Celebrities I am sick of, hate, despise, loathe, revile, deprecate, abhor, execrate, detest, spurn, dislike, eschew, nauseate, disapprove of, wanna SMACK, (or just don't care about) most

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Why not ban THESE people from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. for ACTUAL good & bad reasons....? Enough of the free speech censorship "cancel culture" CRAP!

A list including some celebrities with rather eccentrically large egos, who just keep on showing up, and it makes me feel like tearing my hair out sometimes; they're either untalented, haven't a CLUE what they're talking about for being so UNEDUCATED, or have been given too much hype, attention, & publicity, and think it should got to others who RIGHTLY deserve & need it... Seriously, I'd trade ALL them for either Michael Jackson, Paul Walker, Harold Ramis, John Candy, Carrie Fisher, Chadwick Boseman, or Robin Williams... or HECK, even most celebrities lost in 2016!


1. Joe Biden

Actor | Parks and Recreation

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA as Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. He is an actor, known for Parks and Recreation (2009), CBS News Special Report (1968) and Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1991). He has been married to Jill Biden since June 17, 1977. They ...


One of the most ignorant, unqualified, misleading, uninformed, vile excuses for a politician in the history of the USA! Weak, frail, & a cognitive MESS!

Sleepy Joe, the criminal cheater, needs to be socially distanced from America. President Trump won in a LANDSLIDE re-election! Joe the sleeper should concede...TRUMP WON 2020, legally, in a landslide.

You, sir, are no "46th President"..... Go & eat crow. Or babies!

Going from stealing a man's wife, stealing speeches, stealing money, and stealing an ELECTION!! #NotAnybodysPresident

Trump has gotten MORE great accomplishments done n 47 months, than u, Joey, have in 47 years of blunders!!

NOBODY will ever convince me that Biden, who couldn't get a big enough rally to fill a doughnut shop, was able to "beat" Trump whose rallies exceeded numbers of 60, 70, or 80 THOUSAND people! I truly smell cheat, fraud, & thievery! Joe Biden has never condemned the KKK but did praise a former KKK Exalted Cyclops as his “mentor”. Ironic how Trump is viewed as a bigger racist than this guys who actively supported segregated schools & the 1994 crime bill.

“Poor kids are just as smart as White kids”. “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle”. Yikes.... if that doesn't spout racism, I don't know what doesn't.

He’s either really stupid or he thinks we’re really stupid.. Why people continue to donate millions to candidates that don’t care about them is beyond me. A Biden presidency is gonna be BORING & corrupt as the usual. You & your Cabinet of CLOWNS!

NO RESPECT to thieves like you, Joe! You & your party mercilessly crush a man, his family, & his supporters every day for over 4 years. Now you want "unity, unity, unity". Good job on aiding & embedding the enemies in Afghanistan--- Your HYPOCRISY knows no bounds. You can kiss my ass!!

Putting mentally ill people in charge of anything important is profoundly stupid & dangerous. This person belongs in an institution, not in government.

PS: He just chose Kamala "the Chameleon Clown" Hyena-Harris just for the "black" vote.... She's got a HORRID liberal voting record, & has this obnoxious giggle game going on.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor | Inception

Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo DiCaprio's. DiCaprio has gone from relatively humble beginnings, as a supporting cast member of the sitcom Growing Pains (1985) and low budget horror movies, such as Critters 3 (1991), to a major teenage heartthrob in the 1990s,...

...What? ...You really curious?? You really know what I think of this dude??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qqYLS8ABLQ

Or go here then: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls058930557/

3. Adolf Hitler

Self | Triumph des Willens

Born the fourth of six children to Austrian customs officer Alois Hitler--who had been married twice before--and the former Klara Polzl, Adolf Hitler grew up in a small Austrian town in the late 19th century. He was a slow learner and did poorly in school. He was frequently beaten by his ...

Practically and literally the definition of a NUTCASE, mass-murderer of Jews, blacks, christians, and likely a fore-runner to the Anti-Christ. WHY is Nazism STILL AROUND!???? WHY are copies of Hitler's foul book "Mein Kamf" still being printed!??? I guess it could be for educational purposes, seeing all the crazy things Adolf said - it could be true he said those things, but what he said was not true. BIG difference.

If Hitler hadn't killed off those 6 MILLION Jews during WW2, I believe we'd be A LOT more ahead in the arts & technology right now! Throughout history, Jewish people have turned out to be *incredibly* smart, gifted, and intelligent people! And Adolf was certainly no "Christian" no matter what sarcastic rubbish some uneducated schools or ppl spout, or his propagandist pictures or quotes were saying - GO FIGURE! C'mon! Corrie Ten Boom or Dietrich Bonhoeffer were TRUE "Christians" that spoke out against Hitler & Nazism, and tried what they could in saving the lives of Jews!

ACTIONS speak louder than words. Need I remind you that Hitler was one of the biggest LIARS in history! To phrase him, "If you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough, and often enough, the people will believe it". Also saying, "People are more likely to believe a BIG LIE than a small one."

Talk about a direct RESULT you get - it was due to his Darwinian evolutionist eugenic THOUGHT process that led him to slaughter many Jews, black people, and Christians!

4. Stanley Kubrick

Writer | 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick was born in Manhattan, New York City, to Sadie Gertrude (Perveler) and Jacob Leonard Kubrick, a physician. His family were Jewish immigrants (from Austria, Romania, and Russia). Stanley was considered intelligent, despite poor grades at school. Hoping that a change of scenery would ...

I mean, just LOOK at his evil gaze! He almost looks like a serial killer!

Just about ALLLLLLLLL of his movies are sick, weird, crude, overrated, awful, controversial, and uncomfortable to sit through! The man detests his audience, I'm certain Kubrick enjoys prying his audience's eyes open and forcing onto them the ugliest, most miserable side of human existence. There is a strange quality about all his movies that have always bothered me. For a long time, I never could quite put a finger on it. Until now.

It's like he's TRYING to traumatize you or make you uncomfortable with his flicks!!!

DID YOU KNOW?? He was nominated a Razzie award for worst director for "The Shining"??? :-|

Though sadly, he was Jewish guy, and used his intelligence & gifts the totally WRONG way for the totally WRONG things. Almost a SHAME to the Jewish people. Ppl say he was great director to cinema, nah; Steven Spielberg or Harold Ramis are the better Jewish directors. ;-)

5. Joseph Stalin

Self | One Inch from Victory

Joseph Stalin (a code name meaning "Man of Steel") was born Iosif (Joseph) Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili in 1878 in Gori, Georgia, the Transcaucasian part of the Russian Empire. His father was a cobbler named Vissarion Dzhugashvili, a drunkard who beat him badly and frequently and left the family ...

Just as bad and the same as Hitler (doesn't MATTER if they claimed to be 'opposites'), and thought that eliminating the lives of people was "no worse than mowing a front lawn of tall blades of grass."

How DESPICABLE is that!!

Fascism and communism..... there is NO real difference between the two!

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Actress | The Hunger Games

As the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016, and with her films grossing over $5.5 billion worldwide, Jennifer Lawrence is often cited as the most successful actress of her generation. She is also thus far the only person born in the 1990s to have won an acting Oscar.

Jennifer Shrader ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af-j1W9PWR0 So overrated. Dull. Deer in headlights. Great agent or casting couch??? A chick, nothing more than just a punk kid, who got a TON popularity for some reason, stars in pretty much every movie nowadays, gets an undeserving Oscar, and has got to be one of the most ANNOYING untalented celebrities in existence!

