Astoria, Oregon

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Filmed on location in Astoria, Oregon

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1. Come See the Paradise (1990)

R | 138 min | Drama, Romance, War

The passionate romance between an Irish-American man and a Japanese-American woman is threatened when the Pearl Harbor attacks happen and the woman is forced into a prison camp because of her ethnicity.

Director: Alan Parker | Stars: Dennis Quaid, Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Shizuko Hoshi

Votes: 3,049 | Gross: $0.85M

2. Free Willy (1993)

PG | 112 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

79 Metascore

When a boy learns that a beloved killer whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, the boy risks everything to free the whale.

Director: Simon Wincer | Stars: Jason James Richter, Lori Petty, Michael Madsen, Jayne Atkinson

Votes: 82,849 | Gross: $77.70M

3. Kindergarten Cop (1990)

PG-13 | 111 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

61 Metascore

A tough cop must pose as a kindergarten teacher in order to locate a dangerous criminal's ex-wife, who may hold the key to putting him behind bars.

Director: Ivan Reitman | Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Linda Hunt

Votes: 162,392 | Gross: $91.46M

4. Short Circuit (1986)

PG | 98 min | Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

50 Metascore

Number 5 of a group of experimental robots in a lab is electrocuted, suddenly becomes intelligent, and escapes.

Director: John Badham | Stars: Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton

Votes: 66,249 | Gross: $40.70M

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993)

PG | 96 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

40 Metascore

When journalist April O'Neil discovers an ancient scepter with magical powers, the Turtles must cow-a-bunga their way back to 17th century Japan to rescue her from the evil clutches of Lord Norinaga.

Director: Stuart Gillard | Stars: Elias Koteas, Paige Turco, Stuart Wilson, Sab Shimono

Votes: 36,389 | Gross: $42.66M

6. The Goonies (1985)

PG | 114 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

62 Metascore

A group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate's long-lost treasure.

Director: Richard Donner | Stars: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman

Votes: 297,937 | Gross: $61.50M

7. The Ring Two (2005)

PG-13 | 110 min | Horror, Mystery

44 Metascore

6 months after the incidents involving the lethal videotape, new clues prove that there is a new evil lurking in the darkness.

Director: Hideo Nakata | Stars: Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Sissy Spacek, Simon Baker

Votes: 100,851 | Gross: $76.23M

8. The Ring (2002)

PG-13 | 115 min | Horror, Mystery

57 Metascore

A journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone one week to the day after they view it.

Director: Gore Verbinski | Stars: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox, David Dorfman

Votes: 374,516 | Gross: $129.13M

9. Into the Wild (2007)

R | 148 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

73 Metascore

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.

Director: Sean Penn | Stars: Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden

Votes: 657,350 | Gross: $18.35M

10. Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)

PG | 95 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Teenager Jesse becomes reunited with Willy two years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill.

Director: Dwight H. Little | Stars: Jason James Richter, Michael Madsen, Francis Capra, Mary Kate Schellhardt

Votes: 19,557 | Gross: $30.08M

11. Vireality

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi | Post-production

Struggling filmmaker James Strecker is taken against his will into the cyberspace world of The Tube, where he becomes aware of a crisis that threatens to destroy this reality and all others... See full summary »

Director: James Strecker | Stars: James Strecker, Jon Freeman, Joe Scott, Nicholas Rylands

12. The Mortuary Collection (2019)

Not Rated | 108 min | Fantasy, Horror

69 Metascore

An eccentric mortician recounts several macabre and phantasmagorical tales that he's encountered in his distinguished career.

Director: Ryan Spindell | Stars: Tristan Byon, Eden Campbell, Hannah R. Loyd, Clancy Brown

Votes: 14,551

13. The Guardian (I) (2006)

PG-13 | 139 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

53 Metascore

A high school swim champion with a troubled past enrolls in the U.S. Coast Guard's "A" School, where legendary rescue swimmer Ben Randall teaches him some hard lessons about loss, love, and self-sacrifice.

Director: Andrew Davis | Stars: Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, Sela Ward, Melissa Sagemiller

Votes: 97,925 | Gross: $55.01M

14. The Black Stallion (1979)

G | 118 min | Adventure, Family, Sport

84 Metascore

After being shipwrecked with a magnificent horse off the coast of Africa in the 1940s, a boy bonds with the stallion, and trains him to race after their rescue.

Director: Carroll Ballard | Stars: Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney, Teri Garr, Clarence Muse

Votes: 14,021

15. Summer of Lovecraft

Comedy, Horror | Announced

When a pair of small-town geeks meddle with occult forces, they unwittingly spark a conflict between malignant deities that threatens to unmake the world.

