they did when he was an adolescent.
On October 12, 2010, his and David Burtka's twins, son Gideon Scott and daughter Harper Grace, were born via surrogate.
Was in a relationship with Christine Taylor (1997-1998).
Was in a relationship with Robyn Lively (1992-1993), when they worked together on the set of Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989).
Agreed to be the announcer for the CoasterRadio.com podcast after being impressed by the show's year-long "Neil Patrick Harris Project".
In June 24, 2011, Harris and David Burtka announced their engagement via Twitter, stating that they had proposed to each other five years ago but kept the engagement secret until same-sex marriage became legal.
Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6243 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on September 15, 2011.
Harris and his partner, David Burtka, have two children, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, born on October 12, 2010.
Is a huge fan of the series, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988), and noted that he never missed an episode while making Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989).
Is a lifelong comic book fan and has provided voices for famous characters such as The Flash, Nightwing and Spider-Man (in both a series and video game).
In June 2013, the New York Times reported that Harris is set to star in the title role in the first Broadway production of John Cameron Mitchell's rock musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", scheduled for spring 2014.
In 2011, Harris and Burtka told People magazine that they were each the biological father of one of their twins. Harris said: "We found an egg donor anonymously through a hilarious process of looking at people's profiles and then an amazing surrogate who had helped a same-sex couple before. And then we inserted two eggs, one with my sperm, one with David's sperm and they both took." Burtka added: "We don't know whose is whose.".
He was awarded the 1997 Drama Logue Award for Performance for "Rent" in the Center Theatre Group production at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
He was awarded the 1997 Back Stage Garland Award for Outstanding Performance for "Rent" in a Center Theatre Group production at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
He won Broadway's 2014 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance as the title role in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" at the Belasco Theatre.
Has English, German and Scottish ancestry.
Neil won the 2014 Tony Award for Lead Actor (Musical) for "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". He also received his only Grammy nomination to date for Best Musical Theater Album for the show's cast recording.
Neil has hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards twice, in 2009 and 2013. In 2015, he became the first openly gay man to host the Academy Awards.

Personal Quotes (26)

People Magazine, November 3, 2006: "Rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love."
I heard through the grapevine that they'd written this movie and that I was in it, and that I had to call my attorneys and make it stop -- that it was a bad thing, and I read it and thought it was hilarious. A friend was auditioning for a different part in the movie and said, 'do you know about this movie that you're in?' - on playing "Neil Patrick Harris" in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004).
Comedy is way more difficult than drama. What I might find funny, the editor might not find funny. They might choose the reaction shot from Take 4 with my line from Take 1 with my next line from Take 7, and then the timing that I was trying to do does not come across.
She's like the coolest, nicest chick ever. She's an absolute catch, and I thought if I'm not going to feel the super sparks with her, then it probably means that I'm gay. [Speaking to Howard Stern about having dated actress Christine Taylor in his early 20s].
I'm not the biggest fan of the word 'partner'. It either means that we run a business together or we're cowboys. 'Boyfriend' seems fleeting, like maybe we met two weeks ago. I've been saying 'better half' for as long as I've been able to. I think it's a little self-deprecating and clearly defines that we're in a relationship, but it would be nice to say 'my husband'.
[on the Tony Awards] We like to call it 50 Shades of Gay.
I have always been a fan of that immersive theatre idea that there is some kind of puzzle unfolding, and that things are happening around you without you knowing it.
[on David Fincher] He's been one of my favorite directors since 'The Game', starring Michael Douglas. He directs as if he is an artist painting pictures, so he tends to create a quiet, unsettling dynamic through the use of symmetry and asymmetry. And when you look at the paintings he's created, you feel something is a bit amiss, and there's a yearning for something - something that isn't there... I think he picks his projects really carefully, based on the knowledge that he will make them better. He knows what's in his wheelhouse.
I think kids are fascinated by the morbid. I know my kids are. Harper, our daughter, likes us to tell her scary stories. I'm thinking now back to 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'. Kids are told a lot about how to behave well, so I think creatively, it's fun to indulge in the sinister.
There's a kid in the middle of nowhere who's sitting there living for Tony performances. Singing and flipping along with the Pippins, and Wickeds, and Kinkys, Matildas, and Mormons's. So we might reassure that kid, and do something to spur that kid, 'cause I promise you, all of us up here tonight, we were that kid.
But magic is like pizza: even when it's bad, it's pretty good.
Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still make a big impact.
Our culture's adjustment to the epistemology of television is by now all but complete; we have so thoroughly accepted its definitions of truth, knowledge and reality that irrelevance seems to us to be filled with import, and incoherence seems eminently sane. And if some of our institutions seem not to fit the template of the times, why it is they and not the template, that seem to us disordered and strange.
For me, magic can be a story, a game, a puzzle, or a surprise that takes my breath away in a single, furious gulp.
He wanted a home. He wanted a family. He wanted to have friends. But none of those things were realistic. At least not until he came to Mineral Wells. Right now Carter was just trying to hold on to the happiness he'd found since meeting Mr. Vernon the previous night. "To belong, okay??" Carter snapped. He felt tears in his eyes, but he wasn't sure. Quickly, he wiped at them. "You don't know what it's like to be alone.
It was so shiny
Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits.
For others, magic is a crisp autumn's day or a tender hug from a loved one.
When she is three, you catch her singing Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball," a song nobody should sing until they're at least dead. [from his book - Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography]
The tots both started laughing. On the same day. I'm now obsessed with getting them to do it. Babies laughing is like opium.
I enjoy being a hyphenate. I've always thought of my career as a plate spinner in the circus.
So pluck up your courage and take that risk! Add another story to the book of your life. Even if it doesn't go the way you planned or wanted, you'll still learn from it. Adventure
Some would say you were in a closet. Some would say you didn't even know you were in a house. The "truth" about a person's sexual preference is often revealed through a long journey of tiny steps, and acceptance is one of the last ones. It's an individual story for every person. There are unique personal prejudices in everyone, created by our families, our social circles, and mostly by ourselves. It's tough to confront those things that you are afraid of in yourself.
Not really. You're prepubescent, so no bush.
You come in weighing a very average, very sexy seven pounds, seven ounces. As it happens, that is also the exact weight of an Emmy Award. Coincidence? Yes ... but true fact? No.
comin' straight outta Brentwood, a cadre of young stars who've grown up deprived of deprivation trying to transform themselves into street toughs by forming ""gangs"" so devoid of street cred it's necessary to put the word in two sets of quotes. What kind of criminal activity are they engaged in? Script laundering? Agent smuggling? Film miscasting? Who knows. They think they have a posse when what they really have is a pose.

Salary (1)

How I Met Your Mother (2005) $150,000 /episode (2009-10)

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