Someone who also thinks killing babies is alright - yeah, it's easy for her to be "pro-choice", she's ALREADY been born! (Did u know that anybody who has ever SUPPORTED abortion has already been born? Ever think about that??)

I originally thought she was a BIT interesting from the first "Hunger Games", and she kinda reminded me of Cate Blanchett, with almost the same prominent cheekbones. But soon after all that, that overrated series started to PLUMMET, and SHE even started to plummet! And her Katniss Everdeen is one of the most boring & forgettable characters ever created! Seriously, Jenn Gotzon or Hallie Kate Eisenberg are some women who deserve more attention than JLaw!!

Want a film that's MUCH better than Hunger Games?? Then watch "Iron Will" (1994), based on a true story.

7. Karl Marx

Writer | Amerikai anzix

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in Trier, then Kingdom of Prussia, German Confederation. His father, Hershel Mordechai, was the son of a rabbi. Karl converted to Lutheran Christianity because Jews were not allowed to practice law. He graduated from the Trier Gymnasium, then studied law ...

Thanks, Karly... well done. Wait-ago!

Because of your shear philosophical *stupidity*, we've had to deal with dangers of the Soviet Union, Mainland China, Vietnam, and North Korea over the years!

Though sadly once again, having been a Jewish man, he used his God-given intelligence the totally wrong way for the totally wrong things. At a young age, he wrote a beautiful paper at 17 how much he loved the Lord & wanted to serve Him with His life. Then went off to college, and and was taught Darwinian evolutionism (The philosophy that God doesn't exist, that MAN is in charge & makes the rules) and became an atheist. His whole philosophy of Marxist communism (which has done nothing but WORSEN countries) was completely fueled by Darwinian thought - he even DEDICATED his book to Charles Darwin. And Marx ended up becoming a really socially-unsuccessful man ~ only SIX people attended his funeral.

Seriously, search it up.)

8. Barack Obama

Producer | Exit West

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a white American from Wichita, Kansas. His father, Barack Obama Sr., who was black, was from Alego, Kenya. They were both young college students at the University of Hawaii. When his father left...

GROSSLY INCOMPETENT... couldn't have said it better.

To quote Obi-Wan from 'Revenge of the Sith':

"YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force! Not leave it in darkness!!!"

EXACTLY describes Obama, Or also known as Barry Soetoro. Yikes... And surely NOT deserving of the Nobel Prize Award, merely for getting elected president.

LOL, not "racist" ~ I just don't like politicians who lie all the time. >:-(

I wouldn't be surprised if he's secretly using a Marxist communist thought in government! Gotta say, he's a DISGRACE as the first African American US President - seriously, ALAN KEYES would've made a greater President than him! Whatever Barry's charm was, might be wearing off – especially if Donald Trump has anything to say about it. Obama said HOPE & CHANGE but, Trump is doing it actually. LOL

9. Mao Zedong

Self | The People Between

Tse-tung Mao, along with Yat-sen Sun and Kai-Shek Chiang, was one of the most important figures to modern Chinese history. Born to a peasant family--his father was a farmer--in Shaoshan, China, on December 26, 1893, Mao was raised in the grinding poverty of rural Hunan province, where he developed ...

LMAO. Thanks for making China really an infamous country, and constricting a lot of freedom in the mainland. Thinking in the old days that when Chinese women were afflicted * abused, when wanted to join the army or fight, they would get killed. But now, they're totally accepted into the communist or socialist army. All they did was unsubscribe from one lie, and go to another lie.

Sun Yat Sen and Chian Kai-Shek were MUCH better leaders for China and Taiwan.

10. Kim Kardashian West

Actress | Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

TV star, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and author (New York Times best-seller - "Kardashian Konfidential"), Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California, to Kris Jenner (née Kristen Mary Houghton) and attorney Robert Kardashian. Her father was of Armenian descent and her mother is of mostly...

She can't sing, she can't act, not even friggin' DANCE! Why why WHY does almost every other article, especially on Yahoo, have to be talking about HER, or her family....!!??? On a daily basis?? It's almost turning into TMZ! (which is the the EPITOME of bad shows!)

I don't need to hear about, and I don't CARE about her or her family; one of the pointless, over-hyped families EVER! There are SO MUCH more important, MEANINGFUL, and worthwhile topics that journalists at Yahoo should be spending their time digging into in the world!

Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye Avenger put it best; said Kim & her family are "ridiculous people with zero talent." I agree to agree!

11. George Bush

Self | 41

The 41st President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush (known colloquially as "Bush 41" to distinguish him from his son, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the U.S., who is known as "Bush 43"), was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts, a suburb south of Boston. ...

Utter liar & Mr. New World Order himself. Yay! Good. After all the disappointing celebrity deaths so far, his is one that is QUITE satisfying!

One less Wretched warmonger who has led to the deaths of millions. R(ot) in P(ieces). The truth is, quite frankly, he wasn't a good president; I'm not shedding a tear over the man who had a major role in the disgraceful he Iran/contra scandal is gone, A Satanist illuminati bohemian grove who also took part in the 9/11 attacks inside job. Not to mention all those dubious pardons later on.

"READ my lips – no new Taxes"....Yeah, see own that turn

Wish actually endorsed Hillary Clinton 2016, being the globalist not that he was. Let's not forget his greatest hits, the New World order and 1000 points of light. This Simpson episode kinda made me smile... LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRXN6ACvCoE&t=50s

12. Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Writer | Diarios de motocicleta

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was born to a middle-class family in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, on June 14, 1928. Disgusted by the corrupt Argentine military dictatorship, Guevara became a dedicated Marxist while in his teens. As a student he vowed to devote his life to revolutionary causes...

Despite being classified as a "freedom fighter", more of a mass murderer and terrorist, his image is still used as leftist propaganda which adorns millions of T-shirts and dorm room posters.

Ernesto Guevara failed spectacularly at everything he attempted in his life ~ except at the mass-murder of defenseless men and boys."

Che wasn’t really a gentle soul and a selfless hero. He was a violent Communist who thought nothing of firing a gun into the stomach of a woman six months pregnant whose only crime was that her family opposed him. And he was a hypocrite who lusted after material luxuries while cultivating his image as a man of the people.

13. George W. Bush

Soundtrack | The X Files: I Want to Believe

The 43rd President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush (known colloquially as "W" to distinguish himself from his father, George Bush, the 41st president of the U.S.), was born two days after the national holiday of the Fourth of July, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. There, his ...

I'm not entirely alone in this. Why isn't this war criminal in jail!??? This makes me smile, of what *actually* should've happened! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU1xLrC5ogc I still believe to this day he indicted a terrible blow on his own people just to get public opinion behind his invasion of the Middle East (ie. 9/11) There's too much evidence, proof, and confirmation that just don't add up with the official 9/11 story. Even a documented historical fact that Bush's grandfather helped Hitler rise to power! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBKMN-pdp6M

14. Dick Cheney

Self | Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience

Dick Cheney was born on January 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA as Richard Bruce Cheney. He is known for his work on Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience (2011), The Iraq War (2013) and The World According to Dick Cheney (2013). He has been married to Lynne Cheney since August 29, 1964. They ...

(Same as above), maybe even worse than Bush.

15. Jong-Un Kim

Self | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8, 1984 in Pyongyang, North Korea. He is appeared in many documentaries including, Panorama (1953) and Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in PyongYang (2015). He went to boarding school in Switzerland. He has been married to Sol-Ju Ri since 2009. They have three children. On ...