Director: Ethan Ireland | Stars: Galen Howard, Jacqueline Goehner, Cecilia Qu'in, Maren Moreno

16. Somewhere Else (1999)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama

Angie is looking for a way out. But Rose won't go with her, and trouble has a habit of following Jimmy. When Vince Ellis drifts into town, Angie will do anything to make him her ticket out.... See full summary »

Director: Michael Alderman | Stars: Christine Sparks, Ronald D. Beckner, Robbi Stimmler, Nathan Bucholtz

17. Shooting Nick (2004)

108 min | Drama

A filmmaker shooting a documentary about America is carjacked by a couple and coerced into shooting the next two days of their lives.

Director: Daniel Yost | Stars: Robert Blanche, Sarah Rosenberg, Tyler Gannon, Daniel Yost

Votes: 25

18. Roaring Timber (1937)

Passed | 60 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

Jim Sherwood (Jack Holt), toughest logging boss in the timber country, takes on his toughest assignment when he agrees to cut an enormous volume of timber for Andrew MacKinley (J. Farrell ... See full summary »

Director: Phil Rosen | Stars: Jack Holt, Grace Bradley, Ruth Donnelly, Raymond Hatton

Votes: 25

19. Green Room (2015)

R | 95 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

79 Metascore

A punk rock band is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.

Director: Jeremy Saulnier | Stars: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Patrick Stewart

Votes: 139,043 | Gross: $3.22M

20. Franklin Wunder (2010)

69 min | Drama

A heart attack leaves Franklin aware of his impending mortality. After giving a ride to a fiery young woman he hit with his car, the unlikely companions reflect on their lives while making a final journey to the lake where he grew up.

Director: Christopher James Lang | Stars: Dick McMahon, Briana Ratterman, Nate Crosby, Robert Lee Gaynor

Votes: 11

21. Everyman's War (2009)

Not Rated | 104 min | Biography, Drama, War

A battle weary GI and his unit stand ready to defend a small German town, a key position in the Allied advance to win the war, against the assault of the seasoned infantry and tank units of the German 11th Panzer Ghost division.

Director: Thad T. Smith | Stars: Cole Carson, Lauren Bair, Michael J. Prosser, Sean McGrath

Votes: 1,434

22. Eban and Charley (2000)

86 min | Drama, Romance

30 Metascore

After his mother dies, 15-year-old Charley must live with his unloving, bullying father. Out of loneliness, Charley strikes up an illicit romance with 29-year-old Eban. When their families find out, they must make a life-altering decision.

Director: James Bolton | Stars: Brent Fellows, Gio Black Peter, Ellie Nicholson, Drew Zeller

Votes: 796 | Gross: $0.03M

23. Death By Midnight (2020)

73 min | Thriller

Believed to be cursed by his father, Mike travels to Seattle in the hope that killing him will end both of their suffering.

Directors: Chris Staviski, Vito Trabucco | Stars: Steven Alexander, Saima Azhar, Kenny Campos, Chinook

Votes: 13

24. Cthulhu (2007)

R | 100 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

41 Metascore

A Seattle history professor, drawn back to his estranged family on the Oregon coast to execute his late mother's estate, is reaquainted with his best friend from childhood, with whom he has... See full summary »

Director: Dan Gildark | Stars: Jason Cottle, Casey Curran, Ethan Atkinson, Patrick McKnight

Votes: 2,221 | Gross: $0.02M

25. Crimps (2011)

Not Rated | 91 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Young men are vanishing from a small, Oregon town and the only suspect is beautiful, young recluse Veronica Chandler. Eddie Hooper sets out to solve the mystery, but his fascination with Veronica could make him the next victim.

Director: Michael Alderman | Stars: Walt Plummer, Briana Ledford, Marcella Laasch, Bill Honl

Votes: 40

26. Brigadier Crenshaw Tres (2009)

150 min | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The explosive trilogy finally comes to a close. In "Tres," Brigadier Crenshaw teams up once again with Jim and Greg of the Elysian Space Station to defeat the remaining Terrorist Bears of ... See full summary »

Director: James Strecker | Stars: Will Violette, Jon Freeman, James Strecker, Ian Stanfield

27. Benji the Hunted (1987)

G | 88 min | Adventure, Family

53 Metascore

Benji is left in the wilderness after an accident. Can he survive?

Director: Joe Camp | Stars: Red Steagall, Frank Inn, Benjean, Nancy Francis

Votes: 3,369 | Gross: $22.26M

28. 132 Northern

95 min | Horror | Announced

Plot currently kept under wraps through development.

Director: Tony Doupe | Stars: April Rogalski, Jason Adkins, Tony Doupe, Tara Giordano-Dean

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