What ticks me off is people like Dennis Rodman who visit North Korea on "holiday", vising a country to "unique, different, like something out of the 1960s." SCREW OFF! It's a country of lies, lies, and more lies! Every time you visit, you're funding a regime that BUTCHERS and brainwashes it's own people, destroys their conscience, and hundreds of thousands of people LOCKED away in concentration camps, and just fires missiles randomly & stupidly (especially over my OWN country of Japan where I was born.) If you're thinking of going, it's a moronic idea! DON'T GO! Unless you're gonna free the people imprisoned there. It's understandable regarding how bitter they've grown out of vengeance since they were occupied by the Empire of Japan, but two wrongs don't make a right. What happened to forgiveness?

When you get down to it, atheist cults supported by the religious pseudioscientific theory of Darwinism ultimately says "people become gods" - It removes all morality and glorifies death as a helpful process - "if there is no God, then who's in charge? It must be US then!", and that's what you ultimately get from Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Humanism, Fascism, etc. you name it.

North Korea is a fortress of atheist tyranny, where the only "divinities" in a perverted communist pantheon are Kim and his father, Kim Jong-il.

Many Korean-American pastors think reunification is imminent, and North Koreans will be free from the Kim dictatorship — and free to embrace Christianity.

Will yet another atheist stronghold be toppled?

It's simple: when a country or people shut God or Christ out, they suffer. What happened to North Korea is exactly whats happening to America now! One by one, people are saying, "We don't want you, God !" God is lifting up His hands and saying, "Okay, whatever you want." But people then wonder why CHAOS, and disasters happens! (A direct result of sustaining power disappearing). More recently, North Korea has had another crop-failure. Their farms have hardly gained any rain, floods and droughts have occurred there - they have been deceived by a life-long lie that this short, fat hairy man is a god, and they don't here truths that are suppressed, that deal with gulags, prison camps, torture, poverty, & famine.

Hey, I AGREE the two Koreas should eventually be unified, but ultimately through a free capitalist republic, and democracy (and NOT how communism would lie to you about it). And it shouldn't be any wonder how South Korea (with the 2nd largest Christian population) now has the 10th largest economy in world, and Korean Christians are basically the ones who are helping a lot of ppl escape from the North.

The entire Kim family should stand trial for crimes committed against humanity & human rights. He's as worst as Hitler or Stalin ever was. The only think nice about them is just that they smile & that's it.

16. Jong-Il Kim

Producer | Pulgasari

Jong-Il Kim was born on February 16, 1941 in Vyatskoe, Khabarovskiy rayon, Khabarovskiy kray, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia] as Yuri Irsenovich Kim. He was a producer and actor, known for Pulgasari (1985), A Path to Awakening (1965) and Sea of Blood (1969). He was married to Young-Sook Kim and Il-Chon ...

(Same as above)

17. Il-Sung Kim

Writer | Kotpanum chonio

Il-Sung Kim was born on April 15, 1912 in Man'gyondae, Japanese Korea as Song-Ju Kim. He was a writer, known for The Flower Girl (1972), Sea of Blood (1969) and Sun of the Nation (1984). He was married to Song-Ae Kim and Jong-Suk Kim. He died on July 8, 1994 in P'yongyang, North Korea.

(Same as above) Though sadly raised in a Christian family (back when Pyongyang was actually called the "Jerusalem of East Asia" due to the immense spread of the Gospel in Korea back then), but after the takeover of the racist Empire of Japan, and then the dumb USSR did he lose his faith.

Though I wonder what Dr. Billy Graham actually got to tell him during his visit...?

18. Javier Bardem

Actor | Skyfall

Javier Bardem belongs to a family of actors that have been working on films since the early days of Spanish cinema.

He was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, to actress Pilar Bardem (María del Pilar Bardem Muñoz) and businessman José Carlos Encinas Doussinague. His maternal grandparents were...

Not just played weird, villainous, or crude characters, but how DARE he (by all the matters of uneducated stupidity) falsely accuse Israel. Same as Penelope Cruz. From now on, I don't consider myself a fan of ANY of their films.

19. Elliot Page

Actor | Juno

Elliot Page was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer. Page wanted to start acting at an early age and attended the Neptune Theater School. They began their career at the age of 10 on the award-winning television series Pit Pony (1999), for...

Her acting sucks, all her character sucks, fealt OUT OF PLACE in "Inception", they don't learn anything, they don't grow, they're NEVER a good example, etc.... her career is just WACKO.

20. Bernie Sanders

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA as Bernard Sanders. He is known for his work on The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel (2020), My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception (1999) and Tucker Carlson Tonight (2016). He has been married to ...

The guy's a socialist communist! Don't get HIM in office! Don't believe me?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm6gqgZrfms Thank me later.

21. Sigmund Freud

Writer | The Ego and the Id

Austrian neurologist and 'father of psychoanalysis'. Freud was born to Jacob Freud, a Jewish wool merchant, and Amalia (neé Nathansohn). The family settled in Vienna when Freud was young. In 1873 he started medicine at the University of Vienna, at which time he adopted the shortened form of his ...

More like "Sickmind" Freud

22. Julianne Moore

Actress | Far from Heaven

Julianne Moore was born Julie Anne Smith in Fort Bragg, North Carolina on December 3, 1960, the daughter of Anne (Love), a social worker, and Peter Moore Smith, a paratrooper, colonel, and later military judge. Her mother moved to the U.S. in 1951, from Greenock, Scotland. Her father, from ...

I can't understand why this over-arrogant gets so many positive reviews by the critics and so much praise. Just her constant vibe of casting herself as adulteresses is quite a sickening funk. Her acting skills are not that good (sometimes really boring) and she seems not to be a very good in playing different characters. She comes to express emotions ALWAYS the same way! There is something consistently annoying about every characters that she portrays in movies What bothers me the most is that she's most of the time nominated, wins awards, Oscars when other nominated actresses who are really talented deserve to win. (In fact, it should've been Rosamund Pike who should've won the Oscar for "Gone Girl", not her). And HOW is she considered also as one of the most beautiful women??? (Chosen by people's magazine in the top 50) when in reality she's one of the ugliest actresses of Hollywood. In terms of overrating,I believe that she's too low on this list - should be at least in the top 10 if you ask me. Still trying to figure out who she knew or screwed in order to be cast in every single movie of the last 20 years. She's irritating at best. Creepy, whiney mouth. Fake laugh and big teeth, she seems to bring such an awkward quality to every movie I've seen her in (or she just pick the worst scripts that make her look stupid!) Boring and ugly; often plays adulteresses & that's so low! It's the same with most in Hollywood, we are told they are great and we must approve of the emperors new clothes. Absolutely no talent at all. Just horrible actress. She was just AWFUL in "Magnolia" ~ just wouldn't shut up! I was never impressed by her acting & don't think I ever will be. Elton John said it best in Kingsmen.

23. V.I. Lenin

Writer | Un'alba

V.I. Lenin was born on April 22, 1870 in Simbirsk, Russian Empire [now Ulyanovsk, Russia] as Vladimir Ilich Uliánov. He was an actor and writer, known for Un'alba (1920), The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty (1927) and Monquatorze (2010). He was married to Nadezhda Krupskaya. He died on January 21, 1924...

(Pretty much the same as Karl Marx)

Though you got to understand: them being Jewish has NOTHING to do with communism! They just used their intelligence the totally wrong way!

24. Quentin Tarantino

Writer | Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His father, Tony Tarantino, is an Italian-American actor and musician from New York, and his mother, Connie (McHugh), is a nurse from Tennessee. Quentin moved with his mother to Torrance, California, when he was four years old.

In January of...

His corrupt films are showing how much of a HACK he is, as one of the most overrated filmmakers in Hollywood today! If he's against crime & drugs, then, Quentin, DON'T MAKE FILMS ABOUT THEM! They will only fuel it! Or any kind of bad behavior or influence.

Though to be fair, however, the gangsters in his films, and especially the most corrupt characters, typically suffer death or some other form of comeuppance in punishment for their actions.

FUN FACT: He even received a Razzie nomination for form dusk till dawn.... what surprise. He can't write or direct properly, and he can't ACT properly!

25. George R.R. Martin

Writer | Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin is an American novelist and short-story writer in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres, a screenwriter, and television producer. He is known for his international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, which was later adapted into the HBO ...

"One does not simply borrow from Lord Of The Rings..."

Game of Thrones.... wow.... A criminally *overrated* series without any morals, without any goal. Murder, Hatred, Murder, Dragons, Murder, Nudity. O, did I forget to mention murder? That's pretty much it! This is what this series is about. And I've watched every episode - It was horrible and I'll never get all that time back. What's the MATTER with this generation!? Too bad Game of Thrones didn't steal a good ending from LOTR - seriously, a lot of plagiarism, even the "RR" in Tolkien's name. lol

The hype surrounding this series scares me a lot.

Not only do I abhor this overrated, disgusting, confusing, puerile, sick FILTH of a show with a passion, but every female character is just plain DUMB in this show. No sympathy at all, no memorable characters (because they all DIE right before they do or say anything memorable.) The only things I do kinda like is the camera work, Tyrion's brains, and the romance between John Snow and Ygritte. One of the saddest things is to see so many great & talented actors/actresses in this senseless series. I'm *disappointed*. I'm disappointed that this kind of series is so popular.

And WOW, the end ticked off all the fans?? I wasn't surprised - I knew this series was doomed from the start. I knew it was gonna be disappointed.

Seriously, "Perfect Strangers" (1986~1993) is a way better TV show, trust me.... ;-)

26. Hillary Clinton

Actress | Madam Secretary

In every role she has ever held -- as an advocate for women and kids, as an attorney, as First Lady, as Senator, as Secretary of State, and as the first woman in U.S. history to earn a major party's presidential nomination - Hillary Clinton has defied convention and stood up for what she believes.


One of the most evil women in history! Everything involving the email lies, and the Benghazi attacks.

Trump completely obliterated her in every debate - So, who are we to believe? A guy who is actually, a billionaire and has a track record of running successful businesses or a liberal politician who promises you everything but, gives you nothing like Hillary Clinton? I will take the successful businessman because world trade is about business and being a career politician makes you more corrupt not, a better politician!

How many Senators and Congressmen entered Congress poor and now, multi-millionaires? Some of them are worth $150 million-$280 million a piece! Hillary Clinton is now worth $150 million! So much for the corruption campaign! Of course, she was a high school drop out by her own admission so, why should be listen to Jennifer Lawrence? Only thing she got right is alienating a good chunk of the consuming public who have hundreds of millions in their pockets is not a good business decision! There were 62 million Trump voters and at just $10 each, that is $620 million dollars in purchasing power for all those hateful and intolerant liberals of Hollywood attacking President Trump and his supporters. Let that sink in!

Vote HER President of Antarctica instead! Better choice IMO



27. Bill Clinton

Producer | The President Is Missing

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas, to Virginia Dell (Cassidy) and William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., a traveling salesman. His father died in a car crash three months before Bill was born. He was raised by his grandparents for four years while his mother was in ...

Definitely NOT one the reasons the 90's were great. An awful adulterer at the same time - and Clinton claims that Trump is "dis-loyal" to women when her own HUSBAND has had his own serious scandals.

28. James Cameron

Writer | Avatar

James Francis Cameron was born on August 16, 1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. He moved to the United States in 1971. The son of an engineer, he majored in physics at California State University before switching to English, and eventually dropping out. He then drove a truck to support his ...

Overrated as heck! "You poor soul" I'd exactly say just like Lynda Carter, after he gave a diss on Wonder Woman. Seriously, "Groundhog Day" (1993) had a way more entertaining, engaging, original, inventive, creative, interesting, touching, & better romantic love story than ‘Titanic’, or nearly all of his films! The most undeserving film of 11 Oscars! Watch this review of his overhyped blockbuster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH3VZzhI5gw

29. Ted Turner

Angels in the Outfield

Ted Turner was born on November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA as Robert Edward Turner III. He is the founder of CNN, Turner Broadcast System (TBS) and Turner Network Television (TNT). He was previously married to Jane Fonda, Jane Shirley Smith and Judy Nye. He started in the business as a ...

CNN = Communist News Network. Being a conspiracy realist myself, Turner even supports depopulation of the WORLD by a 90% decline! Ok, Ted, you first! Sorry Ashton Kutcher... he's a hack. CNN sucks!!

30. Charlie Hunnam

Actor | Sons of Anarchy

Charles Matthew Hunnam was born on April 10, 1980 in Newcastle, England, to Jane (Bell), a business owner, and William Hunnam, a scrap metal merchant. At 18 years of age, he made a guest appearance in popular TV series Byker Grove (1989).

He gained fame in Britain thanks to his television role as ...

(Same as DiCaprio)

Seriously, WHY is this guy so popular?? Not only was he in an stupid, unnamed, biased, offensive, disgustingly insulting, and politically correct movie I will never give credit to, but I don't care about him, his beard & facial style is beyond weird.... and let's face it: he was obviously trying to hide his british accent with an american one which sounded terrible. GIVE ME this guy's career - I'm sure I could do better with it.

31. Condoleezza Rice

Actress | 30 Rock

Condoleezza Rice was born on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. She is known for her work on 30 Rock (2006), Poodle Samizdat (2006) and Always at The Carlyle (2018).

Just another part of Bush's clown circus of lying war criminals!

32. Eddie Redmayne

Actor | Les Misérables

British actor Eddie Redmayne won the Academy Award for Best Actor (for The Theory of Everything (2014)).

Edward John David Redmayne was born and raised in London, England, the son of Patricia (Burke) and Richard Charles Tunstall Redmayne, a businessman. His great-grandfather was Sir Richard ...

Don't care what the sex-starved young chicks out there say, I can't stand the warbling befreckled git! I'd say that the likes of Michael Keaton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cumberbatch, or Steve Carrell were more deserving of that Oscar! Especially with Keaton, I find it REALLY unfair how he was robbed, and Eddie just BEGUN his career, and Keaton has had a long career of good movies - about time he deserved something for it. (Check out the 1998 "Les Miserables" version - it's way better, especially with a different male actor as his character.) Plus, Eddie talks like a frog, and some actor had ALREADY portrayed Hawking already, being Benedict Cumberbatch, though I haven't even seen that rendition. For "Birdman" to receive "Best Picture", it really makes no sense for the Academy to have not recognized Keaton as "Best Actor". I will never see any Redmayne film again - one of the biggest reasons I'm never watching "Jupiter Ascending". He should hang his head in shame. May his movies be cursed with low box office numbers.

(BTW, if you just wanna get past all this "what-if, suppose-if" off-color Hollywood philosophical hogwash about God, and just get some definitive answers, then if you've got the free time, just see this sweet complete video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd3HHg_80SM Thanks)

33. Jane Kaczmarek

Actress | Malcolm in the Middle

Jane grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother, Evelyn, was a school teacher. Her father, Edward, is a former Defense Department employee. She is the oldest of four children. Her brothers, Jim & Bill, are a teacher and an entrepreneur respectively. Her sister, Mary, works for an Internet company....

Was the *worst* part of the show "Malcolm in the Middle"; that series as a whole was a HEADACHE! a series I'm GLAD I never saw growing up, but tried to check it out). A show like "Home Improvement", except more annoying & FAR less entertaining!

"Boys! Boys! Boys!" is all her lines ever were! Just wanted to slap her mouth shut!

34. John Kerry

Actor | Cheers

John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 in Aurora, Colorado, USA as John Forbes Kerry. He is known for his work on Cheers (1982), Late Show with David Letterman (1993) and Crashing the States. He has been married to Teresa Heinz Kerry since May 26, 1995. He was previously married to Julia Stimson ...

Is it me or does he get CREEPIER every time I see him?? Stabs Israel in the back, & continuously just keeps supporting the enemies. It's still bizarre how this wacko ran for president... lol

35. Tom Green

Actor | Freddy Got Fingered

Tom Green was born on July 30, 1971 in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada as Michael Thomas Green. He is a producer and actor, known for Freddy Got Fingered (2001), Road Trip (2000) and Charlie's Angels (2000). He was previously married to Drew Barrymore.

One of the worst and most annoying actors ever! Why hasn't somehow just fired his hide yet??

36. Bill Maher

Producer | Politically Incorrect

Bill Maher was born William Maher in New York City, New York, and grew up in River Vale, New Jersey. His father, William Aloysius Maher, Jr., who was of Jewish descent, was a radio announcer and news editor. His mother, Julie (Berman), was a nurse, who was from a Catholic family. Maher was raised ...

Though being half-Jewish, I'm sure he's made himself a really smart guy - but unfortunately, he's just quite as insulting, uninformed, confused, and ruthless as the next atheist. Cherry picks what elements of Christianity he hates, or agrees with, & ignores the rest.

37. Al Pacino

Actor | Serpico

Alfredo James "Al" 'Pacino established himself as a film actor during one of cinema's most vibrant decades, the 1970s, and has become an enduring and iconic figure in the world of American movies.

He was born April 25, 1940 in Manhattan, New York City, to Italian-American parents, Rose (nee Gerardi)...

Plays too much controversial or antisocial characters. He's always LOOKED scary, and has ACTED scary in nearly all his films - just acting all abusive (especially to the female leads), antisocial, and filled with a filthy mouth.

38. Jack Nicholson

Actor | Chinatown

Jack Nicholson, an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter, is a three-time Academy Award winner and twelve-time nominee. Nicholson is also notable for being one of two actors - the other being Michael Caine - who have received an Oscar nomination in every decade from the '60s through ...

(Same as above) In fact, Cher said it best in a film, "You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have a lousy sense of humor, and you smell."

39. Kevin Spacey

Actor | The Usual Suspects

Kevin Spacey Fowler, better known by his stage name Kevin Spacey, is an American actor of screen and stage, film director, producer, screenwriter and singer. He began his career as a stage actor during the 1980s before obtaining supporting roles in film and television. He gained critical acclaim in...

(Same as above) Though check him out in "Iron Will" (1994) - that's not a bad performance, coming from a true story.

40. Nicki Minaj

Actress | The Other Woman

Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj on December 8, 1982 in St. James, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Queens, New York City, New York. She grew up in a troubled family with a father that was a drug addict who later changed after he checked into rehab and started going to church. ...

It's funny to hear this 'woman' talking people down when she herself is as low class as it gets. She should shut up and do porn. That's where she belongs.

Check up the early 2000's music videos - people were plain cool, hip, and not dressing all skimpy, and strutting their stuff on the stages.

41. Penn Jillette

Writer | Penn & Teller Get Killed

Penn Jillette was born on March 5, 1955 in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA as Penn Fraser Jillette. He is a writer and producer, known for Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989), Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003) and Hackers (1995). He has been married to Emily Zolten Jillette since November 23, 2004...

Just only comes across as crass, rude, crude, and only just PRETENTIOUS as a magician - seriously, there are better magicians out there (i.e. Paul Daniels or David Copperfield) He should REALLY get into a debate with Dr. Kent Hovind, due to how insecure, uninformed, ill-educated, and ignorant Penn really is.

42. Eminem

Soundtrack | 8 Mile

Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in St. Joseph, Missouri, to Deborah R. (Nelson) and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., who were in a band together, Daddy Warbucks. He is of English, as well as some German, Scottish, and Swiss-German, ancestry. Marshall spent his early childhood being shoved ...

Yeah, 'cause nothing's cooler than rapping on & on about abuse to women, beating your wife, guns, knives, swearing, drugs & alcohol, etc. Yeah, pure art indeed. Weird mannerisms, weird music.

43. Robert Mugabe

Self | Zimbabwe i dag

Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924 in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe] as Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He is known for his work on Zimbabwe i dag (1982), African Parade (2009) and Zimbabwe: State of Denial (2010). He was married to Grace Mugabe and Sally Hayfron. He died on September 6, ...

How dare he treat the people of Zimbabwe this way! Good riddance getting him REMOVED from office!

44. Jay-Z

Soundtrack | The Great Gatsby

Jay-Z was born Shawn Corey Carter on December 4, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Carter was a school friend of The Notorious B.I.G.. He first started releasing records in the late 1980s. In 1990, he appeared on records by his close friend, Jas ("The Originators") and Original Flavor ("...

(Same as above) I hope he does end up divorcing Beyonce' - she deserves better!

45. Marion Cotillard

Actress | La Môme

Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard was born on September 30, 1975 in Paris. Cotillard is the daughter of Jean-Claude Cotillard, an actor, playwright and director, and Niseema Theillaud, an actress and drama teacher. Her father's family is from Brittany.

Raised in Orléans, France, she ...

Don't CARE if she's an Oscar-winner. Never bought the forced chemistry between her and Leo in"Inception", hated her for stealing owen wilson away from Rachel McAdams in the overrated "midnight in paris", and GLAD her character got killed in "Dark Knight rises". So satisfying for anyone who hates her.

46. Chris Christie

Self | Saturday Night Live

Chris Christie was born on September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey, USA as Christopher James Christie. He has been married to Mary Pat Foster since March 8, 1986. They have four children.

47. Sophie Turner

Actress | Game of Thrones

Sophie Belinda Jonas (née Turner; born February 21, 1996) is an English actress. Turner made her professional acting debut as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones (2011) (2011-2019), which brought her international recognition and critical praise. For her performance, ...

Man, this female doesn't do a THING on Game of Thrones, except just look scared! Everyone else has been able to summon up MORE than she ever did the whole series! .... And as her wooden acting translated to Dark Phoenix I don't think we will be seeing her around much longer. Amongst many female character sin the show that are just plain DUMB! I don't blame her. Acting isn't her strongest suit. I wouldn't shed a tear if something bad happened to her! So funny & hilarious how she tried 'acting' in those xmen movies & dragon show.... wooden, wooden, WOODEN acting!! rofl And how DARE you treat Evangeline lily the way with those trash words about "freedom"... STFU!

48. John McCain

Actor | Parks and Recreation

John McCain was born on August 29, 1936 in Canal Zone, Panama as John Sidney McCain III. He was an actor and writer, known for Parks and Recreation (2009), Saturday Night Live (1975) and Faith of My Fathers (2005). He was married to Cindy McCain and Carol Shepp. He died on August 25, 2018 in ...

McCain was NOT the real 2008 Republican frontrunner - Ron Paul was, who understood foreign policy a WHOLE LOT better than him too. WHY is this warmongering psycho still in government....???? He doesn't know SQUAT compared to Ron Paul. It doesn't matter if he was injured. He wasn't even a real "Republican".

49. Thomas Horn

Actor | Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Thomas Horn won on "Jeopardy!" during Kids Week with an earning of 31,000 after wagering 12,000 during Final Jeopardy. His acting career kicked off when he was cast in the feature film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which was based on the 2005 novel by Jonathan S. Foer. This drama received a ...

Hoping I never see this kid anywhere else at all again! WHY did I waste my time with "extremely loud & incredibly whiny", whatever it was. THAT crap got nominated for "best picture"...really??! Pretty much the film that jump-started and ENDED his whole career at the same time. Playing an insecure spoiled & winy brat, totally unsympathetic, and almost quite INSULT to anyone who has autism or Asperger syndrome diagnosis.

50. Alec Baldwin

Actor | The Departed

Alec Baldwin is the oldest, and best-known, of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting business (the others are Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin). Alexander Rae Baldwin III was born on April 3, 1958 in Massapequa, New York, the son of Carol Newcomb (Martineau) and Alexander Rae ...

Making fun of Trump is getting old now...... Can't you take up knitting? In 2011, Baldwin endangered the safety of an aircraft by using his cell phone in the middle of a flight after the crew had instructed him that it be turned off. The flight was delayed for an hour because the aircraft had to turn around and go back to the gate to remove him from the plane.

51. Stanley Kramer

Producer | Judgment at Nuremberg

Stanley Kramer was born on September 29, 1913 in Hell's Kitchen [now Clinton], Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA as Stanley Earl Abramson. He was a producer and director, known for Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) and Inherit the Wind (1960). He was married to ...

Concocted of the greatest LIES of film ever - "Inherit the Wind", best deserving to be called "historical fiction" instead! Totally misrepresenting history, create MUCH misunderstandings, through much horrible Hollywood bias!

NOT an educational film! Just watch Dr. Kent Hovind's films instead; save yourself the lies.

52. Bill O'Reilly

Actor | Iron Man 2

Political commentator Bill O'Reilly was born on September 10, 1949 in New York City, to Winifred Angela (Drake) and William James O'Reilly. He was born into a classic Irish Catholic family and attended private Catholic schools.

O'Reilly attended Marist College and studied history. Bill was also in ...

Who made this guy an interview host on TV???

53. Kevin Smith

Producer | Clerks

Kevin Patrick Smith was born in Red Bank but grew up in Highlands, New Jersey, the son of Grace (Schultz) and Donald E. Smith, a postal worker. He is very proud of his native state; this fact can be seen in all of his movies. Kevin is of mostly German, with some Irish and English, ancestry.

His ...

Hate his "hate speech" films. What I mean by that is that they just outright mock & false label people as he sees fit. Though, seriously, I do think he's got a kind face - I believe in & try to like every person I see. I do think he's got some film-making talent, I just wish he could aim at good films.

54. George Stephanopoulos

Actor | House of Cards

George Stephanopoulos was born on February 10, 1961 in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA as George Robert Stephanopoulos. He is an actor and writer, known for House of Cards (2013), Alpha House (2013) and Spin City (1996). He has been married to Alexandra Wentworth since November 20, 2001. They have ...

Certainly one the greatest hacks of social news media; the defining moment was how unfair he was in his interviews regarding presidential candidate Ron Paul, especially during the debates!

55. Caitlyn Jenner

Actress | Can't Stop the Music

Caitlyn Jenner was born on October 28, 1949 in Mount Kisco, New York, USA as William Bruce Jenner. She is an actress and producer, known for Can't Stop the Music (1980), Jack and Jill (2011) and The Hungover Games (2014). She was previously married to Kris Jenner, Linda Thompson and Chrystie Scott.

Don't know, don't care. He was cool just driving fast cars. Now he's destroying himself just like the Wachowskis.

56. Joy Behar

Actress | Ice Age: Continental Drift

Joy Behar was born on October 7, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA as Josephina Victoria Occhiuto. She is an actress and writer, known for Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012), Hall Pass (2011) and Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993). She has been married to Steve Janowitz since August 11, ...

Get it into your rat's hair maze! Especially wearing blackface was despicable! The View is a joke! Your opinion sucks, your worldview sucks, your attitude, your show sucks, & nobody likes you! JOYLESS!

57. Mitt Romney

Writer | Mitt's Office

Willard Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire financier who was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and a Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012, was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, to businessman George Romney and his wife, Lenore Romney (née Lafount). At birth, he was...

WAS NOT the real Republican presidential nominee, if you looked at the actual numbers. It was RON PAUL! Mitt Romney is just Obama without a tan, and a critical flip-flopper at that. I mean, just by LOOKING at the guy, you couldn't trust him!! Not to mention, In 1989 a woman named Terry Rakolta, a cousin, led a boycott of the show "Married with Children" & demanded that it be cancelled, the publicity unintentionally made the show even more popular & the rest is history. xDDDDDDDDD

58. Friedrich Nietzsche

Soundtrack | Die Höhenluft - für Alle und Keinen

Friedrich Nietzsche was raised having five women around him - his mother, grandmother, two aunts and a sister, all living together. His father, a Lutheran pastor, died when Nietzsche was 5 years old. After a Catholic school he studied music and Greco-Roman culture at the famous Schulpfora from 1858...

I recommend the new film "God's Not Dead", instead ;-)

59. Michael Fassbender

Actor | Shame

Michael Fassbender is an Irish actor who was born in Heidelberg, Germany, to a German father, Josef, and an Irish mother, Adele (originally from Larne, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland). Michael was raised in the town of Killarney, Co. Kerry, in south-west Ireland, where his family moved to when ...

Not necessarily any fan of him or the X-Men films, or 12 years a slave, and just comes across as an EGO, and I don't care for his "close friendship" with James McAvoy.

Seriously Paul Walker & Vin Diesel had a much more believable, likeable, and sincere friendship than these showoff hacks.

60. George Carlin

Actor | Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

George Denis Patrick Carlin was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City, to Mary (Bearey), a secretary, and Patrick John Carlin, an advertising manager for The Sun; they had met while working in marketing. His father was from Donegal, Ireland, and his mother was Irish-American. His parents ...

The guy was smart but not wise. Carlin just yells obvious observations with no clever twist to the story telling. After all gaining reputation as an old, raspy, drugged-up lout who always stayed ruthless, mean, prolific, and controversial, and is NO WAY suited for a kids show like Thomas the Tank Engine! RINGO STARR ALL THE WAY as the UK narrator!

61. Jordan Belfort

Writer | The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort was born on July 9, 1962 in Bronx, New York, USA. He is a producer and writer, known for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Firestorm (1997) and A Fandemic: 50 Fans Celebrate 50 Years of Cinema (2021). He was previously married to Nadine Caridi and Denise Lombardo.

I don't care if there was a freaking expensive MOVIE made about him - he did a bad thing! I hate Hollywood constantly making movies about bad people doing bad things!

Though he is a JEWISH person, and I most of time love Jews for the identity, character, intelligence, background, history, and heritage. But MAN do a lot of them use their intelligence the totally wrong way for the totally WRONG things!

Get RIGHT, man! And RIGHT the wrong you've done!

62. Kate Winslet

Actress | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Ask Kate Winslet what she likes about any of her characters, and the word "ballsy" is bound to pop up at least once. The British actress has made a point of eschewing straightforward pretty-girl parts in favor of more devilish damsels; as a result, she's built an eclectic resume that runs the gamut...

Kate & Leo.....the most OVERRATED movie couple in cinema history!

I totally disagree with anyone else, and don't buy that she & Leo make a good "on-screen" couple who just met over a couple of days.

Not joking, "Groundhog Day" (1993) is still a much better, tremendous love story. ;-)

63. Spike Lee

Director | Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee was born Shelton Jackson Lee on March 20, 1957, in Atlanta, Georgia. At a very young age, he moved from pre-civil rights Georgia, to Brooklyn, New York. Lee came from artistic, education-grounded background; his father was a jazz musician, and his mother, a schoolteacher. He attended ...

Who I like to call the "black Stanley Kubrick" - none of his films are enjoyable or at the least be accurate or friendly. And got some big EGO problem trying to STAR in all of them too. And what a cry baby after already undeservingly winning an Oscar couldn't help but moan all about his film not winning some best Picture award.

64. Theresa May

Self | UK General Election

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England as Theresa Mary Brasier. She is known for her work on UK General Election (1950), Dagsrevyen (1958) and A Week in Politics (1982). She has been married to Philip May since September 6, 1980.

Hack fake journalist.

65. Marilyn Manson

Soundtrack | Detroit Rock City

Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio, to Barbara Jo (Wyer) and Hugh Angus Warner. He has German and English ancestry. During his childhood, one of his neighbors molested him several times until the young Brian broke down one day and told his mother what ...

This guy, Brian Hugh Warner, needs help - serious, serious help.

66. Baz Luhrmann

Writer | Moulin Rouge!

Baz Luhrmann is an Australian writer, director, and producer with projects spanning film, television, opera, theatre, music, and recording industries. He is regarded by many as a contemporary example of an auteur for his distinctly recognizable style and deep involvement in the writing, directing, ...

67. Nancy Pelosi

Actress | 30 Rock

Nancy Pelosi was born on March 26, 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as Nancy Patricia D'Alesando. She is known for her work on 30 Rock (2006), Christmas in Florida (2021) and Crash Course: Government (2015). She has been married to Paul Pelosi since September 7, 1963. They have five children.

Part of the obama administration.... what else can i say?? She doesn't represent working Americans. You're a nothing more than a distraction in America's success rate. In the words of Mary Poppins, "You're no help at all." As Al Bundy would even say, "Why don't you just buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck OUTTA here!??"

68. Stephen King

Writer | Maximum Overdrive

Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947, at the Maine General Hospital in Portland. His parents were Nellie Ruth (Pillsbury), who worked as a caregiver at a mental institute, and Donald Edwin King, a merchant seaman. His father was born under the surname "Pollock," but used the last name ...

WHAT IS UP WITH HIS WRITING!??? He's sick, he's weird, he's strange, just don't read his stuff. Uncomfortable books ALWAYS turned into uncomfortable & horrible movies. I don't CARE if he hated stanley kubrick's movie of the shining - I hate both the movie and movie, PERIOD!

69. Miley Cyrus

Soundtrack | Hannah Montana

Miley Ray Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee and raised in Thompson's Station, Tennessee to Tish Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus. She has five siblings - two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a younger brother and sister. Her parents named her because they hoped ...

Though she was OK 5 or 6 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQjy4aez9Vg

70. Uwe Boll

Producer | Postal

As a youth, he produced a number of short films on Super 8 and video. After short stints as guest auditor at Filmacademy Vienna and Filmhochschule Munich, Boll studied literature and economics in Cologne and Siegen. He graduated from university in 1995 with a doctorate in literature. From 1995-2000...

71. Ye

Soundtrack | The Great Gatsby

Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. His musical career has been marked by dramatic changes in styles, incorporating an eclectic range of influences including soul, baroque pop, electro, indie rock, ...

Don't know his music, and don't care.

72. Eric Idle

Actor | Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Eric Idle is an English comedian, actor, author, singer, playwright, director, and songwriter. co-creator of Monty Python on TV, stage, and five films, including The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail, which he later adapted for the stage with John Du Prez as Monty Python's Spamalot, winning the Tony...

Monty Python is pure crap, nonsense and offensive rubbish!

73. Hugh Grant

Actor | Love Actually

Hugh Grant, one of Britain's best known faces, has been equally entertaining on-screen as well as in real life, and has had enough sense of humor to survive a media frenzy. He is known for his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), with Andie MacDowell, Notting Hill (1999), opposite Julia ...

Unbelievably bland as an actor, and I've never come to like any of his film characters, not even if they're cartoons.

74. Michael Cera

Actor | Superbad

Canadian actor Michael Cera was born in Brampton, Ontario, to parents who worked for Xerox. His mother, Linda, who is from Quebec, has English, Irish, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry, and his father, Luigi Cera, is Italian (from Sicily). Michael is the middle child between two sisters. He was educated...

Mostly his films are just retarded, crude, crass, and utterly POINTLESS.

75. Stefen Fangmeier

Visual_effects | The Perfect Storm

Stefen Fangmeier was born on December 9, 1960 in El Paso, Texas, USA as Stefen Markus Fangmeier. He is known for his work on The Perfect Storm (2000), Jurassic Park (1993) and Master and Commander: Cinematic Phasmids (2004).

Pretty much angered *every* fan of the ERAGON book series After working on HUNDREDS of films in the background area in visual effects & producing, he should've learnt SOMETHING about the directing position!

76. Riley Griffiths

Actor | Super 8

Riley Griffiths was born on May 14, 1997 in Cedar City, Utah, USA. He is an actor, known for Super 8 (2011), R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour (2010) and 13th Annual Young Hollywood Awards (2011).

I was just ANNOYED with this brat the entire film of "Super 8" - very disappointing film anyways but he was the worst part of it! Glad he never went on to anymore stuff!

77. Rihanna

Actress | Battleship

Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 20, 1988 in St. Michael, Barbados and raised in Bridgetown, Barbados to Monica Braithwaite, an accountant & Ronald Fenty, a warehouse supervisor. Her mother is Afro-Guyanese and her father is of Afro-Barbadian and British Isles ancestry. Rihanna ...

I know Chris beat her up & all, but for some reason, I like his music a lot better than hers (which has just gotten weird). She doesn't have to be Lady Gaga, to constantly change her hairstyle & appearance, always trying to be the center of attention. lol

78. Sophie Turner

Actress | Game of Thrones

Sophie Belinda Jonas (née Turner; born February 21, 1996) is an English actress. Turner made her professional acting debut as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones (2011) (2011-2019), which brought her international recognition and critical praise. For her performance, ...

Can't stand her wooden acting, never convincing, and is one of the MILLIONS of reasons Game of Thrones sucks. And she's no 'Dark Phoenix'. LOL

79. Kristen Stewart

Actress | Snow White and the Huntsman

Though most famous for her role as Isabella "Bella" Swan in The Twilight (2008) Saga, Kristen Stewart has been a working actor since her early years in Los Angeles, California, where she was born. Her parents, John Stewart and Jules Stewart, both work in film and television. The family includes ...

To be fair, I kinda liked her in "Catch That Kid" - but then Twilight came along and just about ruined her career; and by "ruined", I mean, become overrated, untalented, & annoying.

PS: Watch "Groundhog Day" (1993) instead of ANY of the overrated & weird Twilight films.

80. Jimmy Carter

Actor | The American President

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia, USA as James Earl Carter Jr. He is known for his work on The American President (2000), Americans (1978) and A Spy for Peace. He has been married to Rosalynn Carter since July 7, 1946. They have four children.

How dare you be so narrow-minded & and think Israel is an "enemy" - You were already a failed President - why are you still in politics??

Created one of the biggest lies in textbooks that children are having to learn today in school, after being duped by the unscientific James hutton, this Scottish lawyer made up the whole lie of the "geologic column" out of the clear blue sky, doesn't exist, and was give random names, random index fossils, WAY before there was ANY dating methods (which btw prove the Earth's age less than 10,000 years old), except Lyell had an stupid agenda to discredit the Bible due to his unjustified hate for it, wanting to "free the science from Moses", since the logical conclusion is that all the rock layers, fossils, fault lines all over the earth show evidence of a massive worldwide Flood, and he wanted to illogically credit it to the unscientific teaching of "uniformitarianism" (the present is the key to the past). Sorry, Charlie, did you lose your marbles! Someone once calculated that if all the lawyers in the world were laid end to end around the equator... we would all be better off.

82. Terry Jones

Writer | Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Terry Jones was born in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, the son of Dilys Louisa (Newnes), a homemaker, and Alick George Parry Jones, a bank clerk. His older brother is production designer Nigel Jones. His grandparents were involved in the entertainment business, having managed the local Amateur Operatic ...

The monty python series is all RUBBISH! Does nothing but go from stupid to disgustingly insulting!

83. Dick Cheney

Self | Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience

Dick Cheney was born on January 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA as Richard Bruce Cheney. He is known for his work on Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience (2011), The Iraq War (2013) and The World According to Dick Cheney (2013). He has been married to Lynne Cheney since August 29, 1964. They ...

(Same as Bush)

84. Lana Wachowski

Writer | The Matrix

Lana Wachowski and her sister Lilly Wachowski, also known as the Wachowskis, are the duo behind such ground-breaking movies as The Matrix (1999) and Cloud Atlas (2012). Born to mother Lynne, a nurse, and father Ron, a businessman of Polish descent, Wachowski grew up in Chicago and formed a tight ...


85. Peter Singer

Self | Examined Life

Pete Singer is a pioneer animal rights philosopher.

Along with Tom Regan, Singer helped assemble and lead the first animal rights and animal liberation movements of the 1960s.

His novel Animal Liberation is considered a monumental, ground-breaking piece of philosophical literature. Animal Rights ...

A "teacher" at Princeton (former Christian university), has infamously stated, "Christianity is our foe. If animal rights is to succeed, we must destroy the Judaeo-Christian religious tradition." He has pushed for abortion rights up to 18 days, where a woman can decide whether they can still kill it or not.

86. Lilly Wachowski

Writer | The Matrix

Director, writer, and producer Lilly Wachowski was born in 1967 in Chicago, the daughter of Lynne, a nurse and painter, and Ron, a businessman. Lilly was educated at Kellogg Elementary School in Chicago, before moving on to Whitney M. Young High School. After graduating from high school, she ...

Even more yikes...

87. Channing Tatum

Actor | 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum was born in a small town, Cullman, Alabama, 50 miles north of Birmingham. He is the son of Kay (Faust), an airline worker, and Glenn Matthew Tatum, who worked in construction. Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in ...

Better check out my other list: www.imdb.com/list/ls058930557/

88. George Soros

Self | Inside Job

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He is known for his work on Inside Job (2010), Der Club (1985) and This Week (1956). He has been married to Tamiko Bolton since September 21, 2013. He was previously married to Susan Weber and Annaliese Witschak.

Didn't win any medals, but is only popular (even on Yahoo) because he's gay and his Trump-bashing.

90. Stormy Daniels

Actress | The 40 Year Old Virgin

Stormy Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA as Stephanie Gregory. She is an actress and writer, known for The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005). She has been married to Brendon Miller since November 25, 2015. They have one child. She was previously married to Mike Moz and Pat ...

I don't care!! Give it up, CNN! Talk about something new! Sure you only talk about Trump & North Korea for 2 minutes, but you give *thousands* of other articles or coverages on this random chic. If it's something of a mistake that happened even with Trump in the past - GET OUT of the past! I bet YOU guys are better now than you were over 10 years ago... lol

91. Richard Curtis

Writer | Love Actually

Richard Curtis was born on November 8, 1956 in Wellington, New Zealand as Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis. He is a writer and producer, known for Love Actually (2003), Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and About Time (2013).

A HACK of a director; have never enjoyed ANY of his films...

They're mostly "romantic comedies", but they just fail over & over again.

Watch "Groundhog Day" (1993) instead.

92. Piers Morgan

Actor | Entourage

Piers Morgan was born on March 30, 1965 in Newick, East Sussex, England as Piers Stefan O'Meara. He is a writer and producer, known for Entourage (2015), Flight (2012) and The Campaign (2012). He has been married to Celia Walden since June 24, 2010. They have one child. He was previously married to...

Wish he just STAYED doing Britain's Got Talent - he had NO business in the first place being a TV host! He rightly deserved being yelled at by Alex Jones of INFO wars.

93. Rian Johnson

Director | Knives Out

Rian Johnson was born in Maryland and at a young age his family moved to San Clemente, California, where he was raised. After graduating from high school, he went on to attend the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. His first feature film, Brick (2005), was released in 2005 ...

Doesn't understand Star Wars, doesn't understand the characters, doesn't understand lightsabers, doesn't understand how to carry the torch, doesn't understanding good directing, doesn't understand good film-making, doesn't understand criticism...and most of all doesn't understand his audience or the fans!

Who made this JERK a "director"...? Making a way of a life making fake films that "divide audiences" & tick ppl off...

"Subverting Expectations"..?

Oh, the "Last Jedi" subverted our expectations all right. .... We expected a GOOD movie! Talk about an anger-some LETDOWN!

I will never waste one dime that has anything to do with round headed PRETENTIOUS dingle berry...

Do yourself a favor, GET A NEW CAREER!

94. Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush was born on February 11, 1953 in Midland, Texas, USA as John Ellis Bush. He is known for his work on W. (2008), Convention '92 (1992) and Courting Des Moines (2016). He has been married to Columba Garnica Gallo since February 23, 1974. They have three children.

The last name explains it all.

95. Tracy Morgan

Actor | 30 Rock

Tracy Morgan was born on November 10, 1968 in The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA as Tracy Jamal Morgan. He is an actor and producer, known for 30 Rock (2006), Cop Out (2010) and Superhero Movie (2008). He has been married to Megan Wollover since August 23, 2015. They have one child. He was ...

"Cop Out" is seriously one of the worst & stupidest films I ever watched.

96. Cardi B

Actress | Hustlers

Cardi B was born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar on October 11, 1992 in Manhattan, New York City, New York & raised in The Bronx, New York City, New York. She became an Internet celebrity after several of her posts and videos became popular on Vine and Instagram. From 2015 to 2017, she appeared as a ...

Uneducated & such a joke. Can't believe people actually think she's intellectual.

97. Billy Connolly

Actor | The Boondock Saints

Billy Connolly was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He left school to work in the shipyards, becoming a welder, and joined the Territorial Army (in the parachute regiment) at around the same time. He developed an interest in folk music, eventually being an accomplished banjo player and a ...

98. Neville Chamberlain

Self | Biography

Neville Chamberlain was born on March 18, 1869 in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England as Arthur Neville Chamberlain. He is known for his work on Biography (1961). He was married to Anne de Vere Cole. He died on November 9, 1940 in Heckfield, Hampshire, England.

SHAME as a 'Prime Minister of England' (since I'm mostly British by ancestry), inactivity and incompetence, and chicken to succumb to Hitler's regime as "not so bad". Possibly a Nazi wolf in sheep's clothing.

Thanks for creating Google Plus (+), and making it ruin YouTube, you genius.

100. Bradley Cooper

Actor | A Star Is Born

Bradley Charles Cooper was born on January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Gloria (Campano), is of Italian descent, and worked for a local NBC station. His father, Charles John Cooper, who was of Irish descent, was a stockbroker. Immediately after Bradley graduated from the ...

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